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Thread: To WI from the southeast

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    Where the Heck is that Rally anyway?

    Okay - here goes nothing but I am going to try this Brave New Technology and see if I can give you a link to a nice Google (r) Map of the Rally Site. It is at the Washington County Fair Park on CR-P and Pleasant Valley Rd - not at the Memorial Park on Paradise - though the confusion in understandable.,0.153122&om=1,0.153122&om=1

    In case that doesn't work, the Location off Pleasant Valley Rd is more correct. I would suggest follow HWY 45 Exit on SR60 at Jackson. N from 60 on CR-P to Pleasant Valley Road. You should be able to see the entrance the the Washington County Fair Park from there.

    I figure by Rally Time there will be signs sending us all sort of places. I usually figure I can follow someone else on a BMW if I get on a main approach within 50 miles - though I admit that has sometimes gotten me to the wrong state, wrong rally...

    If still confused please e-mail me at and I'll send you a map.

    I'd post it here, but not technically competent enough to get the thing to fit...

    Hospitality Co-Chair

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    Click here -> Google Map of Rally site (thanks Morgen!)
    Joel Callan
    Milwaukee, WI
    March - December 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Rihn-Manke View Post
    Unfortunately, I couldn't open your links, Ian. What program opens a .gdb file?

    mapsource... these are routes that you load into a GPS, but you can open them in mapsource (the software you get with Garmin GPS) and look at the route on the map on your computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 109210 View Post
    Request clarification: Your map (Final Strech) shows the Washington County Memorial Park up on Paradise road as the "Rally Location". The ON states the "Rally Location"is the Washington County Fair Park just off of Pleasant Valley road further south. Don't want to miss the beer tent! Thanks for the maps!
    ARRRGGGHHH! I *hate* Mapsource.

    It doesn't show the County Fairgrounds. Well... you'll see them as you ride right by on your way to the Memorial Park. Just take the GS route through the ditch and bust the fence.... Sue won't mind.

    Sorry. I have to run downtown and work the MOA booth at the CycleWorld show... I will fix this tomorrow.

    Like I said "Always an Adventure!"


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    The "Final Stretch" route is updated to that you no longer have to ride through the ditch to get to the Rally.

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    Nice job, Ian

    Jim Klas
    BMW MOA Ambassador
    Enjoy the travel photos at:

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    You can also copy and paste the following address into Google Earth or Google Maps
    Washington County Fair Park West Bend, WI 53095
    (uploaded the file) Please let me know if you have problems with the upload.
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    Joel Callan
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    March - December 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03K12RS View Post
    (sorry not able to upload the file type .kmz to this website - stupid computer rule)
    joel - try zipping the file first... it will take zip attaches.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    joel - try zipping the file first... it will take zip attaches.

    Thank you! I attached a .zip file which should work (once unzipped or extracted) with Google Earth.
    Joel Callan
    Milwaukee, WI
    March - December 2006

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    Waaay down south

    I will be riding from South Fl. Looking for riding company, departing Jul 08 or 09, anyone going in that direction?

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    Skirting the SW corner of Chicago

    Here is a route I wrote coming from the NW (of Chicago) to Bemmerville (Lima OH). Reverse it to get to I39 & I80 (or nearby) from the North Central area of Indiana (and to the SE). I take it often (with some variations) when heading to Bemidji MN (and Dells rally) to visit my Son and family. If there is interest I will rewrite it.

    Getting Around Chicago, on your way to Beemerville


    Getting Around Chicago, on your way to Beemerville (5/7/2005)

    Are you traveling to Beemerville from North and West of Chicago and dread thinking
    about the mess around the Southwest, South, and Southeast corner of Chicago,
    including Northwest Indiana? Do you lay awake at night thinking about the jammed
    construction stops, the hungry toll stops, the BIG eighteen wheelers riding your tail light,
    all the way around Chicago and well into Indiana. Would you like the peace and Zen of
    following the ‘«ˇlittle black lines‘«÷ through the open midwestern countryside to Beemerville?
    . . . . Then this route is for you.

    The closest US Route south of I80 is the Lincoln Highway (US30) but it is almost as
    bad, in this area and cluttered with stop lights and malls. Then comes US24, but it is a
    little too far south. So let‘«÷s go between US30 and US24 and follow the ‘«ˇlittle black lines‘«÷.
    I have been this route, from Winamac, IN several times while heading to Minnesota to
    visit my son and his family, as well as heading to the Wisconsin Dells Rally. I have also
    directed others along this route.

    Lets begin at I 80 and Morris IL. This is a good place to start because I 80 takes a slight
    jog to the NE toward the South side of Chicago and continues on into NW Indiana. And
    IL47 crosses I80 at this point. The approximate lat/lon coordinates are: N41?? 23.218',
    W88?? 25.488'. We are heading to Bemmerville, Lima OH, which is at: N40?? 43.578',
    W84?? 03.297. Lima OH is almost straight East of Morris IL. About 4 ?Ę degrees (230
    miles) to the east and slightly, 1/2 degree, south, (45 miles or so). .

    The travel plan below is organized as ‘«£The Route‘«ō, followed by ‘«£Alternatives and Side
    Trips‘«÷. This route will take you across wide open spaces with open fields of corn, soy
    beans, pasture and other crops, along rivers, along rolling state highways, through
    several small towns of middle America. The largest city, which is circumvented via
    Interstate, is Ft Wayne (home of BMW Dealer- Woodson Motorsports

    ‘«£The Route‘«ō
    The route attempts to optimize the following-, a) minimal route changes, b) reasonable
    shortest & fastest, b) follow the little black lines (State or US, marked Highways,
    minimize county roads). The route with road change intersections and approx. mileage,
    which you should be able to follow on your state maps, follows: (leg number with
    approx. leg mileage is shown in parens to the left of each leg description).

    (Leg # - /cume miles) Direction to, next turn, (nearby)
    (Start) I 80 exit 112 to IL 47 South, Exit 112, left, turn right (south),
    (Morris IL exit)

    (Leg 1- 8/8 miles) go south on IL 47 to IL 113 East - turn left. , (south of Morris IL)

    (Leg 2- 34/42 miles) go easterly and southeasterly on IL113 East to IL 17 North -
    turn right. (in Kankakee IL). Partly along the south bank of the
    Kankakee river.

    (Leg 3- 14/56 miles) go easterly on IL 17 North (joins IL 1 east of Kankakee, IL) to
    IL 114 - turn right (at Momence IL)

    (Leg 4- 8/64 miles) go east on IL 114 East to IN 10 East - go straight (at IL/IN state

    (Leg 5- 15/79 miles) go east on IN 10 East to IN 110 East - go straight (south of
    Demotte IN)

    (Leg 6- 3/82 miles) go east on IN 110 East to US 231 South - turn right (southeast
    of Demotte IN)

    (Leg 7- 8/90 miles) go south US 231 South to IN 14 East - turn left (north of
    Rensselaer IN)

    (Leg 8- 106/196 miles) go east on IN 14 East to I 69 North - turn left (West side of Ft
    Wayne IN) bypass around Ft Wayne to US 30 East.

    (Leg 9- 11/207 miles) go northerly on I 69 North to I 469 South (north side of Ft

    (Leg 10- 15/222 miles) go southerly on I 469 South to US 30 East (East side of Ft

    (Leg 11- 42/264 miles) go southeasterly on US 30 East to OH 309 East (east of Lima

    (Leg 12- 15/279 miles) go easterly on OH 309 East to Allen County Fairgrounds
    (Beemerville) East of Lima.

    (End) Beemerville

    Total Miles is about 280. My Router (DeLorme) says this route is about the same
    distance as the interstate route and takes 7 1/4 hours, about 1 1/4 hours longer than the
    interstate route (I80/IN49/US30/I75). And of course your YT&DMV.

    ‘«£Alternatives and Side Trips‘«ō,
    Side Trip/Alternative 1
    Instead of the south bank of the Kankakee river follow the north bank via IL102.
    One way to get across the river is to take I80 to I55 south to CR44 south to,
    Kankakee Road, to IL102. There are other ways. Take IL102 to US45 south to
    IL17 in Kankakee, just east of the start of Leg 3. This route goes by the Kankakee
    River State Park (see below).

    Side Trip/Alternative 2
    Marti‘«÷s Restaurant is a neat place to eat. On the banks of the Kankakee River
    just north of Demotte Indiana. About 9 miles North of the end of Leg 5. See , for more details and directions.

    Side Trip/Alternative 3 (Kerstings Motorcycle Museum)
    See the many restored motorcycles in Jim Kerstings MC Museum south of North
    Judson. For more details see He is
    located on IN39 between IN14 and IN10. The museum is about 22 miles after the
    start of Leg 8.then 6 miles North of IN14 on IN39.

    Side Trip/Alternative 4 (IN114 may be a little faster)
    West of Ft Wayne IN14 flows through the rolling hills and farmland of Indiana.
    IN114 at Akron parallels IN14 to the south. It is straighter and flatter and a little
    faster. It comes into the start of Leg 9 about 3 miles to the South via US24.

    Side Trip/Alternative 5 (Woodson Motorsports)
    Need to stop at a BMW Dealer. Continue on East on Illinois Rd at the end of Leg
    8 for about 2 miles to Woodards Motorsports. See
    for more details.

    Side Trip/Alternative 6 (Bypass downtown Lima)
    If you prefer, instead of going through downtown Lima. Stay on US30 at the end
    of Leg 9, then South on I75, then East on OH309 to Bemmerville.

    Side trips/Alternatives 7 (Overnight Camping and Lodging)
    There are motels in the following towns/cities: Morris IL, Kankakee IL, Winamac
    IN, Rochester IN, Ft Wayne IN. There may be some others.

    -Kankakee River State Park, about 13 miles South East of Wilmington IL on 102.
    More details at
    -Tippecanoe River State Park, about 4 miles north of Winamac IN on US35.
    Winamac is about 30 miles east of the start of Leg 8 .More details at
    -Broken Arrow Campground: Is a nice private campground about 3 miles North of
    Winamac. More details at

    Private Overnight camping:
    -Tom42n‘«÷s- In the woods or near the sheep, or the chickens, or the dogs, or the
    cats at Tom42n‘«÷s little farm acres. Tom42n is located about 3 miles East then
    North of Winamac off of IN14. Contact fellow BMW MC rider for details.

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    I am planning on going to the rally in Wi. if anyone wants to ride with me it would be cool. I live in Glasgow Ky. email me at Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbr7tff View Post
    My cousin and I are planning to make the trip from Virginia. We'd be glad to have some more company. If anyone is interested in meeting up and riding out send me a message!

    P.S. On the way too or maybe on the way back we are thinking about going for the IRON BUTT 1000..i think its the one called saddle sore.
    hello there I am planning on going to the rally also and would like to ride up with you guys if it is ok please email me at i have a f650gs 06 i would like to make that saddle sore also thanks Tim

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    my name is tim and i am going to west bend in july i live in kentucky glasgow so email me ok tim
    Quote Originally Posted by jbr7tff View Post
    My cousin and I are planning to make the trip from Virginia. We'd be glad to have some more company. If anyone is interested in meeting up and riding out send me a message!

    P.S. On the way too or maybe on the way back we are thinking about going for the IRON BUTT 1000..i think its the one called saddle sore.

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    I 80 update

    I may be bringing a car from Philadelphia to Calgary in a few months, and I was wondering how much of a potential problem I 80 would be in the Gary area, and in the area south of Chicago.

    Should I just avoid the whole area and go through Indianapolis?

    I would want to stay on the slab for as much of the route as possible, and I don't mind paying tolls.



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