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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    The greatest loop‘«™ Texas

    That is what I call this route when leaving from near by Terlingua headed north to Alpine, west to Marfa, drop down through Pinto Canyon, back eastbound to Presidio, finally arriving where we started from.
    The weather was incredible, not so today, as the ultimate would have been to spend a night or two at the Chinati Hot Springs with much more leisurely time to explore the area.
    It is a very isolated space, the road can be a bit tricky and always advise to ride it from north to south. I actually don‘«÷t think we would have made it the other way.
    Company is always good, specially in the case of an unpleasant scenario, help could take for ever to get there if communication is not available. It has been a real peace of mind having SPOT track us and also the SAT phone available just in case.
    Of course with Spirit around why should I need help? Wrong‘«™ Great co-pilot but his help stays limited to the mental attitude, sometimes really the most important one.
    More on the blog‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    ‘«£Pausing‘«ō in Texas
    After reading a quote by ‘«£Salman Rushdie‘«ō, I understood better why we are on the road, why I have in the past lived on a sailboat for many years, why I just cannot bring myself to a ‘«£normal‘«ō way of Life.
    We are on the less frequented side of the coin, it is a coin with two green sides, there is no wrong and there is no right, there just ‘«£is‘«ō.
    It is interesting however to know that so many from the other side, ‘«£the belongers‘«ō, would like to jump over and even if it is for a short time join us, ‘«£the non-belongers‘«ō. We are a few, circling at times, on a straight road at other times, curvy ones, but all with just about the same goal of finding ourselves within a space we can feel more comfortable.
    Simplicity is part of the logistics and at the same time brings on a harder path to deal with when uprooted day after day.
    I thought about writing the few intricaties on the Blog while ourselves are ‘«£pausing‘«ō these last few days on ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō, trying to make our future path logistically an easier one. The usual sorting ‘«£things‘«ō out, tires, oil changes‘«™ you name it.
    Be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Yes, this too is a ride report‘«™ Texas

    I cannot help remenisce while trying to leave winter behind and get on destination North, toward my usual freedom, roaming the land that has now become our Home. The retrospect is immense, moments have flashed by, one behind another, but my companions, Spirit and Mother Nature have stood by me. They have both gratified me with greatness, they have truly been the two common denominators that have never deviated from the truth, in dark times and in bright times they have only known one path. The true path.
    It is so strange how I can feel being here, wanting to leave and yet, wanting to stay. Everywhere will always be there but we have to go, we will be back here when again the Northern winds push us South. In the meantime, a few more days and the wheels will be rolling longer than the recent past, the camera will get a good work out and my Soul with a smile can only lead me forward.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    The last ride here?‘«™ Texas

    We are ready to head out, finally all the logistics have come together and it is that time to keep an eye on the weather of the planned route! ‘«£Planned route‘«ō I keep thinking as we have never really‘«™ gone that route! That is the exciting facet of the Journey as a sticker on the sidecar says ‘«£no rules‘«ō.
    Yes, there is a bit of melancholy as we took our walk this morning, my walk anyhow while Spirit is running, chasing sticks and clowning as the morning Dog he is. Morning and late afternoon energy, the twice a day show he puts on for me everyday. There is comfort here, no doubt about it since the very first day we have stepped on this ground. There will be comfort also everywhere else with an added ‘«£newness‘«ō of the landscape and the feels of what is ahead. It is a bit as being torn from the inside‘«™ but the road ahead wins always never holding us back.
    We rode North County rd the other evening, to my surprise it has just been graded and should go all the way now to Terlingua with ease unlike in the past. Beautiful surroundings‘«™
    Be well, always‘«™ Ara & Spirit our website and Blog

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Through Carlsbad, New Mexico

    The horizon this morning said in bright red letters ‘«£Always low prices‘«ō‘«™ Back at The Oasis the bright red circle was free! The birds are not singing, I only hear loud exhausts and tires scretching in the background. The coyote did not pass by today, it was only a shopping cart blown away by the winds and the silence of my past space has been replaced by vehicle alarms honking and warning for everyone to stay away, sometimes a deep what it sounds like a foreign music to my ears with a beat stuck on it‘«÷s highest volume. We crossed that fine edge of the coin, this is ‘«£social central‘«ō‘«™ this is ‘«£Walmart Parking lot‘«ō. We will be running away in a couple hours‘«™
    The Carlsbad Caverns however where only 20 miles or so away and that in itself has been worth this experience. Incredible natural wonders Mother Nature is displaying carved by her finest taste so delicately displayed. It will take some doing going through all the photos taken throughout the 2 mile walk on the self guided tour including the ‘«£Big Room‘«ō. A must to see, a must for me to come back.
    We are on our way‘«™ Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

    Truly an incredible experience. One to redo over a few times as every step of the way is as a new creation only Mother Nature could put on display. Tonight we have made it as far as Gallup, New Mexico and tomorrow our entrance into The Valley of the Gods should take place. I am so drawn to that space as I know an entity of Life is waiting. The questions within me never stop, but the replies are not often so easy to discover. The space we are in always is a barrier or a conductive path... we will be on the open path by tomorrow.
    Old Historical Towns have lined the road these past couple of days. Lincoln, Capitan. They seemed so unique and different from most we have seen and gone through. We are moving on, not too fast, actually kind of slow as evening approaches always wondering why we have not gone far enough, and yet, I just cannot seem to find any schedule!
    Enjoy the photos of the Caverns of Carlsbad, they have truly become some of my favorites.
    Till next time, be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Arriving to the Valley of the Gods, Utah.

    Being under the weather while living on the road sometimes is not fun. It might be why unconsciously arriving here has been a bit hurried. This morning was a ride to Monument Valley, nothing to do with Mother Nature‘«÷s more incredible works of Art, but to visit the local Clinic. Top notch service, attention and medicine as I am already feeling half human! I am sure the other half will show up tomorrow. The annual ear infection and sore throat decided to pay me a visit!
    They were aspects of Life rolling around in this mind of mine while moving on, thoughts on how everyone has a different path within sometimes many stages present. While totally energetic toward riding I wrote a bit about them, there is never right or wrong, only what the present Life today shows me throughout my own moments.
    Photos of a few attractions between Lincoln and Capitan, New Mexico, and that is about all for this time on the Blog‘«™Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Valley of the Gods, the beginning. Utah

    I was checking the weather today and typed in ‘«ˇTerlingua‘«ō! Sometimes I forget where we are. Happens a lot in the middle of the night. Either it is senility or maybe getting too comfy on this Journey wherever we are!
    Winds up to 40mph and gusting, it is today truly the ‘«£Valley of the Gods‘«ō breathing down real heavy on us. Yet, we took a ride to Blanding to see Jack the welder as a crack in one of the sidecar mounts made it‘«÷s appearance. Jack had also helped me last year and this time his work was his contribution to our Journey, a real strong weld with even a bit of black paint touch up. The trade off actually was a picture with‘«™ Spirit. Yes, again and again it happens as no one ever asks me to be in the pictures. I am used to it by now, no hurt feelings, my own therapy works.
    Yesterday was a different story, with beautiful clouds and weather we rode around and around as the 17 mile road here is so perfect for ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō.
    Another coincidence, as last year the balloons are here! One flew this morning, just in time before the winds started strong. I think they will now wait till Sunday for calmer skies.
    More photos are on the Blog‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Our present neighborhood, Utah

    Misty morning, the sun is still hidden, the red rocks have yet to be painted and take on their red hues, the winds are calm and silence prevails. The birds are still asleep, I am barely awake myself and as in tempo with it‘«÷s forward movement I can hear the gushing of the balloon‘«÷s propane lighting up in bursts. What a sight it was, what a sight it must be from ‘«£up there‘«ō when free as a bird one could fly over those Monuments, those ‘«£Gods‘«ō guarding this Valley for the past centuries.
    The surprises never fail to appear at every corner while living on the road, never knowing the next set we will be experiencing while on this single and greatest stage Mother Nature has provided never sparing any expenses from within her own Soul.
    More photos of our rides, old one pan recipes I am trying to bring back and incorporated within the Blog, a reply to a comment made, more Balloon photos are still in the camera for now waiting for the next time.
    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    The Balloonists and their Balloons‘«™ Utah

    Sunday was a great day! Mother Nature‘«÷s pleasant stage was truly enjoyed by us and all the Balloonists present for their once a year flights throughout this Valley of the Gods. Suddenly the skies presented themselves with a totally different backdrop creating many smiles. Balloons create smiles‘«™ to me anyhow. Being invited for Breakfast with the groups was a real treat‘«™ I cannot help still tasting the great food and looking forward next year!
    Tomorrow we are moving to Moab, outskirts of Moab anyhow as there is free camping a bit north of it. Regroup a bit and on to the ‘«£Swells‘«ō‘«™ an area we have never been to‘«™
    Time is lingering and a crucial decision also I need to take is coming up‘«™ The dentist's prognosis was not too good yesterday‘«™ Gum bone infection that I am hoping more antibiotics will take care off, but that will only cure the symptoms, not the problem‘«™ Gum surgery on all four quadrants? What does that have to do with riding!!! I wonder‘«™
    More on the Blog‘«™ one day at the time‘«™
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    A tear and a smile, Utah

    Valley of the God is behind us, hail and heavy thunderstorms is what we went for, in Moab. This too shall pass in this Capital of 4x4‘«÷s and toys as one has never seen.
    We left some trails not ridden yet, seems as it is always par for the course to leave some for the next time, giving us a reason to come back toward certain destinations.
    I say ‘«£us‘«ō because of Spirit, ‘«£stoic‘«ō as ever, being the perfect and ultimate ‘«£Adventurer‘«ō with never a complain or a sigh and a constant smile on his face. Lucky me, lucky him, we are truly fortunate in these times to have each other.
    We had a visitor for a couple days, Andre, his first time out with his great trailer set up, tent and kitchen included. Drove around to Gooseneck, Mokey Dugway, Muley Point which I call ‘«£the top of the world‘«ō as he also was taken back of it‘«÷s grandiose and majestic presentation.
    Some thoughts on ‘«£commercialism‘«ō, some past images which were awaiting to be posted, all in the Blog with more of the area‘«÷s history we went to for the next one.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul..

    The Gooseneck, Mokey Dugway and Muley Point, Utah‘«™

    In Moab right now, a few miles north of it, we actually have managed to never pay for camping so far since we have left ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō. That is the plan this time around. The ‘«£photo‘«ō of this Dish within it‘«÷s surrounding beauty I would call it an ‘«£oxymoron‘«ō! Not to my liking, millions of years spread ahead of us harboring this new technology yet at it‘«÷s infancy stands allowing me to communicate. Is there a choice? There is only two‘«™ well, maybe three, as I only see it as a ‘«£yes‘«ō for the Blog, a ‘«£no‘«ō for it or countless hours sitting in a coffee shop‘«™ for me not a doable solution when the chapters here are reaching the present numbers way over 400.
    Valley of the Gods and it‘«÷s surroundings will again have to wait another year for our visit, many trails untouched yet, it seems as an endless space we can never finish savoring. My Friend ‘«£Andre‘«ō spend a couple nights camping by us. Much cooking, much chatting and much solving our own dilemmas that are a daily barrage of questions.
    Will be here for a few more days, regrouping I thought‘«™ we have however met many nice people we have spend some quality time with. Will write about that also next time‘«™
    Be well‘«™ thank you for your support‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Life in and around Moab, Utah

    Once again it is not flying through the States that is giving us the ability and the gift to meet many other souls, the ones lined up on each side of the road we are on. Time is lingering, raising it‘«÷s value and lengthening the joys of vagabonding we have with such passion embraced. Friends of Friends of a Friend! Is that how it happens when suddenly we find ourselves with ‘«£places‘«ō to go and people to meet. The experience these past days has overshadowed the riding, the focus has been the minds met, many Artists each on their own path within their own creation. It has been so interesting to be an ‘«£observer‘«ō listening to the how‘«÷s and why‘«÷s of other‘«÷s lives. To experience their own creations, sculptures, paintings‘«™ words. The same with off roaders and their 4x4‘«÷s, each so unique and yet designed for one thing only in mind as us, to explore the outdoors.
    Moab is such an incredible hub with never a dull moment, it is not a city, it is a center for all people with that certain desire to be ‘«£outside‘«ō to gather up and do ‘«£their thing‘«ō.
    You will find out more about it within the Blog‘«™ too many photos and yet, not enough of them.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Potash Rd and Schaeffer Trail revisited, Utah

    The loop, the excitement, the challenge is so great that we rode it twice back to back two consecutive days. Uphill that is, making room for the other vehicles at times going the wrong way. There is actually no wrong way, going uphill for us gives me much better control of the ride.
    Resting back today after finally a tooth extraction finding this really good Dentist here and a bit stuck from a frayed clutch cable. I always carry a spare of everything, all is well, I am happy that it did not happen on one of those rides, on the switchbacks. Not much energy right now to change it, it is going to be so strange not to be in pain anymore, not quite gone yet, but will soon.
    Spirit continues amazing me, it is almost as I take it for granted that this Dog (is he?) can ride with such pleasure, specially over such disturbing roads bouncing around non stop. He loves it! So does ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō behaving as a good companion herself never missing a beat.
    It is quite a road, the switchbacks are amazing, a definite must if in the area!
    More photos of it are on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul..

    As ‘«£beauty‘«ō rises through the pain. Moab, Utah

    A strange facet on this Journey happens as almost stricken with panic when faced with the inability to write my true honest realistic to myself thoughts. The cap solidly remains topping a Soul and a mind that needs their own quenching, all needs to pass on onto the pages of this insatiable Journal filled with moments that cannot be skipped, reflecting always my own reality through the nights and days of this taken path.
    Criticized at times, I fall and enter into an arena unwelcoming to my own well being, a territory so foreign that when reading my own words I realize they just are not truly mine. They are not faithful to my train of thoughts, they are as if Spirit suddenly was lacking his water and food, his love and affection, his running and clowning around. And why? Because maybe not wanting to write about pain, about sadness, about missing a Loved one when told such feelings would be a negative aspect of my pages. I have risen up into a new step realizing all those are only ‘«£human‘«ō facets of everyone‘«÷s Life and comprehend that through those feelings comes out the beauty surrounding us as the incredible contrasted World we live in.
    There is much ‘«£beauty‘«ō that rises through pain‘«™ There really is.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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