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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    The ‘«£Closed Canyon‘«ō. Tx

    Another destination which was a discovery to me. As always a nice ride on River Road and past Lajitas this jewel of a Canyon, an easy hike with narrow passages, beautiful multi color walls with a spirit of its own when one thinks about the years it has taken to be carved with each flash floods. Square miles and more square miles surrounds us, the new sights are never missing throughout our days of this Journey.
    Right now also we have the pleasant experience of a visitor, Kristi, and Adventurer herself and a great rider along with also her cameras to capture her own Journey. It is a good time specially when being around another rider that enjoys photography as much as I do, showing her the sights of the unbeaten paths, the ones not many will see while here only for a few days.
    This pushes away a bit our own departure for Death Valley by a couple days, we are not on a schedule‘«™ eventually that road will present itself for the taking.
    Enjoy the photos of the ‘«£Closed Canyon‘«™‘«ō
    Be well, as always‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    5 Years ago‘«™

    Sometimes the mind has its own complicated way of moving along. On the road some markers will come up without a warning bringing up memories of past years, specially when within the month marking an Anniversary. Such is Life I keep telling myself as time passes by, there is no detour trying to avoid the thoughts, and writing about them helps somehow making it through the faced harder times.
    With a Friend visiting and much riding to show her the out of the way sights that numbers this backyard of ours, an Old Movie set seems to have pushed a start switch as if 5 year old film started to roll. Writing is such a therapy for me, specially when the words keep talking back, specially when a good Friend is present loaning her share of support. The exchange of thoughts and words heard makes it all a smoother time, so gladly welcomed.
    My Blog was never meant to be a ride report or a Dog show, or for that matter sometimes a cooking show and I am thankful for that‘«™ It is just another Life story that seem to be rolling on with the punches.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    The Makings of a Friend, Tx

    Riding and photography are two hobbies generally spend with time alone, in our case anyhow as so few can have the patience for each other. They are both a mind set when we try to get into that space and close all foreign elements to enable us reaching a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. Of course tastes differs.
    It was a surprise to meet a Friend, send here by another reader, enjoying the same thoughts as I have and sharing some of the off beaten path spaces around this area.
    There is so much to see and feel that one needs to forget the quantity, forget time and enjoy instead the quality of the moment. That is exactly what we accomplished for three days.
    The Indian Trail, the ‘«£swimming hole‘«ō, River Rd and an old now battered movie set, they were all our destinations throughout these shortened and cold days.
    Neither of us are use to any company really, but I have to admit that being on the same wave length as someone else made those three days very pleasant.
    More on the Blog‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerchef View Post
    What a wonderful picture and I hope the memories it brings are good ones.

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Quote Originally Posted by ian408 View Post
    What a wonderful picture and I hope the memories it brings are good ones.
    That photo is for you Ian... you are the reason for teaching me the making of that star! Always think about that when it is that time. Thank you...

    Time to ‘«£reboot‘«£, Tx

    When one meets and finds Friendship awakening long lost feelings of happiness, that ‘«£one‘«ō being ‘«£myself‘«ō, I can only find it proper to dedicate my thoughts on this Blog to her, my Friend being Kristi, having spend a few days here, in this calm ‘«£Oasis‘«ō of ours poking the mind to find a better balance.
    She is gone now, back to her own Life, we are here now back to what I feel will be a new Life on higher grounds wearing a bigger smile. The smiles were complemented yesterday by riding a new road which the locals call ‘«£Valley of the Moon‘«ō passing by ‘«£Ice Cream Mountain‘«ō. More Masterpieces from the hands of Mother Nature working so hard to show us the beauty that surrounds us.
    The road leading was an easy one in most places, a bit more challenging crossing a few dry creek beds, sometimes having to walk it first considering the fact that turning the hack around is a more difficult task than when being on two wheels.
    The Treasures are all around us, again this was out of the beaten path, as we like it.
    Enjoy the Photos‘«™
    Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    The Ghost Town of Shafter, Tx
    A beautiful day, 300 miles of blue ribbon roads, a Ghost Town to wander with camera and senses in hand, Spirit in a jovial mood‘«™ what else can one wish for winter times?
    I like Ghost Towns, they make me think a lot as they also make me imagine the past lives living on the same very same steps I take. Shafter also has a great Memorial Historical building always open with many photos hanging, stories as one could spend hours feeling part of it all.
    We are taking off tomorrow morning for a couple weeks to the Hill Country. It is that time, cold or not, they called us‘«™ Del Rio first and then on north to some spaces we have been told to not miss. Have to be back by the 3rd for a Doctor‘«÷s appointment and then it will be on to Death Valley for February. They say it is good month for it. I am sure I will find Internet connections as we go along, but activating RSS feed is always the sure way to keep up with the Blog which I voice tape while traveling and eventually type with some strange results sometimes. We also have been loaned a SPOT for ‘«£help‘«ō, ‘«£emergencies‘«ō and also the tracking feature has been enabled. The link is on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™ give us a wave! Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    To the Texas Hill Country, Tx

    Being here now, in Leaky, after a not so good first 24hrs through Del Rio, how can one not fall in love with the area! We had never been here before and now I want to know all the back roads, the dirt roads, every single little town with it‘«÷s history, geology, you name it. I understand why everyone comes riding here, they are also perfect roads for a little bit of fun with the sidecar as the curves not being as tight as in Georgia, North Carolina or adjacent States. They are perfect. Many streams, rivers, photo opportunities, with clear waters in transparency with their bottom painted in their multitude colors of sand and erosion.
    The people are the nicest they can be, we are having a great experience at the ‘«£Camp Live Oak‘«ō a couple miles north where they let us camp, use their power and WI FI, even feeding me these both nights! And yet, we are traveling I feel at fast speeds as we will head east tomorrow a bit to meet some Friends for a few days. The taste of the Hills has now been acquired! We shall return again soon.
    Be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Houston, Tx

    And why not? I received an e mail yesterday from a reader totally amazed to the fact that we could even be near by Houston. Picking our days we actually spend most of Saturday and Sunday downtown with my Friend Kristi playing the landscape, the skyscraper lines, the moving targets, all with our cameras in front of a dreary background as the weather has turned cold and gray.
    Surrounded by her Family when back in her lively home, it has been time to do much cooking, conversations, a taste of an urban Life that both Spirit and I have been bypassing for a long time now. We will start heading back west soon, more Hill Country as we have barely skimmed the surface. Life on the road, a multi direction voyage never ceasing to surprise myself on a daily basis.
    The sidecar rig has been in the garage, Old Faithful is resting for these couple days as she is nearing her 200,000 mile mark.
    Enjoy the photos, they are of the Hills in the Blog.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Riding back to ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō‘«™

    Cold snap, night time ice, a couple more days in the Hills. Seems to have to order tires every time I turn around, hopefully they will meet us soon to enable us to take off for Death Valley within ten days at the most. We had much fun downtown Houston, I will have to remember that any Big City can be fun on the weekend when the streets are fairly deserted. The gray skies those two days have added another dimension to all these man made masses of cement, metal and glass standing in front of us. There is an Artistry to it, nothing in my eyes however comparable to Nature itself.
    We should be back most likely Friday, I can taste the space awaiting us, same as I will be able to again taste the roads once out of ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō. It is always the same story! When here, want to be there‘«™ when there, want to be here. Trying to keep the balance of it all.
    Today we rode ‘«£Old Tunnel Rd‘«ō, ‘«£Grapetown Rd‘«ō and ‘«£Willow City loop. Endless incredible roads, not much for photography however. Enjoy downtown Houston‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    More fantastic photos. I love your style!

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    Ara are you coming up to the northeast this year ?
    ??? I really don't know... Spirit has not made up his mind yet...
    Thanks Franze...

    The short way back‘«™ Tx
    More roads in the Hill Country discovered and put aside for the next round when not under a time restrain. The variety is intense. Some great for riding and some incredible for both riding and photography. Will try to make it back when the wild flowers are blooming making the shoulders and waterfalls of the rivers flowing through some, I am sure, incredible backdrops.
    The ride back yesterday was pleasant with a tail wind that moved us smoothly here to ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō which always welcomes us with open arms.
    We are again surrounded by the serenity and silence of the Big Bend Valley.
    We rode and stopped in Fredericksburg to look at the old buildings and weathered old doors and stones, we photographed ‘«£Stonehenge‘«ō and ate the best BBQ I have ever had at ‘«£Cooper‘«÷s‘«ō in Llano. Trying not to look at the photos I took while eating, what a shame it is not next door specially that Spirit also totally agreed with my taste buds.
    More photos on the Blog‘«™

    Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Before Death Valley‘«™

    Incessant questions arises always within down time as we have been back to ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō after experiencing a few pages of the ‘«£urban‘«ō chapter of this Journey. This ‘«£is‘«ō the space to think truly, amazingly a fact I had not expected when deciding to base camp here for most of the winter. It is all good‘«™
    This might be our last day before leaving tomorrow for Death Valley. Something new‘«™ we will take the Freeway all the way! Not an attraction for sure but I just want to get there as back roads will take us over a month knowing very well how distracted I can be! 300 miles or so per day, about 140 miles the last day, we should arrive in 4 days. Never planned a route as I have this time, feels a bit strange, will see how it works out. We will probably stay a month or so, plenty of time to get familiar with the area, listen to I am sure some great tips as to where to go and not. Stovewell Campground at first till we discover better primitive camping areas. Our SPOT will be turned on, not too exciting however the first days!
    Some more photos of our last adventures are on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Freeways to Death Valley‘«™

    Texas to New Mexico was great as after arriving in Van Horn we were able to stay on the back roads all the way to El Paso which we bypassed. And then‘«™ now in Casa Grande we had to bite the bullet and ride the Freeway. Of course Murphy‘«÷s Law gave us a heavy nose wind dropping us down to 60mph at times and a great upper body work out! It lightened up, started over for some reason every time I read the ‘«£dust storm might form‘«ō big yellow sign! So it is par for the course. 470 miles from Death Valley right now tomorrow will put us close only if we stop‘«™ stopping so often! Old Faithful is doing well, she just turned 200,000 miles today, amazing machine with a unique soul she has been.
    Calling for some storms tomorrow maybe while going through Las Vegas, we are well protected, 100% waterproof, except for gloves‘«™
    Off the Freeway photos on the Blog‘«™
    Till next time, from Death Valley, be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    Pretty sure it was you I saw this morning just a few miles NW of Wickenburg on 93. (Was in a cage.) Kind of a wet day here, as I'm sure you must have noticed!
    They make cars too?

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Elevation ‘«£Zero‘«ō‘«™ Death Valley, Ca

    Isolation makes it hard to post anything on the Internet, but somehow always manage to do so for my Blog. Slow, very slow connection is making it almost impossible for Forums. RSS feed (bottom of Blog opening page) and yet still checking the Blog every two to three days will be the only way throughout these times for anyone to stay with us!
    One of the worse storm they have ever experienced has come through here a couple days ago. Most the non paved roads are closed, our stay might be a bit shorter as even when opening the grounds will be too soft and muddy for us to ride on.
    Mother Nature sure has painted some beautiful images surrounding us throughout this vast and past Ocean bottom. A full Moon rising makes it all even better with temperatures a bit on the chilly side but tolerable.
    The Dunes and other spaces photographed are on the Blog and recent past archives.
    Be well, always.

    Ara & Spirit

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