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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Quote Originally Posted by DPeakMD View Post
    Is that a RuffWear bowl for Spirit? You should send that shot to RuffWear. I love their stuff!
    Yes it is. It also can be a hat for him!!! Picture will come up soon... They are not interested!!! I even asked them for "sponsorship" as Spirit needs a new coat... The same with "Doggles"... never replies... It is the way of the World I guess!

    The dirt road to Marathon, Texas

    One does not realize how vast this area is till they traverse a region less traveled as it was riding the ‘«£Old Marathon‘«ō Rd, only 23 miles of unpaved road with long stretches of deep sand and rocky slanted sections and challenging. It is an area where one does not even see the glimpse of a roof at any distance, close or far as within other areas around here. It is again a ‘«£road‘«ō which makes one wonder how it all came about. This one connects east and west dropping into the Park in its end. We never took a stroll down Marathon‘«÷s main street as instead we stumbled onto a group building ‘«£papercrete‘«ō homes. A real interesting concept as they say it will change the future on how homes are build, utilizing much paper in need of recycling. It gives me ideas for putting up here at least for starters a ‘«£storage‘«ō structure. Of course it is a catch 22, I would need much water to accomplish that task‘«™ so we have to get the water situation under control first! Time will tell‘«™
    Enjoy the ride‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    ‘«£Papercrete‘«ō Homes, Texas

    Quite an alternative for structures which would do well in this climate. A ‘«£paper‘«ō shelter! Who would have thought‘«™
    But of course as everything else there is a catch. Need for a mixer and above all water which we do not have to spare‘«™ Some kind of a pick up truck to haul ‘«£stuff‘«ō‘«™ some tools. A tent is sounding better and better! Always two sides to the coin.
    This land tears me up sometimes in the sense that I don‘«÷t want to leave, such silence, quiet, peace and serenity surrounded by beautiful landscape, at the same time the road calls, the wind on my face while rolling down the stretches is also part of the present Life. I try to balance it utilizing warmer times to do so.
    It is now the perfect weather for this area, it was a good decision to anchor down for the winter, not saying there will not be some freezing spells! I am hoping for some blankets of snow sometime in the near future.
    On to Alpine today‘«™ there seem to be always and errand to run!
    Be well‘«™ enjoy the ‘«£papercrete‘«ō homes‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    To Boquillas Canyon, Texas

    With much going on in the neighborhood such as mainly the Chili Cook Off, meaning ‘«£stay off the roads‘«ō, we went in hiding into Big Bend‘«÷s Park. Very few cars, a couple bikes and much space. Lets face it, it is the least visited Park in the USA.
    We spend some time by the Rio Grande, across from Boquillas, Mexico, a small town separated from the World by a closed border and a River.
    Such little distance separates us and yet in reality a different civilization is there, we are the same but we are not. We should be‘«™ maybe some day?
    The ride back was as pleasant as the ride in, maybe a bit more thoughtful, unless totally insensitive to others it would be impossible to not start thinking at a population so close to us and yet so cut off from the mainstream.
    The photos are on the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Matters of the Heart, Texas

    The ride to Alpine the other day was of a different tempo! There is a first for everything. What a better way to celebrate two years on the road with an Ambulance ride to the Hospital!
    The heart just gave up. Spirit was left behind and I went ahead for some care and maintenance. First the bike, now myself. We will all be brand new soon. We are going back today as we made it here when released, more tests and needing to spend some time with a Cardiologist, either here or in Odessa.
    I feel a bit in limbo as they say! The bike is even covered right now as we will be away for these couple of days. What a sad sight!
    Coincidentally it was also the celebration of the ‘«£Day of the Dead‘«ō in Terlingua.
    More about it all on the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    The ‘«£Colors‘«ō of Life, Texas

    Back at ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō, feeling better by the day and trying to sort out the steps to maybe be approved for Health Care. This reminds me so much of the times when Lance was sick and we were asked for the mighty $ first‘«™ who cared what his name was. I am getting the same treatment! It is a sad state of affair but somehow, either here or Florida, it will be taken care off.
    I think there is a bunch of Dual Sport Riders in town this weekend, a turn of the throttle and will go to meet them as we did last year.
    All is well, I feel so clean as I think the nicotine has left my body by now and without coffee either my senses are becoming so perceptive of my environment. I was thinking this morning how great this was, much less to pack on the rig!!! It is a change I have to say, a great change as I have to take the positive aspect of it all.
    Another recipe, all on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    In retrospect, Texas

    I feel as the meds are kicking in. There is a clarity in the mind which is starting to prevail and that nicotine craving is just about gone, hoping that the Cardiologist‘«÷s prognosis on the 17th will be a decent and fair one! We are actually going to take ride today into Terlingua, Lajitas. There is a group of dual sport riders in town and many we had met last year. The ‘«£Lifestyle‘«ō change was almost brutal the first days but already now it seems that all is leveling off and my attention is starting to again focus on‘«™ traveling! I need to focus a bit more and being anchored down for winter here, always mild but yet, high winds and freezing temps do happen. Yesterday morning actually for the first time Spirit‘«÷s outside water bowl froze to my surprise.
    Photos? They are all from ‘«£memory lane‘«ō, they have been my travels these past few days throughout the Blog.
    Be well, and again, ‘«£thank you‘«ō to all the kind readers that have extended a hand in these difficult times. We both appreciated more than you think.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Am I now a Photographer? Texas

    Having been accepted at KIOWA Gallery in Alpine was a thrill yesterday, specially with Gallery night coming up on the 21st. 6 full size photos will be hanging on the wall.
    What a Journey this has been. I read other‘«÷s ride reports‘«™ filled with riding. Somehow with us I can add undergoing an Echo Cardiogram last night‘«™ an ambulance ride‘«™ year round exposed photos in a so well known Gallery‘«™ much cooking‘«™ and oh! Yes‘«™ we also do ride!
    Monday morning is still and will be the decisive moment in Odessa seeing the Cardiologist. I think some medication is going to do the trick‘«™ that is what Spirit thinks anyhow.
    We are back in Alpine for now, too much commute if we stayed up ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō. My Friend Mac Gyver, meaning Ryan, also has gone home after setting up the solar system to an even better output performance.
    This is Life on the road, a bit hectic right now, all things must pass they say, this will too.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    The ultimate ‘«£therapy‘«ō‘«™ Texas

    I think anything where your head can stick out with no roof going down the road would be the ultimate therapy as it is for us. I say us as Spirit always agrees to take off, I have yet to hear a complain from him. It is that ‘«£no partition‘«ō feeling with the surrounding scenery, it is the wind with its moods and strengths, it is being transposed into another space where nothing much from the real world on foot quite matters anymore. And I say ‘«£anything‘«ō as many would not care for a motorcycle. So there are sidecar rigs like ours, three wheelers, some new fancy designs have surfaced lately with two wheels in the front and one in the rear‘«™ I think a nice little convertible will also do!
    As long as we can ride, this waiting game, this counting the days to Monday, will be fine. I think once this is all behind us, including Art Gallery Nights the following weekend, I have already this fantasy that we are going to take off, follow a southern route to California and slowly go up the coast trying to stay warm.
    I think I will be bursting by then‘«™
    In the meantime it was a timeless ride to Ft Davis.
    Be well‘«™ hope all this makes a bit of sense! Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Marfa, Texas

    Ride and more riding, just have to, it is ‘«£the ‘«£prescription with unlimited refills, no Dr‘«÷s visits needed. Marfa was our destination.
    Yesterday we did drive to Odessa. Paul Glaves was great company and courteous enough to wheel me there and back. The miles went on like a flash, I think we could have gone cross country and never be without an interesting conversation.
    The Dr‘«÷s visit itself? Well‘«™ my echo cardiogram never made it, no where to be found. He was actually more concerned with the arteries that had the bypasses 13 years ago, kind of like an old tube in a tire I guess. So back to Odessa on Monday for this time a Nuclear stress test. Sounds dramatic. I guess we will just take all this one step at the time. The attitude has not changed with receptionists! ‘«£It will be $210 for your first visit‘«ō she said without looking up‘«™ as I replied ‘«£how about if I don‘«÷t like the Dr? will I get refund‘«ō. Two hours later‘«™ (waiting was free) I made his acquaintance as he also insisted that he hears the ‘«£I don‘«÷t have Insurance‘«ō too many times a day‘«™ ‘«£I am here as a medical Doctor‘«™‘«ō he went on to make me understand, ‘«£not a Social worker‘«ō‘«™ And I did‘«™ trust me! Be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Indian Head trail Rd, Texas

    Just a few miles south of ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō, on the outskirts of Terlingua, is this road that will take you to a ‘«£space‘«ō to me unlike any others. It is also an entrance of Big Bend Park, it is a show of Mother Nature‘«÷s work, it is a display of rocks in shapes, colors and intricate cuts a bit rare in this area. They are raw, cracked, balanced often defying gravity, they are my destination when wanting to escape and do some hiking as the trail/road also leads to some spectacular views of the Chisos.
    We did not spend all day, just long enough to again leave in total amazement.
    Tomorrow ‘«£white elephant‘«ō is moving to Alpine for a couple days. This is when I suddenly decided that I do enjoy it! I can park anywhere and still be home, eliminating the commute back here. Alpine‘«÷s Gallery Nights will start in the am and promises to be two fun filled days as I will also try to take a lot of pictures.
    So till then‘«™ enjoy the ‘«£rocks‘«ō.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Gallery Nights in Alpine, Texas

    ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō must be lonely by now! She has been left behind since Friday. Today she is 210 miles away as we are now in Odessa‘«÷s Hospital Parking Lot with our winter base camp ‘«£The White Elephant‘«ō. It was however 2 greats nights in Alpine, camped right across from the Kiowa Gallery where the Journey‘«÷s Photos displayed had some great feedback and even a couple sales. I call it ‘«£Amazing‘«ō. The crowds were out in full force for both nights, a nice pleasant crowd, much music, much dancing and much food everywhere! The support from other local Artists has also been such a welcome gesture and so has been the kindness of Keri, the owner of the Gallery.
    I would call it a perfect time‘«™
    Now of course waiting for the dreaded Nuclear stress test, the only way to have all the cards in hand for a decision toward the future‘«™ I think it is going to be good, everything else has been‘«™
    Much more on the Blog‘«™
    Be well and ‘«£thank you all‘«ō for the great support you have given me‘«™ and Spirit.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    After Gallery Nights, Texas

    I feel as I am now finally waking up from a long awaken sleep. The stress test is behind, the physician changing it to a chemically induced process with results on December the 2nd. I shall not think about it till then as soon as these side effects disappear. How good can all this be for the body including slightly radioactive chemicals? Lesser of two evils? Afraid to search‘«™
    ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō is being pulled out of its Desert shelter in a few minutes, it is time to regroup soon and get back to our abnormal normal Life.
    ‘«£Gallery Nights‘«ō are just a memory now, a great one, and the search for more magical photos of our Journey is right around the corner.
    I always wonder where this is going! All we can do is enjoy the ride, there has not been any complains from neither of us these past two year!
    More photos of the Alpine Gallery Nights on the Blog‘«™
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    Hey Ara!

    Congrats on your gallery showing! How exciting is that? Excellent work hanging on the walls.

    Here's to the successful outcome of your tests

    Give Spirit a big hug for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian408 View Post
    Hey Ara!

    Congrats on your gallery showing! How exciting is that? Excellent work hanging on the walls.

    Here's to the successful outcome of your tests

    Give Spirit a big hug for me.
    Amongst all I always thought "you" would appreciate it...
    Thanks "Ian"... amazing what one can do without "photoshop"....
    Be well... Ara & Spirit

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    Ara and Spirit

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Rider from La Mancha. Miquel could use a good story to tell the folks back home so create a great one.

    All the best

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