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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    A loop North of St George, Utah
    We keep on rolling in Utah. It just does not end! We are settled I have to admit pretty comfortably at my Friends house, Michael and Sandra, while doing some errands in St George before headed south in a couple of weeks.
    We have been here before, this is like the yearly ‘«£get it all back together‘«ō stop. I thought we had seen it all last year, had ridden all the roads, but Michael has of course many more destinations up his sleeve. I think he only divulge his secret destinations in small dosage!
    From ‘«£Mountain Meadows‘«ō to ‘«£Lion‘«÷s mouth‘«ō to Cedar City and back here also riding ‘«£Kolob Canyon‘«ō Rd, it was a fine ride, as good as they get.
    Much thoughts about Texas, just thinking without any concrete decisions as how we are going to live down there on a land with no power, water, septic‘«™ and a real tight budget! Almost a challenge which should be in itself and interesting feat.
    Enjoy the ride‘«™ we sure did.
    Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    More Friends and a ‘«£Dammeron‘«ō loop, Utah
    One more time we met up with a couple readers, from Logan this time, on their own escapade following our footsteps, or maybe vice versa!
    Paul and Mariko, members of the ‘«£Expedition Portal‘«ō Forum, a Forum filled with adventure reports from all over the World and much information on how to survive the vast empty lands, some very cool vehicles also.
    A ride to Pine Valley and its forest, luscious greens and creeks. It was then on to another loop west of 18 this time through Gunlock Rd and back a dirt road through some BLM land we had camped on last year passing a couple reservoirs.
    There is no lack of riding around here, after all, we are still in Utah!
    We are preparing ourselves for the road to Toroweap, 90 miles into some of the most isolated part of the country overlooking the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow will be doing Joshua Rd loop and another attraction near by. Eventually we will rest!
    More pictures on the Blog‘«™Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Golden Butte Rd and Whitney Pocket. Nevada.
    I sure hope that you all dual sport riders from Nevada or near by have ridden the loop to the ancient town of Golden Butte and stopped as we did at Whitney Pocket, also admiring the Art work 2 miles off the main road‘«™ to the right.
    Out of nowhere as usual, totally off the beaten path considering we did not see a soul all day, lays one of, now, my favorite destination. Moss, caves, multi color rocks, sandstone, portals, petroglyphs, narrow trails‘«™ It was a quick scouting day trip and we have reservations for early next year in a bit of cooler weather.
    Mojave went up to 107 degrees and felt on the way back as riding through a furnace. Spirit did really good with his cover on and his soft bowl of water always in front of him. He is definitely a tough guy now! Of course he will never pass up a chance to lay in the shade!
    I could not fit all the photos in one Blog, so this will be part one of two‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    A bit more of Artwork, Nevada
    This last day trip has obviously left an impression within me and rekindled some expressions of my mind and much thought about this Journey. Every step was a picture opportunity, so many shapes and colors within the sandstone, it was an endless array of beauty mixed with the spiritual presence of the Ancients.
    Choosing the right time for such excursion is becoming more and more important. With temperatures peaking at 107 degrees such adventure would have been more enjoyable later on the year and my future planning will need to be a bit smarter!
    We are getting ready for Toroweap, we are leaving tomorrow early morning and hoping to spend a couple nights within one of the most isolated area of this country overlooking the Grand Canyon. I am excited about it.
    The errands continue, almost done as our southern destination awaits us. More surprises I am sure!
    Enjoy the photos‘«™ there are many today.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Ara & Spirit,
    How long do you guys plan on living on the road? It's been a while now. Any plans to go south into Mexico?
    Stephen Burns - 2007 R1200GS
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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Quote Originally Posted by Burnszilla View Post
    Ara & Spirit,
    How long do you guys plan on living on the road? It's been a while now. Any plans to go south into Mexico?
    Hi Stephen... well, like maybe another 10 years or so? Road is my Home and Spirit's also. Mexico is always appealing... I am a bit hesitant taking Spirit with me... what do you think? Baja would be OK with him, but I don't care too much for Baja... any thoughts? Will be near Big Bend soon and we can easily go in from Presidio.

    Adventures in Toroweap, Arizona
    180 miles of deserted and isolated roads can turn into an adventure following a couple mechanical failures and close to two inches of rain resulting with some nice wet and sticky ‘«£calachi‘«ō. A new word I will not forget it‘«÷s spelling very soon.
    But it was some fun days, some spend in the tent reading and eating. Preparedness has always been the key in my traveling and it paid off big time. We actually arrived back last night with water and food left, mainly also because of a couple four wheelers including the Ranger stopping by to make sure we were alright.
    Spirit is my Hero, more than ever the bond has just heightened another step. Moving right along with never a complain, only love and affection throughout those a bit rough couple days.
    Toroweap is a must to experience and hard to describe its grandeur, its breathtaking depth, a true test of heights.
    Tired but satisfied, some of the Journey is on the Blog, part I that is as there is more to come!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Camping on the road to Toroweap, Arizona

    Sometimes a couple sticks in the spokes, such as a broken bolt, a few tire punctures at the end of a 90 mile isolated road might not be the best scenario. Technically is was not, but always ready for the worse, with 2 inches of rain turning the road into an impassable one the adventure was great while camping on the shoulder waiting for it all to pass.
    Kind of wish actually I would have still been back there, peaceful and quiet setting, much food and water, even some exploring after the deluge waiting for the road to dry.
    And it did as also the decision to leave came upon us for a great ride back
    Would definitely do it again, it was all good.
    More pictures and the story on the Blog.

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Out of Toroweap‘«÷s mud, back on the road. AZ.
    I cannot help wishing we were still stranded. Strange maybe but the space given to us those couple of days were such a serene space one can only travel far to find. The ride back was one of the best we had including a great sunset with of course many stops to take it all in.
    Where do we go from here? Texas soon, kind of strange knowing that we are actually going to leave Utah very soon with yet so many destinations unseen. There will be I hope next year when we come back choosing our weather patterns a bit smarter.
    It has been great visiting Michael and Sandra, giving me the ability to leave Spirit behind at times when needing to run errands, the annual ordeals to go through!
    I think a Lifetime would not be enough to see Utah‘«™ I actually have met Rangers being here 20 years in quest of new destinations and they have yet to close in on the list.
    Our exit from Toroweap with more photos is on the Blog by now‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul..

    A Sister and a Brother, Utah.

    As a loaded spring box through a mutual Friend of now ours, my Sister Sarine and I met for the first time a couple days ago. 36 years have passed since her birth and I cannot hide the fact that those moments have been emotional. ‘«£Good emotional‘«ō as the bond, first through e mails, and now in real time, has been instantaneous, filled with great conversations and more notes comparing than one can imagine.
    Truly a Life changing experience as in a few months we will stop in Los Angeles to meet the rest of the Family, many I have met earlier with the years passing by however changing us, physically as I saw from the pictures shown and I am sure mentally maturing.
    A city girl Sister‘«™ a vast empty space Brother‘«™ but the connection was above it all, hard to describe the invisible bond that has taken place. I am sure some of you having a sister or a brother will understand. It has open a new door to a new path. ‘«£It‘«÷s all Good‘«ō.
    You can meet her on the Blog!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    I will miss Utah‘«™

    Of course I say that from everywhere we leave! We will be taking our time, bypass Phoenix and Tucson, take the route through Flagstaff and Albuquerque. Painted Desert, Petrified Forest might be the sources of great riding and some Photography. Spirit and I are always ready for new adventures and Texas is still a bit hot.
    We checked out the reservoirs near Enterprise yesterday, with barely a few feet of water I am wondering if we are taking Global Warming‘«÷s subject a bit too lightly. It was then on to Santa Clara, a suburb of St George to hike the easy ‘«£Tava‘«÷atsi‘«ō trail and find some Petroglyphs which we did. With the Santa Clara river on the other side of the cliffs it was a natural habitat for the Ancients and discovered that it will be soon an ‘«£unnatural‘«ō habitat for the ‘«£present and locals‘«ō within a new development only a few feet away called‘«™ ‘«£The Bellagio‘«ō. Progress right?
    Some thoughts early morning, for some reason I enjoy writing in the early hours when the World around us is still asleep.
    You be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit.

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Las Vegas, Nevada‘«™

    First we went south west, made a u turn, then we went south east! Been thinking about it for over a year now to spend a couple night in Las Vegas and let the camera witness the neon lights and human waves.
    The picture taking has been a challenge and so has been the crowds. The uneasy part was leaving Spirit behind for a few hours as I will again do tonight‘«™ with a bag and camera in hand he did not quite understand why this time he was not going.
    I know I will look back at this one day and be glad that I did, this is not like any other destination we are used to, it is however good for the soul, it shows me another side of the coin I could spend my Life living within.
    Tomorrow we will be in Kingman for a couple days to visit my Friends Anjie and Mark‘«™ I am planning to be busy in their kitchen! We all need some real food sometimes.
    Vegas at night‘«™ on the Blog, bigger and brighter than ever.

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    One more night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Adventuring myself a bit further this time on the Strip, truly having a good time filling up my camera‘«÷s memory card. On a Saturday night the glitter, human waves and traffic was at its peak and people watching just does not get any better.
    How about meeting a buddy of Spirit?
    Ludwig above has also the good Life being driven around by his own chauffeur as Spirit does‘«™ Where did I go wrong? Some day I want to be just like him!
    So we are in Kingman right now visiting some great Friends and cooking a nice dinner. Tonight will be taking a ‘«£photography‘«ō lesson from a Forum member that also lives in Kingman. I have been trying to learn how to shoot in RAW, he replied to my thread, he happens to live here‘«™ we cannot pass up the opportunity. What luck!
    More of Vegas on the Blog.

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Kingman, AZ.

    Great few days in Kingman, really relaxing and not doing much besides cooking a nice dinner for Mark, Anjie and Family. Also learning how to shoot in RAW format with the help of a reader, rider, photographer that happened to answer my question on some color problems and lives in Kingman himself. Small world! It just does not get any better.
    We are near Tucson now, there is a bit of ‘«£I miss Utah‘«™‘«ō in my mind mixed with the ‘«£looking forward‘«ō to this piece of land in Texas near Big Bend and hopefully getting a bit of work cooking to help the thinning wallet from these two years on the road.
    Riding Texas‘«™ cooking‘«™ building a structure‘«™ some small trips planned with cooperating weather‘«™ it is going to be a busy winter. I like busy!
    More on the Blog‘«™

    Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    A loop through Wilcox, AZ.

    The last leg of it before arriving to Texas, near Big Bend, where we will set up shelter, work on getting some water and who knows what else‘«™
    Familiar route it was through the Chiricahua Mountains, stopping at the ‘«£Southwestern Research Center‘«ō where I use to work for a short time, then on to Portal, through Douglas, Bisbee, Tombstone, Benson and finally closing the loop back in Wilcox.
    I felt a bit as doing 16 countries in 12 days, one of those days, however a much needed ride to clear up the mind and tire the body a bit.
    Spirit had never been there, always confident on my choices I was wondering if the smells of years back made any kind of impression on him!
    Tomorrow is Sunday and I figured a good day to go through El Paso, normally with much traffic it should be then quiet.

    More on the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Almost there, Texas that is!

    Today is the first day of fall, summer is already behind us and time‘«÷s traction in my Life seemingly is spinning its wheels faster and faster. It has been quite a summer and so fortunate to have the so many photos I can go back to and reminisce of the days past or close my eyes and travel in time reliving the past senses that have filled me over and over. And now, just a few miles from Texas, this friendly State that has always been so good to us, there is excitement within me as we will walk on this land of ours a bit later for the first time. Its symbol, its presence, its space already felt has filled this morning with some unprecedented excitement, a new ‘«£feel good‘«ō‘«™
    The last ride taken through Tombstone and Bisbee was of a colorful one, but it brought back some shaded memories of recent years past, memories maybe I did not need to relive again. But it is all behind now, the skies are blue, the road is well paved ahead, it is a special day for the both of us‘«™
    More on the Blog‘«™

    Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

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