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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    Hey Chef, went through your blog.....just the Utah stuff, I'll need to break a leg to start from the beginning...... but, your photography is phantastic!!! Are you still doing the restaurant start-up?? Give Spirit a good belly scratch.


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    The t-shirts came in today. They're terrific! We got the pictures of Spirit with the helmet and 'Bite me' on the helmet. My wife had a good laugh.

    We've been keeping our son's brindle Pit Bull, so the t-shirts are appropriate. Boys, their dogs, and the parents who end up with the dogs!

    Starkville, MS

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Hi Franze... the restaurant start up!... maybe when they get some power!!!... I might help a couple days a week... while I travel the BIG CIRCLE the rest of the time...
    OK... Noel... you probably received a strange e mail from me when you ordered!!! Now I know who you are... it is a long story... short version here! Someone named Noel a year ago wanted to make a coat line for Spirit... we decided on material... you name it!... all done and never heard from them afterwards!!! Nothing... I was just trying to find out if it was the same person! Glad it creates some laughs and smiles!!! Scratch that dog from us!!!

    Page, AZ‘«™ the lower Canyon

    All I could say while visiting both upper and lower Antelope Slot Canyon was ‘«£phenomenal‘«ō‘«™ as truly I was left speechless by the wonders that Mother Nature truly outdoing herself on this both occasions.
    A bit of a rough ride due to some heavy winds going in, sailing with ease coming up‘«™ one makes up for the extra fuel used the other way! I guess!
    Page is a busy town‘«™ a Super Center Walmart probably says it all!
    The weather was perfect and still is, will stay as is all summer? The area might then be called Paradise.
    Many pictures of the Canyons, so many that I will eventually create a SmuMug Galery for them soon!
    Enjoy‘«™ and as always, be well.

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    More of Page and the Lower Canyon, AZ

    You will probably now, with more pictures decide to visit this Lower canyon while in the Page area! I will probably again some day, it has to be the most unique experience I have ever had‘«™ right up there with anything else seen these past couple years.
    I will know most likely later on the day, as we are moving on tomorrow, which way we will be headed‘«™ The little town of Boulder, Utah or start Colorado from south to north‘«™ Either way trying to find cooler weather for our outdoor activities. Spirit just does not do very well with the heat.
    If it is Colorado we will just have to come back again later on as there are so many more roads and sights to experience‘«™
    I posted about 20 more pictures of the Canyon‘«™ the last of them besides the Galley I will build up soon.
    Be well‘«™ always‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    A side trip! Cortez‘«™ Co

    We had to get to a big city! This is big‘«™ and I am finding myself not doing well in such of an atmosphere. Spirit neither, he is just not happy as usual. An event as the Cortez Cultural Center and meeting another traveler, Sergio from Boston, who joined us for the event saved the day and the mind‘«™ Dancing, Traditions, Story telling by an 84 year old Navajo Code Talker‘«™ it was a great evening of entertainment and culture.
    We are headed out in the am, all the errands are done, mail has followed me on queue including my new tags and Driver‘«÷s License! After all I am still a Florida Resident as so many others that only live there half of the time.
    I am a bit torn between continuing north in Colorado or go to‘«™ Escalante for a while. I am so drawn to the later. Maybe Spirit will decide in the morning‘«™ Bluff? You can read about it here‘«™
    Till next time‘«™ from who knows where!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    We are in Escalante, Utah‘«™

    If you have never done 95 and 12 from Blanding or vice versa you owe to yourself to do it as a once in a Lifetime amazing first ‘«£Utah‘«÷s All-American Road‘«ō. We are now in Escalante, our new home base for a while and will go back to explore and photograph one section at the time. My concept is always either no pictures or stop every mile!‘«™ It could have taken us weeks to get here.
    There is so much that it could be overwhelming as besides the maps, the locals already have given me tips on out of the way destinations. In the meantime, Old Faithful decided to take a break by developing a rear final drive leak!‘«™ Just a seal. I am sure with the help of many on Motorcycle Forums I will be able to replace‘«™ when the part gets here! No overnight shipping in this town‘«™ So Spirit and I will check out by foot this small city‘«™ however a bit bigger than Bluff.
    Enjoy the Antelope Slot ‘«£Upper‘«ō Canyon today on the Blog‘«™
    Be well, as always‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Some repairs in Escalante, Utah
    We are on the road always at the mercy of a breakage. It is always the hidden factor that can change plans, routes and finances for sure. They came in threes! One more to go as far as fixing‘«™ waiting for a new rear hub seal, but in the meantime still riding a bit around the town.
    The only Motorcycle Shop within two hundred miles is right here! A couple miles away‘«™ that is what I call good Karma as I was not aware of it when planning to come here. This is a main thoroughfare for two wheelers traveling, even travelers on foot, bicycles, and ‘«£Desert Doctor‘«ō does pretty well for the ill fated riders unprepared for this area.
    It is getting hot during the day, I like it, just have to keep an eye on Spirit and from now on he will ride with his nice red cover on!‘«™ Never thought that one would come in so handy‘«™
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™ I know some of you will pass by here‘«™ let me know‘«™ will buy you a cup of coffee!!!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Rolling again! Utah.
    They came in three‘«™ they have been fixed in three! A bit of hiking with a very upset Spirit during a 5:30am wake up call, but all worth seeing the incredible colors of the Escalante Petrified Forest, another marvel accomplished by Mother Nature‘«™
    The new seal was waiting when we returned and so embarrassed to find out that it was the easiest repair I have ever done! Could not stay still too long after 3 days pretty much at idle‘«™ so a ride to Penguitch to meet some of the Rally goers and a beautiful night time ride back to camp, arriving around midnight!
    All this in one day‘«™ seems that my energy has doubled since here!
    Returning today, met up with some old friends at the ‘«£Beehive Beemer‘«ō get together, unfortunately it only took one, with his unprovoked profanities and foul language, a ‘«£dog hater‘«ō I was told by the registration desk, all this because Spirit was barking while I was using the facilities! A facet of a society I thought I had abandoned long time ago. As ‘«£management‘«ō was OK with it, only saying they are‘«™ ‘«£sooo sorry!‘«£, a Charter Club, a disgrace to the Motorcycle community, we left the ‘«£space‘«ō fouled by this individual and waiting for a public apology. As I always say‘«™ ‘«£School is always open‘«ō‘«™
    Be well‘«™ all is well here!‘«™ including Spirit. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    ‘«£The Dog Hater‘«ō‘«™ not ‘«£Whisperer!

    When a ‘«£dog hater‘«ō (as described by the Rally organizers!), an uncaring ‘«£Rally Master‘«ō and us‘«™ end up being in the same vicinity, things do not go well. I have the outmost respect for anyone that does not like dogs‘«™ as there are many flavors of Ice cream, and that is OK‘«™ but when we get insulted, well, that is not‘«™
    It was a short stay at the Beehive Beemer Rally, we met many familiar faces, made some new Friends and the good of course outweighs the bad, if only it was not for those insults and profane language I had to hear‘«™ followed by an unconcerned Rally Master, barely listening to the situation.
    The ride was fine, the rides are always fine specially since our mechanical issues have been addressed. Escalante to Penguitch is such a beautiful road allowing the traveler to take in the changes in colors of the sandstone, from white to an orangey red going through the Canyon. And for you all specially that are dog owners, I think this Blog will interest you‘«™
    Be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Boulder, a cool little town, Utah

    Unfortunately no pictures of the town itself today! It started storming before I even had a chance to pull the camera out of its bag. It is only 27 miles from here, there will be many more chances‘«™ We might even set up base camp in Boulder as almost a 1000 feet higher the weather is much cooler. Escalante is becoming hot. We met up with Ron, owner of ‘«£Motorcycle Repair and Rendez Vous and that was a great time chatting‘«™ he even bought me lunch! The day could not get any better. Well, it did as we met another roadside attraction‘«™ Joe‘«™ crossing the country on Roller Blades! Yes‘«™ It is a shame that we cannot just pull up a chair and sit by the side of the road, there are all kinds of travelers coming through, trust me!
    In case you do not read the Blog, many thanks for all the support you have send us including all the kind words. It is water under the bridge‘«™ The replies from the responsible parties of course almost made me the bad guy with the bad dog! Forget it‘«™ Karma will take its course! I do not carry or want that kind of energy.
    Be well‘«™ always‘«™ the sun is shining today. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Let me know when, will most likely be base camped in Boulder... checking on the HU dog rules!!!...

    "Are pets allowed at the Rally?
    Pets are allowed, but we strongly encourage you to use common sense when it comes to your pets. Ideally, everyone will have a better time if your pet stays home."

    This above is Gillette... We are Homeless, so we will avoid that situation... I do want, ideally, for everyone to have a better time... will check HU... Pashnit was awesome! About a dozen dogs... and cats!!!

    4, 60, 300 and the ‘«£Burr trail‘«ō, Utah‘«™

    You will need to read the Blog to find out about the 4, 60 and 300... Somehow they all fell on the same day!
    With 2 million acres surrounding us we are liable to experience some areas unadvertised as the Burr Trail. I had this vision for a moment of gates and shuttles taking the tourists back and forth within that incredible Canyon that was such a surprise to me. Hope as it did in Zion it never happens here. Do not pass Boulder without riding or driving that road including the switchbacks‘«™ they are car friendly roads, a bit of washboards, not to be adventured on in rainy times.
    Whenever we stopped only smells and silence prevailed. We both needed this day, it does not cease to amaze me how vast and incredible this area is. We were not prepared to camp overnight but will soon‘«™
    Have fun following the road, this is a two part mini Adventure!!!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    *Picture above has been HDR digitally enhanced.

    Up to the ‘«£T‘«ō on the Burr Trail‘«™
    We turned around at the ‘«£T‘«ō on the Burr Trail, we were not ready to go any further that day, but will next time and camp out going south to Lake Powell. There is an incredible isolation here on and off the roads. The ‘«£space‘«ō has changed, it is not Moab, it is not Monument Valley‘«™ it is an entity of its own, the closest being Valley of the Gods. Having lived on a sailboat for many years, it is as being out to sea, all alone and with a bit of constant thoughts, an inner, I might call it, ‘«£apprehension‘«ō maybe, as not to break down as these are not at all well traveled roads.
    They are mostly demanding and definitely require an advance knowledge of the weather, they require much water specially being in in summer time. Tools and food a must‘«™ they stay on the rig 24/7 never unloaded, cannot afford to forget anything.
    Much changes in the sceneries, rocks formations and even roads‘«™ that is what is on the Blog today‘«™
    Be well‘«™ always‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Wodstoe, a ghost of a Ghost Town, Utah

    You definitely have it all here. The Red Canyons, the flat Desert and the high altitude unpaved forest roads of the Dixie National Forest. Take your pick as we did trying to find the ghost town of Wodstoe passing right by the area that was on fire last week. From what seemed to be Wodstoe, southbound to the entrance of Bryce Canyon, a little detour while closing the loop back to Escalante to Grosvernor Arch and even as we were by then loosing the sun just a few minutes at the Kodachrome State Park where the trails are many and so are photo opportunities. Sometimes I feel as we are still scouting the area as some of them we need to go back and spend more time.
    The big aspect of it all has been the lack of traffic in this area. Maybe this will all change as the Fourth of July weekend is coming up? This all feels as we are in a separate part of the World, so far from anything one might have a need for‘«™ even finding decent food sometimes is a task waiting for the days of delivery! Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Saving Spirit and the end of ‘«£that‘«ō ride, Utah.

    A reader asked me, rightly so, how it came about for Spirit and I to be together‘«™ It is amazing how some moments are never forgotten and one can relive them! It was then, 3 years have passed and I can just hope for many more to come by one day at the time.
    And then the end of a great day‘«÷s ride to Gosverner Arch, a bumpy road with much washboard and deep sand combination testing again the limits of the rig with a knobby that is almost gone. We are going through rear tires a bit too fast, those knobbies disappear ‘«£like butter‘«ō, but it is our only way to handle the local back roads. Riding the black top to get to them does not help either.
    Happy 4th of July to you all‘«™ be careful with that BBQ! We need to find one ourselves, it is good weather for it.
    Enjoy the Blog, the long weekend‘«™ till later, you all be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    I just read the story of how Ara and Spirit came to be together. It took me longer than I thought, because I must have had some dust in my eye. Yeah, dust. That's it.

    I got my "Bite Me" t-shirt the other day.

    I miss my dog.
    I can't believe how incredulous I am.

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