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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Charleston, SC

    A nice 300 mile round trip to Charleston from Tybee Island, cloudy day, cool temps specially with much wind when coming back the same day. Spirit‘«÷s patience does not cease to amaze me as we did more sightseeing than dog walks on the grass‘«™ and then again the sidecar is his second home!
    The Historical City is amazing with its ongoing restoration all approved by the Charleston Historical Society, down to the mortar used, door handles and every details imaginable. Beautiful houses, narrow streets and tour guides dressed from the past era.
    One of the highlights was the ‘«£Three Dog Bakery‘«ō which you must visit if and when in the neighborhood‘«™ even if you do not have a dog!
    With too many pictures taken that day, there will be a part II of the visit! Hope you enjoy it‘«™ we did.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    More of Charleston, SC

    Thinking back I cannot decide which was the highlight of Charleston! The Historical City or the ‘«£Three Dog Bakery‘«ō? Spirit thinks it is the Bakery‘«™ of course. Yes, those are made for our buddies‘«™ can you believe it? More pictures are on the Blog.
    Our stay is coming to an end, today is the last day for our car rental, we will have a couple more days to reorganize it all before we head back to Atlanta where we will spend a few days regrouping. We will take a straight route to Moab stopping in Birmingham to visit the Motorcycle Barber Museum and couple other visits planned on the way. I know that we will arrive a bit too early for warmer weather, but I would like to witness the biggest annual 4x4 week planned in that area.
    Enjoy the pictures‘«™
    Be well and stay well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Your travels continue to entrance me. What an adventure.

    ( We have 3 Dog Bakery here in Kansas City, too. Came in very handy when one of my dogs was recovering from paralysis and was refusing to eat. )

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Did the Bakery looked the same?... products? Wonder if they have franchised... I should have asked.

    Lasts days on Tybee Island, GA

    Bittersweet on this last day here. Excited about going back to Atlanta tomorrow morning, ride my old stumping grounds ‘«£The Georgia Mountains‘«ō‘«™ check out the old neighborhood where we use to live‘«™ have the camera cleaned professionally‘«™ Sad and thoughtful about my mother‘«÷s departure back to Munich, Germany. We have been a scattered family all our Life as much as we love being together. We probably would not know what to do if we all lived in the same town! Mother in Germany, aunt and uncle in Belgium, cousin in Ohio, aunt and uncle again in England, another set in Australia, my favorite cousin in Thailand‘«™ and the list goes on and on. And us?‘«™ roaming around‘«™ it has been hopeless.
    We all checked out the Savannah Wildlife Refuge the other day, a well worth visit if you are in the area. Unlike us, try to spend the whole day, I know there would be no regrets.
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™ we have to start packing‘«™
    Be well and stay well. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Idling in Atlanta, GA

    Yes, it has been raining since we arrived here, non stop and we are on the verge of cabin fever. We are almost there‘«™ Good thing dogs like to sleep a lot and once this is behind us I think we will stay up for days! Wish I had Spirit‘«÷s patience, I am learning very quickly in times as such.
    Georgia Mountains maybe if things clear up a bit, would love to take some of those well known roads and some last pictures of the area before we leave Monday morning.
    My mother made it back safely to Munich, already a phone call to assure me of it. The next chapter of this Journey will go on very soon‘«™ exciting times ahead‘«™ we hope.
    A nostalgic look back on the Blog today‘«™ old photos are always fun, that is what they are for‘«™ right?
    Enjoy, be well‘«™ and stay well!
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Finally some Georgia Mountains‘«™

    All too familiar where the roads and the scenery yesterday. ‘«£Two Wheels Only‘«ō motorcycle campground, the ‘«£cooler run‘«ō, Dale‘«÷s‘«™ all was our second home, sometimes first home a while back.
    Cold temperatures, specially on the way back‘«™ but nothing was going to hold us back this time as we are headed to Birmingham in a few minutes, one of the many stops on the way to Moab, Utah. So many memories came back, those were the first roads the sidecar and Spirit took when assembled after the moving truck dropped off this huge box at our house in Dawsonville‘«™ How exciting that was! And who knew at the time what would be the future‘«™ We still don‘«÷t!
    Take a ride on the Blog as we did‘«™

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    The Barber Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, AL

    So we made it here to Birmingham and how ironic that we went to visit the Museum on one of the nicest days we have experienced lately. It was custom made for Spirit who had to wait outside in the sidecar, giving us a chance however to go for walks every couple hours only wearing a T shirt! I keep thinking that even if you do not care for motorcycles, or cars for that matter, a visit to Barber is a must. It will leave you speechless as it did to me, the building itself is Art and the whole experience is worth and more its $10 entry fee! They actually have a special for 3 days, Friday~Saturday~Sunday, for $15! The problem is‘«™ too many picture! They are all going on my SmuMug Gallery soon which I will give out its link, in the meantime enjoy the ones posted as there will also be more of them on the site next time.
    You be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    From Memphis, TN, more on the Barber Museum‘«™

    The pictures are still endless but I am almost done working on sorting them out for the picture Gallery! In the meantime I posted some interesting ones on the site, including my favorite, one of them anyhow, the full dressed Vincent, which ironically did not sell well.
    We have arrived in Memphis, and getting ready to learn what all the fuss about Graceland is‘«™ camera is also ready‘«™ Spirit will have to stay behind for a few hours. I need to find out if Elvis had a dog and what kind! Should be an interesting day‘«™
    I cannot help posting a picture of Spirit while visiting second graders in Birmingham, which I will write about also next time! You know‘«™ those Pits labeled ‘«£mean‘«ō‘«™
    Maybe we will see you sometime down the road‘«™ and hope that you are not yet tired of motorcycle pictures!!!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Moving right along, Amarillo, Tx

    With a prediction of wind chills between 16 and 21, accumulation of 2” of snow, winds between 25 and 35 mph per hours with gusts of 45mph… that is tonight… repeat scenario for tomorrow… you would think we are in North Dakota! No… this is Texas… but not the same Texas that has been so friendly to us! For some reason today Florida sounds real good… We might not be able to move till Tuesday. Well, we have food, fuel and power… heat is good… books and the Internet!
    The link for all the pictures from the Barber Museum is up.
    I also posted about our visit to the Deer Valley Elementary School in Hoover, near Birmingham, AL, entertaining the second graders! It was a fun day and I think the kids also had a blast…
    Hope we survive all this!
    Be well… Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    A visit to Graceland, Memphis, TN

    Just like the flip of a coin the weather showed its smilie face in Amarillo, a welcome change. We made it to Lubbock and spend the day with Mike and Nathan working on a final proof for a T shirt and a mouse pad with some very impressive machinery these guys have! And on camping a few miles south of it, in a little town called Slaton as right downtown, at the City Park, they provide free camping for up to three nights! Awesome‘«™
    The visit to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley was memorable, there are still crowds coming in to pay their last respect and take the tour as I did. It was a strange feeling to actually walk around in the same space that he did trying to imagine all that has gone on in the past. A step back in time as the pictures show‘«™
    Less than 800 miles from Moab now, we will be headed that way tomorrow morning for the last leg of this ‘«£coming back West‘«ō.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    To Albuquerque, NM

    Try spelling that word without looking!
    We end up using all three free nights of camping the City of Slaton gave us as we had to regroup yesterday. What is regroup? Just a feeling that we are caught up with everything including replying e mails, baking some Treats, cleaning, filing pictures, roasting coffee and‘«™ taking a nap! That is ‘«£regroup‘«ō!!!
    A bit of snowing, a bit of wind and beautifully clear this morning as we hit the road again. I will not even bore you again with the destination, seems like lately it takes us twice as long to get anywhere! More on Elvis and Graceland on the Blog‘«™ while already sorting out the pictures taken at the wind mill museum and the oldest bakery in Texas.
    Be well‘«™ till next time we are rolling.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Leaving Texas‘«™

    We are in Moab today‘«™ as soon as we made that eastbound turn on 550, a bit north of Albuquerque, big empty and vast spaces presented themselves and suddenly it was as if another new page of this Journey had been turned. Peaceful, calm and serene, mountain tops covered with snow, cattle grazing in search of green patches, it was as we had never left the West. We stopped many times as the weather cooperated fully with our last leg of thistransition, lucky I was thinking having missed the horrible snow storms that hit the towns we had just come through.
    My first picture here on our way near a few miles from Moab!‘«™ The story of a T shirt, new friends and a Wind Mill Museum on the Blog‘«™
    You be well‘«™ come and visit!‘«™ we will be here a while.

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Fascinating Moab, UT.

    ‘«£This‘«ō is definitely a ‘«£destination‘«ō‘«™ a smorgasbord of rides, photography opportunities, just being amongst it all can be overwhelming and glad that we will have the time to explore it all‘«™ versus just blowing by at a multitude of frames per second.
    Strangest weather here, 80 in the sun by the afternoon, 20 at 6 am‘«™ 60 degrees difference within every 24 hours! Dress up and take it off‘«™ constant as even in the hot temps riding is cold‘«™
    We have only taken a quick ride through the Arches National Park, a few miles also along the Colorado River, today we will head south a bit more and try to ride into Canyonland‘«™
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Canyonland, Moab, UT

    The possibilities are endless in this area. Canyonland was new to us and I share this with others saying that it is actually more beautiful than the Grand Canyon. Maybe ‘«£beautiful‘«ō is the wrong word, as every Park has its own personality and character, Canyonland is more intimate specially when we get the chance to do Schaffer Trail and Long Canyon on the return which both run on the lower Mesa‘«÷s edge near the White Rim.
    It is also Jeep Safari week and some of those trails seem just impossible to pass through, called ‘«£rock crawling‘«ō I have only seen the start of some and we have been invited to ride in one! It has been through the drivers a good source of information as to where ourselves can go or not go. Much going on here!
    Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Life in Moab, UT

    I think the decision to come here and spend some time was a good one. Diversified for many there is much to do for everyone that loves the outdoor, from the simple hiking (inexpensive‘«™) to photography combined, on and off road bicycling and motorcycling, 4x4 jeep rock crawling, rafting, fishing, snow skiing in the winter times and I am sure I am forgetting something.
    The town this week is filling up as the Jeep Safari event is taking place and yet the area is so vast that we can get away in other directions and find peace and tranquility.
    Still cold specially in the early morning hours, we have yet to witness a sunrise in front of some red rocks glowing as on fire, but that will come soon. We are just exploring the different roads, trying to find some dog friendly lands unlike the National Parks, there are many.
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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