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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    Busy... busy, LA/MS

    Thank you...

    Busy‘«™ Busy, LA/MS

    It is going to take us all day to catch up‘«™ making some Treats‘«™ printing some Art Cards and getting ready for our last stretch to Atlanta. Moving makes life busy. The George Ranch we visited near Booth, Tx, a couple times these past days was a worth outing for sure, yesterday‘«÷s ride with the Louisiana Dual Sport Rider also was a great event and now at Walt‘«÷s and Paulette‘«÷s in Mississippi, well, brings back some memories as this was our first stop when we left to live on the road. The dogs, chickens, ducks, goats are still all here as Spirit also found out.
    We are staying in touch as well as we can‘«™ it is all on the Blog, most of it anyhow.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Moving on, MS

    Moving on, MS

    We had the best night sleep at a Truck Stop overnight, can‘«÷t figure that one out! Do people live at Truck Stops permanently? They sure are enough of them! Would it do for an interesting Blog? Not really I think!
    Great weekend riding with the Dual Sport Riders of Louisiana, familiar faces and some new faces, some black top and some primitive roads. We had it all‘«™ including some entertainment! Some duck grilling‘«™ at Walt‘«÷s and Paulette‘«÷s
    We will be in Birmingham, AL, by the time you read this, and the next time in Atlanta, exactly where we started 15 months ago.
    Of course many thoughts are going through my mind‘«™
    I will talk about it later, we need to keep rolling East‘«™ in the meantime enjoy the pictures on the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Atlanta, GA

    Snow last night in Atlanta. We are camped out in Powder Springs at a friend‘«÷s office/construction site, with all the comforts needed. Yes, it is a culture shock being here after so many months ‘«£out there‘«ō as my thoughts are a bit already fast forwarding to Moab, Utah, our next destination when my mother flies back home in about a month. She will arrive here on Tuesday‘«™ we will be at the Airport in the afternoon‘«™ I can‘«÷t wait to see her, has been a couple years.
    We braved the 37 degree temps this afternoon and took a short ride, not that bad really with the help of electric heated gear actually. Found out about the International Motorcycle Show this weekend which we will attend so we can show you the pictures of all the new bikes! Always something. Just posted the last pictures of the George Ranch Homes on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    Cabin fever? Atlanta

    Cabin fever? Atlanta‘«™

    So we rented a car today‘«™ I don‘«÷t think my 80 year old mother would adventure herself riding in the sidecar‘«™ even though I am sure Spirit would be more than a gentleman! Almost headed out for the International Motorcycle show at the Georgia Dome, but, with much snow coming down and freezing forecast, we will wait till tomorrow. Of course it end up raining after the snow and the temps are not as cold as predicted. I guess I wanted to play it safe‘«™ relaxed throughout the show without the thought of getting stuck in town. We were suppose to meet some friends there today‘«™ there will be another waive of them tomorrow‘«™ such is Life!
    Spirit shared his sidecar with Scooter yesterday. John‘«÷s buddy‘«™ and we had a great time taking some pictures. I think we will watch a movie tonight‘«™ it has been really nice to relax‘«™ and reminisce about the past‘«™ looking forward to the future‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit our website and Blog‘«™

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    The Atlanta Cycle show...

    The Atlanta Cycle Show‘«™

    The Show?‘«™ well, I liked it as for the first time I saw this kind of show under a different light. Some Art, some function and purpose. Maybe because I have never been prejudiced toward two wheels‘«™ and maybe because our own rig has turned into more of a great tool than anything else‘«™ Old ones, new ones, restoration and much Art with the custom choppers‘«™ hard to believe that one can actually ride them.
    My Mother arrived today‘«™ it was Airport time with an hour delay, but who does not like people watching! So keep checking the Blog as I keep on writing but might not have as much time posting on here. She is doing great for 80, I hope I am in such great shape when and if I ever get there. Oh! Dr‘«÷s check up today‘«™ complete stress test‘«™ Cardiologist‘«™ good to go for a while longer he said.
    He is one of the best in the Country, a great Human Being, he knows of our Blog and the fact that I do not have Health Insurance, he never charges me‘«™ what a contribution!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Mother in Atlanta...

    Mother in Atlanta‘«™
    Bitter cold, feels like 16, no sunrises and no sunsets‘«™ much traffic and everyone is on the cell phone! How Life has changed‘«™
    Spirit feels restricted, from car to hotel room to some dirty off color and littered resemblance of greenery. I am sure we would have gone to some Parks if the weather would have cooperated a bit more. This is our last day in ATL before Tybee Island which I am really looking forward to, till the 20th of February.
    Some more pictures of the Motorcycle Show‘«™ not much else going on besides lengthy conversations with my mother solving Life‘«÷s dilemmas‘«™
    Four years ago tomorrow, Lance struggled with his last day amongst us. This time I will not be alone and my mother will not be alone either. We will hold each other up‘«™ we will make it through the day as he will also be with us.
    For those wondering‘«™ this has always been our Life story‘«™ sometimes most everything else takes a back seat.
    You be well‘«™ always Love your Children.
    Ara & Spirit

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    Arriving, Tybee Island, GA

    Arriving, Tybee Island, GA
    Spirit and I rode a bit yesterday on the Island, dog owners‘«™ beware as they do not allow them on the beach, truly a disappointment. The fine is $200+‘«™ will deal with that situation.
    And of course I will accept my mother anyway she comes!‘«™ as she disagrees with my Lifestyle, Path, Journey‘«™ you name it! But that is nothing new‘«™ I am just trying for her to use the word ‘«£could‘«ō instead of ‘«£should‘«ō!!! We are picking up a car today, even though, just one time I wish she would sit in the sidecar. That is not going to happen.
    The skies have turned blue, uplifting for sure. This is not the ‘«£Lost Coast of California‘«ō, but it does has its own charm and Savannah I know has much history of its own. We will visit other Islands also‘«™ she is following my plans as long as she is well fed and gets some rest as she is still having a hard time dealing with the six hours time change.
    You be well‘«™ enjoy your day.
    Ara & Spirit

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    A ride through Savannah, GA

    A ride through Savannah, GA

    Yes, this is a real Police Station and the Chief of Police Parking spot‘«™ but he never showed up for the few minutes it took us to take some pictures. It was the only available parking space, I would have explained.
    Beautiful day yesterday, gave Spirit a chance to play in the big dog run, much needed exercise as today and tomorrow the forecast is rain.
    It is quiet here, getting caught up on the laundry, rearranging one more cabinet, bake some Treats and print some Art Cards for my mother who wants to send some to her friends‘«™ a good customer I have here!!!
    Enjoy the pictures, there will be more as we are settling in nicely being off season right now.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Savannah for real!GA

    Savannah, for real! GA

    We keep going to the enclosed fenced dog run. I just love taking pictures of Spirit clowning around and getting his much needed exercise. A bit hesitant at first, that‘«÷s me not him (!!!), regarding the behavior of the other digs present, but after talking to their owners all was fine, every one keeps an eye on them strongly.
    Mother dropped off at a Mall‘«™ we went on again to Savannah‘«÷s Historical District and started playing with the camera mainly on one street only called ‘«£Jones St‘«ō‘«™ so many more‘«™ 24 square Blocks to be exact with 18 Parks!
    Next we will be going to St Simon Island, Charleston‘«™ up and down the coast.
    Enjoy, come and visit‘«™ we are here waiting for you!
    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Colonial Faire & Muster, GA

    An unusual event, for us anyhow. The 10th Annual Colonial Faire and Muster, reenactment day, a celebration of the founding of the Colony of Georgia at Savannah, on February 12th 1733 by James Evans Oglethorpe. Spirit and I rode there, pursuit by a fanatic reader hanging out of the window of a fast moving van‘«™ Mike Justice, ‘«£Driller‘«ō on the ADV Riders Forum‘«™ obviously a dentist‘«™ Great day‘«™ His presence in costume of the era added to our own day‘«™ On another front, great conversation, for the first time only since we have left, with a gentleman asking me ‘«£why did I bring a loaded gun (Spirit) to a Park filled with kids‘«ō‘«™ of course in the meantime so many of those kids were asking my permission to pet Spirit, and did! As he walked away shaking his own head in disbelief I wished him a great day. One cannot lead a horse to the water‘«™ right?
    Enjoy the pictures‘«™ there will be more to come‘«™
    Be well
    Ara & Spirit

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    The rest of the weekend, GA

    More pictures from the reenactment as the firing of the cannon is always a favorite‘«™ kids will be kids you know. Spirit did not like it too much as it was the first time he was in proximity of one. Tried to keep him away as much as possible‘«™
    I have been thinking about getting us a new buddy lately‘«™ much to think about, specially being the size of the sidecar. They would have to sit side by side pretty close. I even called ‘«£Friends Of Animal‘«ō in Kanab, Utah, which Spirit and I visited a while ago. It is a ‘«£no kill‘«ō animal shelter‘«™ we might stop there sometime when in that State‘«™ It is just a thought‘«™ I think Spirit would be real happy with a companion as also I would. Can you see two Pits riding down the road with helmets and Doggles on? Too much?
    Anyhow‘«™ enjoy the rest of the pictures‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit our website and Blog‘«™

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    Wonderful updates and images, Chef.

    All the best to you and Spirit in '08!

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Thanks Tessler... it will be a good year...

    St Simon Island‘«™ GA

    When we decided to meet (mother and I) in this area called the Golden Isles, GA, my thought were of small villages by the water, quaint and quiet‘«™ Comparatively we love Tybee now as we had a chance to visit St Simon Island (south) and also Spirit and I took a ride yesterday about 100 miles north of here. All are full blown cities with major traffic tie ups, 4 lane highways and the back roads which I found just a few are now rare.
    The beaches are still quiet once into a State Park, it has been overwhelming besides those area.
    I know that this is going to be a trend as it has also been these past months. Checking on what use to be free BLM (Bureau Land Management) camping near Moab, Utah, I am already discovering that they have become also rare as they are now charging $10 a night and limiting the stay to 14 days. Luckily we do have some info on remaining free camping on which we will establish camp very soon.
    Enjoy the ‘«£tour‘«ō‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Hunting Island State Park, SC

    It is a fine Park well worth visiting with a beautiful Lighthouse and beaches, so serene and peaceful, specially off season. A day trip from Tybee Island, it was just Spirit and I and the camera. Found a great BBQ joint in Bluffton where actually they took care of ‘«£us‘«ō real well thinking maybe we had not eaten in days! Maybe my diet is working‘«™ not on that day though after a couple pounds of food!!!
    They also have a campground for $28 a night‘«™ I am always wondering why these prices are soaring like mad as if the cost of fuel to get from point A to point B was not enough! One reason for always look for BLM land or National Forest as long as it is safe and free‘«™
    Enjoy the shots‘«™ Savannah again and Charleston are next on the agenda.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    An afternoon in Savannah, GA

    We keep going back to Savannah, after all, when was the last time we have witnessed a city built in 1773!‘«™ Quite a few moons ago. Busy on the weekend, much nicer during the week and much easier to find any kind of parking space. Our stay on the coast here is nearing the end, we are still planning to sightsee Charleston tomorrow as the weather has been awesome. It should be a nice ride with Spirit.
    Sometimes I have a lack of words to express why we are on the road on this Journey, seems somehow that the images are a bit clearer now and that is the content of today‘«÷s Blog.
    You be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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