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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Christmas Art Show, Texas

    They really both did... and so the teachers also!!!

    The Christmas Art Show, Texas

    Well, it was not all that bad after all. Sold about 2/3rd of the 75 Art Cards had had prepared, mostly local scenes, and a few bags of the Spirited Doggie Treats. Learned a couple lessons of course! Never set up outside on fine dirt in windy condition even if I am told to do so‘«™ because obviously the locals had reserved, most likely a year in advance the best indoor spots!
    It was nice to talk about our Journey to the curious ones, watch the expression of the on lookers stopping to glance at the table I had set up, listening to the local talented musicians and of course eat some excellent home made tamales‘«™
    Sunny today, but cold‘«™ 27 degrees this morning and the heaters are still going full blast!
    Enjoy the Blog!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Last call for Terlingua, Texas

    Last call for Terlingua, Texas

    The Chisos did not hold back their last curtain call on our departure from Terlingua. It was not a spectacle to miss or will forget soon. Could the word ‘«£WOW‘«ō say it all?
    350 miles or so to the east we have already covered, primitive camping near Del Rio, right on the water in the Amistad National Park. Back to the basics, no running electricity or water. There is a sense of dependence on ones self living as is, and I like it. We are only a few miles from Acuna in Mexico, and as a Blog reader, Mary Jo also traveling with her Pit Bull is camping near by, we will join forces and go to town to explore a bit of the local colors.
    I could not help myself writing a few more thoughts about the Christmas Art Show‘«™ it seems like I say it the way it is on the Blog.

    Till next time, you all be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    In Acuna, Mexico

    In Acuna, Mexico

    All yesterday‘«÷s pictures while in Acuna, Mexico, have this grey cast, a blanket that would not lift itself off. Today in contrast the weather has heated up, the skies are bright and blue and we are wearing short sleeve T shirts! Acuna is only a few miles from here and will need to experience one more time, with Spirit also‘«™ as I left him behind in camp alone for a few hours. I missed him and at the same time my cautious mind was glad to have the experience alone and judge later how we would do together back again. I remember being in Germany visiting my mother where dogs where allowed everywhere, even in Restaurants! Now that would be a great world to live in, it would actually be so incredibly nice. But, not being the case we do what we can with what we are given.
    A nice day it was, hope the Blog transports you there even if it just for a little while.
    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Great pictures and posts, thanks for sharing your adventure with us! I find your travels inspiring and a bit............I don't know, challenging, like I should, at some point take a similar journey.

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    More of Acuna, Mexico, and some Pies...

    That is really funny!!!... It is a choice... a different lifestyle... we like it!!!

    More of Acuna, Mexico and some Pies‘«™

    What an irony that on this incredibly sunny day the wind kept us inside! One of those where I had to reset the Internet Dish 3 times and add some tie downs for fear of it to blow away. We were also told to stay close as Law Enforcement was looking for 3 smugglers on foot‘«™ and wet after bailing out of their boat when caught by the Border Patrol‘«™ How exciting and‘«™ relaxing day before the Holiday creeping up on us. We went to the incredible ‘«£Whitehead Museum‘«ō here yesterday in Del Rio, I don‘«÷t think very well known, but definitely not to miss, so I had many pictures to go through for the next Blog. I am also getting ready to make Spirit‘«÷s Christmas present‘«™ you will see it soon!
    Reorganizing some cabinets‘«™ you know‘«™ all that boring stuff that needs to get done eventually.
    Today‘«÷s Blog is the rest of our visit in Acuna and also a couple Pies that I made which I hope you will try to duplicate. Always feel free to send me your questions‘«™ love to help!
    Till next time, you all be well and hope that you and your family are ready to celebrate.

    Ara & Spirit

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    Happy Holidays from the road, 2007

    Happy Holidays from the Road, 2007

    It is all quiet now, one camper, I can barely see them either, and that is about all for this whole area! Many ducks on the water, but they just don‘«÷t know what day it is.
    Spirit‘«÷s present is ready‘«™ a huge‘«™ but you will have to wait for the pictures!
    Even the Internet is quiet, amazing how one can feel it being here remote from it all.
    I think tomorrow we will go back and spend Christmas Day in Acuna. I have no idea if the vendors will be out on the streets, if the celebration will be present, as if it is, should be very colorful and joyful. I do know ‘«£Feliz Navidad‘«ō and we will get along just fine‘«™
    In the meantime, some pictures of the ‘«£Whitehead Museum‘«ō and Happy Holidays to you all‘«™ friends, readers, everyone we have been in touch with at some point or another and everyone we will be in touch with!
    Our Best Wishes to you all‘«™ as always.

    Ara & Spirit

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    How was your Christmas? Tx

    How was your Christmas? TX

    We have started to move on today, and besides the border towns in Mexico, hopefully will see Piedras Negras tomorrow, the area does not excite us. We feel back into civilization, and for that reason I think we will take a bit of a Northern route to head East. Maybe Garner State Park‘«™ and then on Galveston State Park‘«™ Louisiana‘«™
    We had a fun day yesterday, specially with Spirit‘«÷s Christmas present‘«™ He did not quite know what to make of it first, but, as the official tester of the ‘«£Spirited Doggie Treats‘«ō, he gets an A+ for approving the new Peanut Butter flavor!!!
    The heater is fixed‘«™ a little gizmo the size of a button was fried‘«™ all is well.
    Lets see where we land tomorrow! Tonight is Eagles Pass‘«™
    You be well‘«™ and thank you for all the Best Wishes you have send us‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    Piedras Negras, MX

    Piedras Negras, Mx

    As usual we have not kept our word regarding the taken route and are now parked in Luling, Texas. Slowly going East‘«™ confronting civilization, loosing ground on the open spaces‘«™ deserts‘«™ canyons.
    We are visiting a friend, Donna, who is also a motorcyclist. This is the start of her own Journey and it has been interesting to watch how others handle the many daily situations that arise.
    She researches everything much more than I do. In less than 24 hours I have already found out about ‘«£things‘«ō I did not know‘«™ I have a simpler approach to it all‘«™ there is no right or wrong as long as we all remain safe on our path.
    A short visit to Piedras Negras on the Blog‘«™ wishing I had some of those Tacos today again for breakfast! I will need to start making my own‘«™
    San Antonio is near by‘«™ we have been thinking about seeing the lights at the River Walk at night, would be for a cold ride back but we both have heated gear.
    Enjoy the pictures‘«™ lots of them today!!!
    You be well‘«™ as always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    A bit of San Antonio, Tx

    A bit of San Antonio, Tx

    Another last day of the Year! Our second New Year on the road, in Texas as the last one! Quiet here, but no so quiet when we went to San Antonio for the afternoon with a friend of ours, Donna.
    No picture taking allowed inside the Alamo, have no clue as to why‘«™ yet. Still, it was interesting and so was the River Walk packed with tourists‘«™ night and day situation considering the time we have spend in the Desert. The rehabilitation is hard, I will not hide that fact, on the both of us.
    You all have a Happy New Year, wishing you a prosperous and healthy one to come, many more actually‘«™ It is always a good time to figure out where we are going and how we are getting there, maybe there is a better way‘«™ a better path?
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™ the last one this year!

    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    And a Happy New Year, Tx

    And a Happy New Year‘«™ Tx

    Just Spirit and I celebrating, what better company. He was actually asleep by the time midnight rolled on‘«™ food, play, sleep and keeping an eye, most of the time both, on me, are his fulfillments in life. Don‘«÷t we wish sometimes‘«™
    28 degrees this morning, nice and warm and cozy‘«™ just relaxing in the Texas countryside before moving on to Louisiana soon, I don‘«÷t really know how soon! I know that we are 400 miles from Baton Rouge and then on another 550 miles to Atlanta‘«™ I have already checked out the mileage back to Moab, 1700 miles! With the price of fuel this might be our last chance on the East Coast for a while.
    I hope that you all had a great New Year‘«÷s Eve. Downtown San Antonio was truly a fun place to be for that evening, specially around the Alamo with the lighted Carriages and also by the River Walk, the actual festivities with bands and much crowd was happening a couple blocks away.
    Wishing you all a great prosperous and healthy 2008...
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Who said BBQ? Tx

    Who said BBQ? Texas

    Our last day here in Luling before moving on to Booth (southwest of Houston) tomorrow for a few days. We are having a get together on Sunday‘«™ come and join us‘«™ Let us know as we will be also cooking‘«™ bring your dog‘«™ you bike‘«™ your car‘«™ Carl and Collete are the hosts and it has been real nice for them to put this together.
    ‘«£WE‘«ō discovered real Texas BBQ yesterday‘«™ I am so tempted to go back today for some more of those ribs! I get the meat‘«™ Spirit gets the bones! It was quite a kitchen with smoked walls, a real hard hat area. I forgot who recommended the place, City Market, but ‘«£thank you‘«ō‘«™ my Dr will love you too‘«™
    A few more pictures of our New Year‘«÷s Eve outing in San Antonio‘«™ and that fills the Blog today!
    Till next time, from Houston‘«™ you all be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    A gathering in Booth, Texas

    A gathering in Booth, Tx

    It was a fine day, with fine people and‘«™ I think fine food‘«™ some days are like that! Just fine!!! The weather cooperated, the spirits where jovial and even though some did not show up‘«™ excuses‘«™ excuses‘«™ it was a good turn out.
    Tying up some loose ends these coming days, tires, presriptions, going over the route planning, you name it! Highway 10 might be our only option to Louisiana‘«™ hard to believe that we are actually leaving the State of Texas!
    Spirit has been having a blast being off the leash these past couple days, his eyes, leash or not, fixated on me, he does not leave my sight‘«™ finally it is happening as it did to my previous dogs‘«™ love and patience, that is all it takes. I know what some of you are thinking‘«™ I will add that the leash will be back on as we leave here.
    Till next time‘«™ you all be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    Spirit... the Clown, Tx

    Spirit‘«™ the Clown! Tx

    Pits have an incredible amount of energy to spend everyday, being here has proved it. They are Clowns that love the attention while running‘«™ falling‘«™ faking moves‘«™ Spirit puts up a daily show for us. We will miss this place, him as much as myself, as we will leave tomorrow very early trying to avoid Houston‘«÷s traffic on our way to Baton Rouge, Mississippi and finally Atlanta where we should arrive by next Thursday‘«™ Schedule! Something foreign for us‘«™ we are trying to stay on top of it.
    Internet problems have finally been fixed, suck lack of knowledge by Alltel sales people have really made this an expensive repair as damage was done‘«™ we never stop learning!
    Till next time on the road, you be well‘«™ more on the Blog.

    Ara & Spirit

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    Spirit is looking quite royal in his purple coat!
    Gail Hatch
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    Still reading and following your trip. All the best in 08.

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