Passing up 1001 photos... AZ/TX/NM

I feel as the wind blowing us through this Hurricane which arrived these past days totally unannounced.

Just as we were getting ready to ?go up? Bighorn Mountains, while stopped in Lovell, one phone call changed the path. We must drop South as Crusty is now just a memory with a new Home and ?Old Faithful?, after an oil/filter, fuel filter and battery changes is again on the road purring.

Never thought I would miss her so much. She is not just a machine, she is the third member on this Journey which is slowly trying to resume.

South through Salt Lake City, Tucson, on to ?The Oasis? for 3 days and now on our way to hopefully sit in Valley of the Gods, Muley Point and surrounding areas till the snow kicks us out. I feel as I have ran a Marathon these past four months and this is the first time while visiting some Friends in New Mexico I am catching up on a physical and mental rest. ?Make yourself at Home? they told me as the last time we were here.
Words worth a lot to us, more than they can imagine. True Friends are rare... These are.

Many miles these past days on the Journal.

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit

7th Year, the Stars, living under them?