Flavors and Healings from this ‘«£Space‘«ō. TX

Musical winds lately in Terlingua. Not even much time to ride. Amazingly this little town is buzzing non stop. What a change from 5 years ago when we first set foot [wheel?] in this space. From Classical to a Play to all gathered at The Porch or at The Farmer's Market and everything else in between including a huge off road bicycle gathering in Lajitas. I took it all in, we keep the riding for during the week now and even then such incredible talent is popping in from Austin, Dallas and further. Mild winter being, everyone is happy, smiling and feeling good. It is a ‘«£win win‘«ō situation being here within these times. I caught some on videos, some in Photos, the videos will be around as long as we have such as now a good Internet connection. As we leave here mid April the rendering of them will be much harder and not as frequent. So I take advantage of it right now enjoying myself watching over and over some that have really moved me.
Till next time, enjoy.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

7ht Year, the Stars, living under them‘«™

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