‘«£Lost‘«ō in Big Bend Park, Texas.

The ability with ‘«£Crusty's‘«ō two wheel drive and reverse is keeping us away from this ‘«£Internet‘«ō aspect on roads and campsites which we have not been able to reach before. ‘«£Big Bend‘«ō has changed into a new World for us. Here we are though now, out for a few days having put some photos together, a couple videos, a couple new entries into our Journal, these Chapters which maybe some day will form themselves into a thick Book!
The latest days were passed on ‘«£Old Ore Rd‘«ō witnessing the magical changes of a stage so present, from clear blue skies to storms, from hot to cold and all in between and windy curtain calls. It is what we do best at times having to come out for water and provisions, a bit of fuel and then on right back into the silence and quiet that have surrounded us lately.
We live in such a beautiful Country which never cease to amaze me. There are no Urban ruffles where we go, it is always Spirit and I and the sights as they were centuries ago.
Enjoy, much more to discover.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

7th Year, the Stars, living under them‘«™