Lake City, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Salida and now Colorado Springs. CO.

The heat wave is following us or is it we are falling into it's heated arms? 100 +/- in Colorado Springs were we have stopped for a few days catching up on mail and errands. I feel as they should have a Weather Map for the Country indicating any regions under 70 degrees daytime. Not wanting to be stuck on a Peak we will probably soon move on North, a couple more days here it will be.
In the meantime we did spend a few days around Lake City and on down to Blue Mesa Reservoir and Salida to replace a passed away ‘«£will join the pile of dead electronics somewhere on Earth‘«ō smart phone.
I don't know why I seem to have lost a bit of stability. Maybe just have not found yet this space which will talk back to us and invite us to remain a bit longer than we have lately.
‘«£Father's Day‘«ō has not helped neither these past days. Seemingly, the better the memories, the harder present times are.
I feel as we need a fresh start. Summertime and the roads await, we will find those empty spaces appealing to the senses. They are there and as before, they will be ‘«£here‘«ō. A couple entries: ‘«£Postcards from Colorado‘«ō and ‘«£Salida. CO‘«ō.

Be well,

Ara and Spirit.