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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    Strings attached or not?... Texas.

    No week is ever alike, and neither not a single day or hour or minute for that matter as forward is always the constant motion, the non changeable common denominator of our Lives. The ones of 2011 somehow are passing by me as a fast forward reel, every frame inducing such mixed emotions and yet, encompassing past Health issues, mechanical ones, here we are... all well, only missing to hear that 12th ring of the clock with my so much missed Lance. It stuns me always. The motion thought of how did this all happen? A mystery I try to not rebel against anymore, the always ‘«£bitter-sweet‘«ō thoughts. ‘«£My ‘«£Gratitude‘«ō emerges as learned these past Years. It is a must as to not sink in into a space where I was on the first curves of this Journey of ours. I have so many to ‘«£Thank‘«ō for. Spirit ‘«£my shadow‘«ō and the extension of my being here ‘«£now‘«ō, my many Friends and their incredible support always myself hoping I am worthy of their embrace, Mother Nature having been kind to us even on her days of dark and cold and somber days. Our complete surrounding as it is always ‘«£what it is‘«ō I bow to with much acceptance.

    This past week has been cooking a private dinner mixed with a slide show and some videos played, some of our experiences, spaces we have lived on. It has been rewarding. So much so I would love to offer more of those and share as such with others throughout the Country we criss cross. It has been a Doctor's visit finally and much medicine to get over this non sense of a bronchitis. Letters from another Traveler questioning his own Journey and my replies... Never a dull moment.
    Wishing you all the Best and Happy and Healthy upcoming new 2012 Year...
    Be well, always.

    Ara and Spirit

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    1,895 or so Days later, my 700th Journal entry. TX

    All is a bit overwhelming when I think of so many taking a week off or maybe two, barely enough time to taste what the Road offers. It is overwhelming to feel as we have just left and yet such time has passed on. It does not seem time means anything anymore, only the "moment" does, "now".
    A huge Gift came our way a couple days ago in the form of an incredible time while riding Big Bend National Park. That's Texas. I knew the moments leading to Sunset were going to be spectacular. Cloud formations of all shapes and colors played incessantly in turmoil and at times calm as on cue for each minute passed. ‘«£Sotol Look Out‘«ō was were I wanted us to be when those final moments took place, when finally through myriads of hues of reds and crimson and magentas and so much more splashed against the skies background.
    One of those Days again which will remain forever in the pages of my own memory and one I share here and on the Journal with the photos taken, and a video.

    The game of repacking has already started. Not a strange fact that we are going West instead of East, again! And who knows truly which direction we will go. Nothing written in stone till we pull out. Whatever feels good and right, that is the key encompassing the quality of the moment and not quite as much the destination or it's quantity.

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    We will be escaping the January Blues... TX

    I am writing these lines already from Las Cruces, New Mexico, where parked for a couple nights at some Dear Friends Home going over some maps of the State and... eating good food! Spirit is playing with Luca, Guy and Jones! You have never seen four dogs as such having the time of their lives. ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō is behind us. Took a while to pack as we are trailering ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō with ‘«£Sherpa‘«ō, a new set of logistics, a bit odd for us, strange and yet comfortable for these winter times as expecting to hit some snow and bad weather. It sure was nice yesterday morning to drive away in freezing temperatures with the heater on and some tunes carrying us away toward this destination. The last days in Texas where spend with much mechanical preparations, new tire, oil change, this and that while going over the machines that will carry us these coming couple months till we return for even more mechanical aspects on ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō early April, changing the rear main engine seal before the oil sippage reaches the clutch! Before it turns into a leak.
    Very exciting times, it was a must to get away from the too much comfort those few acres left behind where providing us, it is a mental must to experience new spaces as we are going to...
    The Journal says it all.

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    From the ‘«£Three Rivers Petroglyphs‘«ō site... NM

    I think I have seen this Photo in a Magazine. Something about it I like. This whole area is to be liked, this above included within the White Dunes National Monument where we spend the whole day going around and around awaiting an incredible Sunset as the clouds filled the skies to no end. Not quite cold yet, the nights are and wondering how far North we will push. Slowly getting into getting use to such temperatures as I know we have seen nothing dramatic yet. Maybe a mild winter it will be. New Mexico! I always wonder when in a new space why we have never been here? Time and the fashion we travel or more likely live on the road with no schedule and limitations, the days passing by, decisions taken only when a fork is present. Luck again was on our side discovering this isolated BLM Campground only yards away from over 20,000 Petroglyphs and a dirt road into the Sacramento Mountains. We will be here for a while, ‘«£a while‘«ō having no definition for us...
    Enjoy the centuries old ‘«£tablets‘«ō as I have been calling them. I think they are the original I-Pads!

    Be well... Always.
    Ara and Spirit

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    ‘«£Gotta' Keep Movin' on‘«ō . NM

    Camping at ‘«£Three Rivers‘«ō, New Mexico, has only been the tip of the iceberg. This great gifted State we have never quite explored before however is still in it's cold state of mind with shorter days increasing the logistical difficulties. Maybe not difficulties, only the discipline getting back to camp for some dinner cooking, feeding Spirit before darkness prevails. Ah! Just short days...
    Besides the many branched out unpaved roads present, a single area with over 20,000 Petroglyphs, a little Church at the bottom of the adjacent Mountains where we spend the day on Lance's Eight year passing away Anniversary, one of the main highlights has been the White Sands Dunes National Monuments. Wishing we could have stayed there for days even if the winds sandblasted us and yet having enough reprise to take some photos of the area on a day so lucky with the skies filled with clouds.
    A couple entries, has been quiet times, painful on January 26th, another year ahead of us to confront and stay strong. Thank you for your support...

    Be well... Always.
    Ara and Spirit

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    Fort Stanton. Ghost Town. NM.

    It seems as throughout our wanderings, there is always a harsher reality when the Human element has come into play with the space we are planted on. Such was the case while in Fort Stanton, New Mexico. It was as instantly Mother Nature gave away what could have just been rolling hills and a landscape so inviting while on the way. Buildings after buildings, now unoccupied, vestiges of past History, only the winds of a different pitch were the sounds of what was once filled with voices of Human presence. I read the words and pages of such History and can only find an unfairness of past acts, I know of a touchy subject, maybe taboo for most, and yet without personally much comprehension on how such greed has lead to such times. ‘«£Riding‘«ō, ‘«£The Road‘«ō... all are such incredible sources of constant thoughts, it is when they enter the mind and the thinking goes on and on, so much so I can only pull over to write them down with always the fear I will forget, or better often dictate as the memory can linger and loose them, loose the correlation between my own present time and those words making their way, jumping in some sort expressing their own reality. Yes, Fort Stanton is worth the visit. You can read about how it made me feel, maybe your own take will be different.
    Be well... Always.
    Ara and Spirit

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    Mystified in Death Valley, NV.

    This time around we are here for about a month as already a week has passed. Fast it goes within this incredibly immense stage. Stage which is also the death of any kind of Internet connection, it is Nature and us and some unseasonably warm weather. Some nice clouds here and there, sunrises ans sunsets always a treat while cooking dinner in the open air, nothing like it. Yet, the space has been a bit intimidating. As I see groups riding, driving, I feel as being by ourselves a bit more caution is a must around here. Point A to point B is always a lot of miles and even though we have a SPOT and a SAT phone with the local numbers (911 from a SAT phone goes to New Jersey!) and it has taken me a bit to absorb what this area is all about. A winter in Death Valley! Thinking snow and cold as our previous short trips here, instead mid seventies every day... Good Karma!
    Enjoy the Photos...
    There will be more as we are able to connect.

    Be well... Ara and Spirit

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    Lost in Death Valley. NV

    3 millions of acres this time around with incredible weather which does not cease to amaze me. Pass up the ‘«£tourist‘«ō traps, the paved roads and what is left are miles of unpaved paths, most with more washboard I have ever felt. Yet the worth is present when we can spend nights and days without hearing anyone present. As long as we have water! Death Valley started very intimidating, mainly because we are by ourselves, even equipped with a SAT phone and a SPOT it would not be a scenario of substance to break down. Most I come across are in groups, a wise aspect. I did see my share of it with others and their flat tires, so far we have done well and moving on smartly. A couple more weeks probably before we have to head back to Texas, ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō is being technically overhauled. I cannot think about it yet, I am falling in Love with Death Valley and finding ways to survive camping free, shower free, a bit of wifi and cell service here and there and that is it. More on the Journal...

    Be well, Ara and Spirit. The Journal The Photos The Recipes T Shirts and more

    5 years, the Stars, living under them‘«™

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    Imperfect Perfection. Death Valley. CA

    If nothing else we have joined the mile marker "Tea Kettle" en route for the "Racetrack". Yet, there is much more when one has the chance to spend camping a few nights in that desolate space. It feels "way out there" and it is. No light pollution, a few tourists throughout the day a couple miles away, coming in and getting out as fast as they did. Sometimes I don't know why they bother, some not even removing their helmets or a quick window down and up, quick photo and back to where they came from. Mystery.
    Spirit had a blast on the Playa which reminded me a bit of the "salt flats" only smaller. One on one, closer we have become. There is a promised certitude of not leaving such a space being the same person inside out. Changes happen as it has happened. It has been a space like no other I must say leaving me to often speechless throughout the time spend.
    The "Racetrack" will become as "Valley of the Gods" have, most likely a once a year pilgrimage.
    More photos on the Journal...

    Be well, Ara and Spirit.

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    One Bad Day for all the Good Days. DV. CA.

    Just stepped out of the Park heading South East through Mojave National Preserve. I could not find any room in my heart to go back through Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson.. It is a bit bitter~sweet today leaving. Leaving while discovering more spaces we could be camping on while the entity of this enormous Park finally has turned into Friendliness. ‘«£Warm Springs‘«ō Rd off ‘«£West Side Rd‘«ō, ‘«£Hole in the Wall‘«ō, ‘«£Echo Canyon‘«ō, ‘«£Skidoo‘«ō, ‘«£The Racetrack‘«ō, ‘«£Marble Canyon‘«ō... and the names could go on and on. One bad day in exchange for all the good days while being here, it happens everywhere, mental downfall as much as physical when such a storm as in the recent past days takes place. ‘«£Death Valley‘«ō has now taken a different form in my mind, it has become a bit more familiar and yet, demanding a respect due for every moment spend.
    It has been quite an experience, another landmark we will come back to no doubt.
    More Photos on the Journal and a quote from ‘«£Spirit‘«ō

    Be well, always.

    Ara and Spirit

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    I need a ‘«£wake up‘«ō call. Texas.

    ‘«£Death Valley‘«ō is behind us, physically only, my Soul has yet to leave ‘«£Warm Springs‘«ō Rd, the hills off ‘«£Skidoo‘«ō Rd and the few others we were lost on. Since exchanging thoughts with others having also experienced ‘«£Death Valley‘«ō I have been pleased to know that I have not been the only one a bit ‘«£intimidated‘«ō by such vastness. It has a been what I call a ‘«£Life changing experience‘«ō. It has reinforced how strongly is the need for ‘«£getting lost‘«ō, how fully such isolation avoiding the ‘«£tourist traps‘«ō can keep us afloat days on end. We are now back at ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō where the skies on the first night welcomed us as never before with a Sunset of epic proportion. The photo above is only one of them, all taken within less than a two hour span. We did drop south through Mojave National Preserve, finding more primitive camping by the Kelso Dunes, and then on ‘«£Belle‘«ō campground in Joshua National Park, this time around a bit quick for our taste but we needed to get back here and apply myself to some logistical issues. A few days, some serious maintenance and on again...

    Be well, always.

    Ara and Spirit

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    Always "rediscovering" myself... Texas.

    The route back from Death Valley took us through Mojave and Joshua Tree. We just could not make it a straight line to "The Oasis", this space awaiting for us "again", right now a bit hotter than what we would like to be, yet, with not much of a choice considering "Old Faithful" will be soon in a few days going through some major overhauling. Patience. Death Valley was as kicking us out or sucking us right back in. A ride report! It is never a physical ride report. The stages we are on play too much of their own feelings toward my senses, my Soul, my mind... It has become endless, it has become my own "World" as I discovered for the first time not long ago, just a few days past, it is "OK" to be in our own "World". It is fine even if so not agreable by many for the only reason of it being so different with the lack of switches and a comfort seeked. The "comfort" is within, the dimmers have too often a mind of their own moved around by so many tangents I can only be ahead of them all or too often behind.
    So we are here, Spirit with his own freedom to run around as the forever Clown he is and myself these first days being lazy as never before! The word "summer" is sharpening daily. Where will we be? How far can our fuel loosing it's value will take us? Are we going to give in? We cannot. Colorado sounds enticing. The back roads of the many Forest service trails will see us parked and enjoying the coolness of such summer.
    In the meantime we are also getting ready for a sharing of the Journey in Albuquerque on April 11th at Sandia BMW Motorcycle Dealer. How to share the so many years within such a short time? A slide show, tid bits on how to move on as we do while writing, photography, meeting new Friends on the shoulders of the roads, the ones paved and unpaved, cooking, all positive aspects of this road taken... The same path will take us to Overland Expo on May 18~19~20ht in Flagstaff. There will be more... Sharing is what it is all about.

    Be well, always.

    Ara and Spirit

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    One Book, a "Milestone". Texas

    Standing still. We are. The triple digit on the heat index is not. "That" keeps jumping. We are just so much not used to any kind of heat. The kind that drains, takes away thoughts and any desire to accomplish anything of worth. A couple more days, "Old Faithful" will be taken apart, we will be headed North. Yet, everything happens seemingly for a reason as I seat here and read a Book that is enlightening me. Yes, it is about the struggle of Life when loosing someone Close and Dear. It is as the pages have been written for me, it is about the path we have taken, it is telling me of an approval as never heard or read before. It is liberating to know as such, that once a while back, my decision for these past years and today has been the right one as difficult it can at times be, as challenging the simple aspect of surviving on all aspects month after month can be.
    The Journey when we leave will take a turn, I can feel it and know it. So many spaces are awaiting, the ones not many have heard of, the ones one can blend in and be part of it's creation in contemplative aspects so too often ignored by many.
    In the meantime, here, evening storms have made for some photos depicting always the beauty of Big Bend Flats which might not be the proper name of this area, but that is what some of us call it. All this is about some rides in the neighborhood.

    Be well, always.

    Ara and Spirit

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    Heating up on ‘«£Big Bend Flats‘«ō. Texas

    I write a bit every day. It is part of my breathing it seems like. Breath out to allow breathing in. The heat index should have been proud of reaching the three digits for days on end while having us as a must to remain here. Of course now, this evening, a large storm moved in with much rain, wind and cold air. So my Journal is only true for the past days and not today. Does it really matter? It was then those days past a must to go on riding, hot or not, part of Life's Therapy to ride, a familiar loop to Terlingua, and on River Road to Presidio, Marfa, Alpine and back here. From ‘«£inside my helmet‘«ō I should often call the pages created. That is when it happens, the voices express themselves. An ‘«£Art Show‘«ō in Presidio lured us in. The most important aspect of the week however was ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō going, not under the knife, but the wrenches. New rear engine main seal, clutch and a variety of maintenance aspects which will allow us to once again get rolling. Was it my doing? Of course not. My ability does not go that far and my good fortune to have a Friend such as Paul in charge of it all, well, there are no words for my gratitude toward him as not only he is the best ‘«£mechanic‘«ō around, but also an incredible ‘«£Human Being‘«ō when truly experiencing the Man one on one for a few days. It is all done, finished, rolling... 3 days it took, 3 days of Spirit being unhappy seeing his car away and apart on one wheel! This body is a bit sore from pulling, lifting, aspects uncommon throughout our ‘«£regular‘«ō days. On to Albuquerque... should be a good ride.

    Be well, always.

    Ara and Spirit

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