Imperfect Perfection. Death Valley. CA

If nothing else we have joined the mile marker "Tea Kettle" en route for the "Racetrack". Yet, there is much more when one has the chance to spend camping a few nights in that desolate space. It feels "way out there" and it is. No light pollution, a few tourists throughout the day a couple miles away, coming in and getting out as fast as they did. Sometimes I don't know why they bother, some not even removing their helmets or a quick window down and up, quick photo and back to where they came from. Mystery.
Spirit had a blast on the Playa which reminded me a bit of the "salt flats" only smaller. One on one, closer we have become. There is a promised certitude of not leaving such a space being the same person inside out. Changes happen as it has happened. It has been a space like no other I must say leaving me to often speechless throughout the time spend.
The "Racetrack" will become as "Valley of the Gods" have, most likely a once a year pilgrimage.
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Be well, Ara and Spirit.