Strings attached or not?... Texas.

No week is ever alike, and neither not a single day or hour or minute for that matter as forward is always the constant motion, the non changeable common denominator of our Lives. The ones of 2011 somehow are passing by me as a fast forward reel, every frame inducing such mixed emotions and yet, encompassing past Health issues, mechanical ones, here we are... all well, only missing to hear that 12th ring of the clock with my so much missed Lance. It stuns me always. The motion thought of how did this all happen? A mystery I try to not rebel against anymore, the always ‘«£bitter-sweet‘«ō thoughts. ‘«£My ‘«£Gratitude‘«ō emerges as learned these past Years. It is a must as to not sink in into a space where I was on the first curves of this Journey of ours. I have so many to ‘«£Thank‘«ō for. Spirit ‘«£my shadow‘«ō and the extension of my being here ‘«£now‘«ō, my many Friends and their incredible support always myself hoping I am worthy of their embrace, Mother Nature having been kind to us even on her days of dark and cold and somber days. Our complete surrounding as it is always ‘«£what it is‘«ō I bow to with much acceptance.

This past week has been cooking a private dinner mixed with a slide show and some videos played, some of our experiences, spaces we have lived on. It has been rewarding. So much so I would love to offer more of those and share as such with others throughout the Country we criss cross. It has been a Doctor's visit finally and much medicine to get over this non sense of a bronchitis. Letters from another Traveler questioning his own Journey and my replies... Never a dull moment.
Wishing you all the Best and Happy and Healthy upcoming new 2012 Year...
Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit