‘«£Gratitude‘«ō and the ‘«£Alpine Art Walk‘«ō. TX

So much going on at the present time. Inward, outward. All at the right time throughout this ‘«£Thanksgiving‘«ō week. I stumbled on a great video which I posted on the Journal and as I hope you give it the 6 minutes it takes to watch it, you will realize how could I avoid sharing it with all. I watch it every morning when a connection is available. A reminder to stay grounded ‘«£now‘«ō and take in a present Life we should all be so thankful about. A far cry from times past in my Life on this path when the steps only took place in this dark tunnel with seemingly no light ever even flickering. All is now so much brighter. It all came about ahead of a fabulous weekend when the ‘«£Alpine Art Walk‘«ō was taking place which we attended both days. As always great Art displayed, smiling and friendly faces, and a parade of ‘«£Art Cars‘«ō entertaining more than ever. I also produced a video for that event and another one when the butterfly bicycles where riding around and around! You will just have to watch that one also. One more... a reminder that the ‘«£One-Pan Recipe‘«ō store is open. Would love to hear feedback, it is and always be work in progress... All this has not left much time for riding. Have to fill that void now as we will be taking off toward ‘«£Big Bend State Park‘«ō tomorrow morning. A quiet Thanksgiving we will have as soon as I find a patch of dirt to set up our tent for a few days. The weather? Perfection. Cannot ask for more.
Enjoy... we did.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit