I can think, on Muley Point. UT

Colorado bound, yet cool weather, quick thinking at the last chance, the last intersection I could make a left instead of a right and Muley Point, Utah, it was. A few cars at the first look out, no one at the last one, the one I call ‘«£The Point of the Point‘«ō. What a gift it has been, great temperatures, a nice wind blowing away, almost cold throughout the night and a few photos, Sunset, Sunrise, a new painting for every moment passed. It was a need more than anything else after a few days in Tucson and the heat almost intolerable. We ‘«£are‘«ō headed toward Colorado, the high altitudes, the passes we can ride, a space we can find where we will settle for a while. We have been moving around too much, there is balance I feel we have lost and the necessary steps are ahead to regain it. To start with the ability to think, as Muley Point has allowed me to do so. The hottest month of the year it is, it is for us the only solution to maintain composure on this path we are on, up and up. Enjoy the photos...
Be safe and well.
Peace, Love and Courage.

Ara & Spirit