There is a frenzy around here... TX

82 degrees today. Nights are still cool, of course... we are still in winter times, spring felt however when this warm sunshine hovers over us. It has been time for outdoors, cooking again over the fire, bread, whole roasted chicken and much more to come as my Friend Robin and her critters are coming down to visit us, it is after all Valentines Day soon.
For those wondering why I have chosen this Nomadic Life, specially as spring.summer.fall is around the corner and the roads far from us will call us, already have, a new Friend of mine, Becca Baker, has been published at StubbyDog with a very well written article about us, a tribute to Lance, the Journey and of course Spirit. This would be the first time someone does not for some editorial reasons twists the words concurred with me through an interview. I thought I would enter it in my Journal for everyone's benefit of understanding.
In the meantime it s a bit of cleaning around here, or maybe just shuffling the constant dust with live with from here to there...
Enjoy the article, I did.
Be safe and well.
Peace, Love and Courage.

Ara & Spirit