Yes, that is the demanding look! The give me "now" look... OK, so I give in!!!

This below is the "I am important" look... What a Life I have to lead... not easy.

We are ‘«£ONE‘«ō again... Wyoming

I can only wish for everyone to have a set of such brown eyes resting on them with such mutual content. I am not going to hide the fact that this separation was difficult. They talk about Dogs having separation anxiety? Humans do too, big time in my case. We have been together 24/7, a right shoe with a left shoe at all time. It is the eternal compromise situations arising when solutions have a price to pay. The good and the bad, as sometimes it carries on. Besides it all, now a flu caught who knows where, a bit tired, Spirit looking at me wondering why this voice has changed, and headed southbound, all is well. We got the food poisoning and the flu out of the way. We even set aside a whole day of photography without a card in the camera. What more can I do? I truly think it was a plot from Spirit to have some of his past photos in the Journal instead. It worked. He deserves to have them present. We are slowly headed south, dodging the Wyoming winds that could rip my head off if I let it, trying to stay ahead of the colder weather which is making it's appearance lately. I feel as summer is going into hiding, but truly these few days ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō has been calling, I can smell that pecan wood burning already and those magnificent sunsets and sunrises, much camping this winter in the vicinities including remote areas of Big Bend National and State Park, writing a Book.
Well, enjoy Spirit's few photos from the past, they have great memories.
Be well, always. Glad to be back and ‘«£thank you‘«ō for the welcome backs.

Ara & Spirit