One Year later, back in Ennis. MT.

I know always where we will ‘«£feel good‘«ō, mentally, physically, spaces when all the senses decide to co-habitate in Peace, resulting with a deep harmony between Mother Nature and myself... and Spirit. The area around Ennis, Montana, is one of them. It is one space photography can truly outdo words chained as an endless link. We have arrived and we are staying. Good Friends and good food also makes the huge difference, this is before we adventure ourselves on Gravelly Range Rd, the one I called last year ‘«£the road to nowhere‘«ō. Teri and Ron have been pure entertainment, I keep thinking only the camera for a reality show is missing. One has to be here in the middle of it all to understand. Not much else going on, just much relaxing, a bit of riding, dodging the heavy winds, some rain coming and going, cold and steamy hot in constant flip. It is nice to be settled a bit and catch a breath, catch up with past e mails, all that good stuff.
Till next time, be well. Always.

Ara & Spirit