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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    A bad start West. Lander.WY

    ‘«£Lander‘«ō I realize is an Island in the sky. All three passes, two westbound and one going east are nearing and one above 9000 feet. Mid June... we got caught in some fierce cold weather, rain, wind and finally snow. We got caught too late, unprepared, turned around, holed up in an expensive Motel room in Dubois to finally make it back to our Friends house back in Lander. Defeated. Normal they say for this time of the year, abnormal I say. Monday will be our window of opportunity to finally be able to make it out. A couple new waterproof bags, some good designed for chemicals rain gloves, the orange ones this time, we are beyond the looks of it all. In the meantime the waistline is taking advantage of the full kitchen here, the naps are longing into hours from just maybe some days a few minutes, Spirit cannot decide which part of the carpet he is going to occupy, in other words... we are just too comfy! It's all fine, we are not on a schedule, only tasting the beaches on the western coast awaiting for us.
    The photos for Dinosaur lovers are it on the Journal as we visited the ‘«£Wyoming Dinosaur Museum Center‘«ō while in Thermopolis a few days ago. Truly a must and spend a few hours if not learning their names, at least reading them wondering who came up with them.
    Till next time, you be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    Of a beautiful loneliness, Highway 50. Nevada

    It has been a long time coming. Highway 50. Over the past years I had been told of it's greatness, solitude, beauty and more as there is much more. It vastness is of an incredible spirituality and yet I only tasted it for a couple of days. The weather just did not cooperate, mainly the winds beat us up severely compounded with glacial cold, rain and even a few flurries of snow. But all is what it is meant to be giving me a taste of northern Nevada, a treasure discovered, a space we will go back to, no doubt for a lengthy stay.
    We are in Reno right now, visiting some good Friends probably till Sunday morning as tomorrow we have planned a ride to Pyramid Lake. We have been within way too much comfort lately considering we also stayed with some good Friends in Salt Lake City a few days ago and where treated to a great dinner and breakfast. Spirit is getting use to the nice home carpeting and lawns, I do however know he feels now more at home while we are camping.
    My time with Internet connections has diminished, sometimes not allowing me to come here, but since I write my Journal and download my Photos while off line, our Journal continues being posted often.
    Be well, always. See you on the road...Ara & Spirit

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    ‘«£On Guard‘«ō in California?

    We are on our ‘«£should be‘«ō last leg to this Beach on the California ‘«£Lost Coast‘«ō I have been so obsessed with. All is calmer today, mentally, physically, as the days leading to this past ‘«£Father's Day‘«ō have been filled with too much emotions within, surpassing often the beautiful scenery that rolled on past us through the valleys and peaks of California. We rested and caught up on what I always call ‘«£I don't know what‘«ō in the Valley, as suddenly the elevation is barely 200 feet coming down from the thousands of previous feet. It is getting hot during the days, muggy, I am hoping for cooler weather by the Coast and will probably hug it while going up to Oregon and Washington. Gone is the free camping we are so use to, hoping to always find a safe little corner for us in some desolate space, might be a hard task in this State which is eating at our wallet with no remorse.
    Till next time, be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    California Pacific, Mattole Beach. CA

    Summertime is definitely and logistically the other side of the coin throughout the year. Time escapes me specially when we sit on a beach like Matolle Rd south of Eureka. Either way a bad road leading to it, the southern approach being definitely the better and safer one. The prize is worth it, more, much more. Uncrowded, sometimes deserted, it is a space for thinking, meditating, hiking and pure relaxation. We did met a few good people also camping there, but mainly it has been being induced into a lazy state of mind while cooking, reading, photographing the ever changing face of this vast Ocean and writing to no end. Everything as far as gear goes has worked flawlessly including the new Hilleberg tent send to us, it is as a palace keeping us warm on the cool (even cold) nights and cool throughout the day when the sun is beating on us. We are off the beach right now for a couple days as I need to decide which way to go to near by Portland. Maybe even go back to the same beach for a few days after loading up on provisions again. Always a last minute decision.
    Enjoy and be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    Life on the Beach... CA

    Coffee never tasted so good in this dry vestibule of ours. Coos Bay till Monday, not much sense moving on during the Holidays to only find everything "reserved"!!! It is one aspect I miss, the free camping in the States we have come through. However being now officially a Senior Citizen, 50% off and free access after purchasing my $10 Lifetime Golden Age pass, well, it is a bargain. They will loose money on us.
    Today is Library day as it is once a week when the PC opens up. Spirit is laying down at my feet. He is now also officially an "Emotional Support" Service dog. How about that! Not to abuse the situation as he guards Old Faithful all to well, but as today the pressure of waiting for me is off. It is odd... can't wait to take him to Walmart.
    You can meet my Dear Friend/Webmaster Brian on the last entry of the Journal, he is the one that does it all having donated his time these past year with no fail.
    Till next time.
    Be well... Always.
    Happy Fourth... get out and enjoy.

    Ara & Spirit

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    Coos Bay. OR

    This is when everyone goes home and we come out of behind the ‘«£boulder‘«ō. Trees by the beach in this scenario for the past days. 4th of July however was a great ride, a great loop through Coquille to Roseburg and back west through 138 and 38. The roads were empty, no traffic, everyone busy with Parades in towns and BBQ's I could see and smell while passing through them. It has been windy, cold with only some rare times of warmth. The heat is inland and tomorrow we are finally leaving the coast for Oregon City and who knows ‘«£where‘«ō afterward. No plans, probably camp at the base of Mt Hood, somewhere hopefully remote as I was thinking today how crowded this area is. I have been reading ‘«£Desert Solitaire‘«ō by Edward Abby and I am slowly missing my ‘«£Desert‘«ō. There is none like it. His words keep transporting me and more and more I am missing it. The food has been good, great and fresh ingredients all around, so much so besides some fresh salmon I have not had any meat at all. That might change when I see a butcher, maybe in a small village on our way north. One more tire tomorrow (it seems as an endless task!) and we will be rolling... again.
    Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    A great loop... OR

    Of course I am in tune with the fact that we can travel at lightning speeds, even ourselves as slow as I like to move on. Right now, today, it is as we suddenly went through the wall in more ways than one. Yesterday was a great day, today I am trying my best to not much avail. We are in Oregon City amongst seemingly a million other vehicles and three digit temperatures. It is for a good cause to have ‘«£Old Faithful's‘«ō shocks serviced and be back again on the go Friday. It will then be decision time to head on south or go back west, north west, where the much cooler temperatures prevail with of course at this time of the year also much southerly winds. It is the same winds trying to keep on our tail which made me ride this loop I wrote about, a loop ending up to be one of the greatest rides, including smooth pavements, nicely curved path, scenery always outstanding, nothing short of some day riding it again. Spirit is recuperating, he is passed out, he is not doing so good anymore with the heat. It hit us like a hammer on the head, we are totally spoiled with cooler temperatures.
    Enjoy the ride...
    Be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    Perhaps some time in the redwood forests of Northern California? A kind of happy medium between sun and cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian408 View Post
    Perhaps some time in the redwood forests of Northern California? A kind of happy medium between sun and cool.
    We are trying! Much better here up at higher elevation... Cascades...

    The Romance of... Homeless on the Road. OR.

    There will be thousands of riders this week converging on Redmond, Oregon. It is the Annual BMW motorcycle riders get together on the fairgrounds, much activity, also for us many Friends we have met and more we have not met. They are coming from all over the Country, some will be here from even further. Everyone has a common denominator, the passion for being on a ‘«£motorcycle‘«ō, mostly two wheels, some as us, three wheels, some with trailers, some will trailer. I have that same passion, however Spirit and I fit in a different category, one I don't even know if there will be another member. We ‘«£live‘«ō on the road, we are ‘«£homeless‘«ō, it is a different ‘«£romance‘«ō. Not better, not worse, just different as 24/7 the elements dictate much of our doings. The logistics are different, sometimes easier, sometimes more difficult, there is no time element, there is really no destination, there is nothing and yet there is so much more. I sometimes think ‘«£what am I really doing?‘«ō living this way as both of us ‘«£gypsies‘«ō of the road. It is the only Lifestyle I can handle, I have known that since the day my decision was made. It turns out the ‘«£romance‘«ō of it all truly keeps us planted on this forever path with no exit sign.Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerchef View Post
    We are trying! Much better here up at higher elevation... Cascades...
    That works too!

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    My Little Big World... OR

    We found an incredible serene space around the shores of ‘«£Lost Lake‘«ō, a little treasure where no other souls have adventured in while there. A little slice of Paradise perched at 4000 feet, another 100 feet from the shore. We left however, left to be in the middle and surrounded by 6000 or so others and gazillion wheels and smoke and noise and heat, suffocating heat. We attended the BMW National Rally in Redmond, Oregon. We are back in the cool. I feel as in a week's time we experienced two different Worlds as they are. I have many ‘«£thanks‘«ō to send out to the so many that have been so kind to us and specially so kind to Spirit. He must have been petted a thousand times, and as myself loving to talk to and scratch other dogs, there were so many that asked to do so and give him water. We met many new faces I only knew, sometimes even forgot, the names. It was a good experience, a novelty, a different shoulder of this path we stopped on for those few days. It is now calm and quiet, it is we are both into a recuperating mode as my ears are still filled with what normally are all those foreign sounds. We will be heading to the coast very soon and north, probably to the Olympic Peninsula. Old Faithful received some long overdue maintenance, she is purring again, he struggle of her past couple weeks is over. The ‘«£Lost Lake‘«ō will remain a marker on my map.
    Be well... always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    Camping on the Oregon Coast

    Ying ~Yang it is! Campsites are full, they are by reservations, a bit pricey, however the beaches are beautiful, quiet and serene. We have been here for a few days, afraid to move as we would not find another spot before moving on to Enumclaw at Dauntless, the Manufacturer of the sidecar for some repair due. The mounts after all these miles are tired and a bit worn out. Lets see what kind of magic will be performed. The roads are all more picturesque even if the single lane ones remind me and after war zone with craters and all, again, there is always a certain price to pay. Leash laws are in effect everywhere but the beaches are the playground for Spirit the Clown, the Crazy Dog as I now so often call him. He loves it and yet he stays away from the salty waters. Today is Sunday, the crowds are thinning, I never realized so many desire a taste of the outdoors even if they think they still think they are indoors. The connections are far in between, a couple entries have been posted on the Journal and many photos to go along with them.
    Be well, always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    At idle in Enumclaw. WA.

    We arrived in the nick of time here at Dauntless, the sidecar manufacturer where ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō originated from. It has been 5 years, almost 4 of those full time she has taken a beating without much complain. There is no damage but would have been if we had waited another month, who knows, maybe another week. New bearings replacing rubber bushings, new support arm, new hydraulic lift for the car, more bearings, we should be pulling out of here on Friday morning. Probably spend a few days on the Olympic Peninsula before heading north and on then 20 East to drop south to Montana and Wyoming where we need to be around the 25th of August as I am flying from Denver on September 1st to Munich and spend a couple weeks with my Mother. Sounds busy suddenly. An unusual concept in our Journey. Strange concept also right now as camping on the second floor where we have been kindly given space in the upholstery sewing room. All is as usual except for the tent still in it's bag. The ride here was of a more than pleasant one as the weekend warrior by Monday where off the roads, roads at time foggy, at times sunny, the weather here constantly in an unstable mode.
    Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    If only I could talk. WA

    I might have a tongue too long to have the ability to talk, or to chew my food for that matter, but, I can write when my buddy is sick. That is why we are a team. ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō is better than new, I am cheerful but he is not and so this way is much better for now. I can write about my recent experiences, my riding as a passenger with more miles than most, even if some others get those silly mileage awards at some BMW Rally and I don't, considering that I am much smarter than some of them. I mean seriously, do these passengers even know what is happening around them when they can't even smell the glue and plastic their helmets are made off? Too busy hanging on to the strap of those small shiny cameras they keep pointing at their eyes or chatting in those microphone shaped like ‘«£things‘«ō in front of their mouth as if they were on a stage not able for some moments only enjoy the scenery. Whatever... right? My buddy and I, we don't need to talk when we ride, we understand each other and I sure can smell more stuff than 100 dogs in their own Lifetimes. I have the best Life there is traveling as we do, this time around the writing is mine, the photos are still his.
    Be well... as he says.

    Spirit and Ara

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    A long and windy road. MT

    There was no fork in the road that brought us here in Missoula. Only circumstances. It all started by ‘«£running away‘«ō from the Coastline. Not in the Geographical sense of it, the mental one. The crowds, the vibes of the overpopulated what was once serene landscape, maybe being sick unable to move around with a complete lucidity as the previous flow of our path in this Journey. No matter, it is now behind, but having to face a new logistical aspect with the fact that simply put my Visa card was hacked a couple days ago. This modern technology, this ‘«£key‘«ō of our daily allowance to move on is now broken and needs to be replaced, the phone calls tomorrow will be of plenty. We rode the Freeway, 90, all the way. It was actually a very nice road with very little traffic. We will ride it some more till be arrive in Ennis, Montana, where we will have to wait patiently for this matter to be re-keyed. I am looking forward to being back in familiar territory, with Friends such as Teri and Ron and Gravelly Range Road. And yet great news has lightened the load being Spirit is officially named ‘«£The AmabassaDog‘«ō for National Dog Day which will take place on August 26th. He will carry the Torch for the remainder of the year... Of course he is thrilled. So am I.

    Be well, always.

    Ara & Spirit

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