A bad start West. Lander.WY

‘«£Lander‘«ō I realize is an Island in the sky. All three passes, two westbound and one going east are nearing and one above 9000 feet. Mid June... we got caught in some fierce cold weather, rain, wind and finally snow. We got caught too late, unprepared, turned around, holed up in an expensive Motel room in Dubois to finally make it back to our Friends house back in Lander. Defeated. Normal they say for this time of the year, abnormal I say. Monday will be our window of opportunity to finally be able to make it out. A couple new waterproof bags, some good designed for chemicals rain gloves, the orange ones this time, we are beyond the looks of it all. In the meantime the waistline is taking advantage of the full kitchen here, the naps are longing into hours from just maybe some days a few minutes, Spirit cannot decide which part of the carpet he is going to occupy, in other words... we are just too comfy! It's all fine, we are not on a schedule, only tasting the beaches on the western coast awaiting for us.
The photos for Dinosaur lovers are it on the Journal as we visited the ‘«£Wyoming Dinosaur Museum Center‘«ō while in Thermopolis a few days ago. Truly a must and spend a few hours if not learning their names, at least reading them wondering who came up with them.
Till next time, you be well...
Ara & Spirit