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Once again, I find myself catching up over a cuppa. Enjoying this little slice of life in a place I've enjoyed visiting.

The balloon festival at VOG was a surprise. Who knew that in such a remote place, they'd launch balloons?
I did!!! every year, the last weekend of April... Nice folks.
Did you also know that NO DOGS are allowed at the BMW Nationals in the buildings, buildings where everything is taking place including the closing ceremonies... For once over ten years I had decided to go... I miss the days when Rallys where an outdoor event! And there was Spirit a few weeks ago with a VIP tag at Overland Expo! NO DOGS... Spirit is upset... and I will leave it at that!

The Music is landing in Moab, Utah

So busy lately as already camped out at the site of The Desert Rocks Music Festival. Devoting my time taking photographs of the set up as it is quite an undertaking from this group of welcoming volunteers. There is going to be some incredible Live Music for four nights, many here are Artists in many genres with their display of lights, musical montages all powered by roughly 8000 watts of solar panels. In the meantime we have not stopped hanging out in Moab (eating Pizza...) and taking advantage also of the good weather for some local rides. Even trying to render a video of us climbing Shaffer trail, this year not such a good road as all the dirt has washed away leaving rocks protruding and scraping ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō. The next leg of the Journey has already made it's mark in my mind. California Lost Coast with the Sierras in between, Oregon, Washington and who knows, might push ourselves into Canada. Will try for the obscure roads, the ones less traveled were pitching a tent is free and hidden...
Suggestions are very welcome...
Not much else is going on, we are almost considered locals now!
Be well, always.
Ara & Spirit