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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    Wonderful photos as usual! Always like "checking in" to see what is new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    Wonderful photos as usual! Always like "checking in" to see what is new.
    Thanks JD... never a dull moment you know...

    Six Years ago, today. TX

    The ride through our days can so much differ from time to time, from day to day. Quiet it has been lately, trying to get over the surgery which has hit me a bit harder than thought, quiet also has been reliving the day when Lance departed six years ago. He went on his own ride and yet he has never left me. He is daily part of my driving force on this Journey of ours, it is never only the motorcycle, the sidecar with Spirit's presence, a camera, Mother Nature, Friends and new experiences, it is ‘«£him‘«ō always by my side with a promise made I will not break. ‘«£I will go on‘«ō, that is the one. I use to be very angry just a few years ago, always felt as being targeted as the one having lost their only child, but today, on this Day, my Heart also goes for the many others that have lost their Loved ones and are also on the ride of their Lives. I spoke with a Friend near by yesterday, a very fanous photographer that has lost his own Son only a year ago, we so much understood each other as we called ourselves members of the ‘«£Tough Club‘«ō, not the ‘«£Elite Club‘«ō as I use to think. As yes, it is tough and as much support as I receive from others I try on this Day to also give back to the ones needing such support themselves.
    I should have run out of words throughout these times, but I do not as the steps climbed always present an expression of feelings unknown before.
    Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    A Canvas of so many Spaces. TX

    I often wonder throughout these present times if my words to myself makes any sense. Lets face it, the weather has yet to be conductive for farther destinations as ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō always provide us with the needed shelter, as even today, planning a few days toward ‘«£Chinati Hot Springs‘«ō, will be curtailed by a rainy forecast and heavy winds. So there is more thoughts that linger versus more miles taken. There are more local rides and more seeing familiar faces in the surrounding also familiar neighborhoods. As this past Saturday when stumbling on a free BBQ at the Ghost Town Park in Terlingua. Of course ‘«£free food‘«ō is always welcome, even better when it is good as this might have been the best brisket I have ever had, and the icing on the cake being the familiar faces which I already know we will not see as soon we will be moving on, the northern spaces awaits us. A bit of Music as there is always a Musician or two, or three that day for that matter, ready to entertain us and play their chords together, interesting conversations and some pondering while looking around at the many faces present. Listening to a happy traveler, also hearing another unhappy one, it was all part of the day while Spirit with his nose up into the wind could only wish some of that brisket would find it's way toward him! The years I notice are going by as I looked at the cast present. Some are a bit slower then past times, some are a bit more thoughtful then past years, it is always the present reality that makes up this Space we are in ourselves and makes it so interesting.
    More black and whites... I found them being more suited for the occasion.
    Be well... always, Ara & Spirit

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    Much to be ‘«£Thankful‘«ō for. TX

    ‘«£They say‘«ō it has been the coldest winter, it has been the wettest January in these past 25 years and I can attest to it. Which means next winter will be real nice? The rain came down in buckets and suddenly like magic the skies opened up, we ran outside, photos, splashin in the mud, even Spirit who does not care much for water (as he was abused with a fire hydrant) was just like a kid running and jumping. We could have paddled for sure that day... Maybe next time a surfboard for him pulled by Old Faithful. We did manage to get out the next day and run up to ‘«£Sotol Look Out‘«ō in the Park, it is my point of meditation, it is my getaway from our getaway, the ultimate breathing station.
    I am starting to again feel human for the first time this morning. Maybe those chemicals from the 3 hour of anesthesia are finally dissipating. All I can say is that it feels good. Bright sunny day, will probably be in the low seventies, the winds are predicted all the way up to 20mph, probably more. I will take that over much of the past weather we have had.
    I took the opportunity this time around to ‘«£thank much‘«ō everyone that has helped us through thick and thin in more ways than one including all our sponsors as I started writing about them having not realized they were quite a few landing a hand in products and otherwise that keeps us going.
    Till next time... Be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    looks like good stuff. be safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by criminaldesign View Post
    looks like good stuff. be safe.
    We try.... Thanks...

    A ride through the Ghost Town of Shafter. TX

    It all started with a such different thought. Camping at the Hot Springs in Chinati, but we end up riding the paved loop through Marfa, down to Presidio and back to Terlingua on River Road, one of my favorite. A tire needing changing wanting to keep off too many miles of rocky terrains, much on my mind filled with thoughts, thoughts written into my Journal yesterday, we yet have to make it to those Hot Springs. Shafter, the Old Ghost Town was the highlight, besides a couple slices of the great ‘«£white pizza‘«ō from the ‘«£Pizza Connection‘«ō in Marfa.
    Not many changes in Shafter, of course not, the changes happened years ago. Much information is on the Internet, one site even has some good old Texas Music. There is always however something new to see and experience, some new photos, old is always as new everytime if and when we return to a past space.
    It is going to be one more round trip to Midland this week, the last one. Finally. Then on to another Dentist in Valentine. It is that time to get reorganized. It is as always that trigger happy time on the horizon that will see us leave for new destinations, and as usual missing ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō as soon as we leave. I yet have to figure that one out.
    Not much else is new, a couple nice days and now bracing ourselves again for more cold temperatures, they are even talking about some snow. It has been the coldest and rainiest winter here in 25 years the local Ranchers are saying. Sure builds up some character and yet, we have nothing to complain about when I look at the Northern weather maps!
    Be well... always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    Just another back road... TX

    With much preparation for the upcoming months, the too short good weather window opportunities, we play much in our own backyard. Private roads, yes, but also for us much freedom to roam around and also for Spirit to run around without the many Laws and Bylaws of the Park near by. A great day, a few clouds, sunshine intermittent, another opportunity to explore and find out how much the landscape has changed since the last big rain. I was even a witness to another Friend visiting and herself falling in love with the area, looking to purchase some land very soon, however warned about the peripherals being costly even if the land itself is not. Power, water, telephone and Internet connection, a dwelling... Some look, some look even more and most never return engulfed back by the past City Life considering also the distance needed to arrive here. I often joke that we are here at ‘«£the end of the World‘«ō. A bit true. I am glad we ourselves can call it our ‘«£true backyard‘«ō.
    The usual is coming up. It starting to feel as a routine. One more round trip to Midland tomorrow, some more work on ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō changing again her tires, one more layer of JB Weld covering the hole from a rock on the front engine cover. Some new bungees holding the great saddlebag system, and on and on for the hopefully trouble free coming months of more riding.
    Enjoy our backyard...
    Be well, always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    This was the closest we where going to get near a massive body of water yesterday. A little over 100 miles from here, through Alpine and passed Ft Davis, the ‘«£San Solomon Spring‘«ō was a nice welcome in conjunction with the great weather we are having here. ‘«£Old faithful‘«ō has been all fixed up even if throughout the day decided to go blink on all tail lights, Spirit, well, as usual in great ‘«£spirits‘«ō, myself more than eager to ride, get that helmet on, turn on the music as I am getting use to this novelty on long stretches.
    Many numbers go along with the huge pool of water, the one I cannot get use to is the flow of 23 to 28 millions of gallons per day when we ourselves use maybe a bit over a couple hundred gallons per month. If only some could be diverted here.
    I was also surprised at the lack of anyone around besides a few divers taking classes for their certification. The area is desolate. All will change soon due to Spring Break, in the meantime I feel as this is the best days so far to enjoy it all. Not much else really going on, getting some vague plans firmed up for the summer... Does not make senses, does it?
    Enjoy the Pool...
    Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    Great pics! Are you going on a ride this spring away from your local area? I wish I were down your way now as the weather has been, and continues to be very challenging here in the hinterlands! Perhaps I should move to Alpine next winter? Hmmmmm. Could be a plan. The "end of the world" could be for me! Take care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    Great pics! Are you going on a ride this spring away from your local area? I wish I were down your way now as the weather has been, and continues to be very challenging here in the hinterlands! Perhaps I should move to Alpine next winter? Hmmmmm. Could be a plan. The "end of the world" could be for me! Take care.
    Alpine is a very cool little Town. Named one of the best 10 cities to live in the USA not too long ago... You should. A bit colder than here though in the winter, not that it has been warm here either!

    ‘«£Living the Dream?‘«ō.TX

    I am so aware of Spirit and I living the Dream of many, having been on the road now for over 3 years, however a bit stagnant throughout this winter season. The weather has not cooperated very much, daylight is now on the horizons as I am making preparations. Maybe go East a bit to Louisiana taking a Texas southern route. That is in between Dentist appointments. Being on the road was never foreign to me as it was for Spirit who has become a real trooper traveling with much ease and contentment. Of course we enjoy the Journey, Mother Nature's facets always present, the new Friends we have made, it is the reason of the Journey I wish would have been different as it was never a Dream for me to travel as such, as the only outlet I could contemplate after Lance's departure. ‘«£Bitter~Sweet‘«ō is always the words within my thoughts as I live both sides of the coin trying to juggle, yes, that ‘«£Dream‘«ō and the emotions which goes along, emotions from both end of the spectrum. We are moving right along...
    We took a ride to Terlingua again, it is the nearest store when we run out of this or that, it It also always a pleasure to sit with new Friends and have great conversations about their own very interesting pasts.
    So are my thoughts these past days...Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    Friends. TX

    Life on the road is so faceted, so governed by the weather it seems like. To the point to unfortunately upsetting Northerners, mental ‘«£Paradise‘«ō type setting has returned these past days. Friends also have reappeared, distant neighbors only remote physically as the smiles when seeing each other again are always from ear to ear. It was the case a couple evenings ago when a few of us rejoined for a meal, one always so gratifying as everyone contributes toward the distinct courses. I definitely left a bit heavier with not too far to go and Spirit, well, that is another story in itself. What can I say, the Dog has no manner or maybe is it because he had never earlier in his Life met a Donkey up close and personal. Needless to say it was pure entertainment as Biscuit was the chaser and Spirit the recipient trying to stay ahead, mostly trying to not be surprised by a sudden attack! Such is Life, in the slow lane as we like to think. Good food, conversations, ‘«£good people‘«ō as I like that expression a lot. More Friends have shown these past couple days, they have now already left, I have not even looked at the photos, but again I think a couple more pounds have mysteriously reappeared somewhere around the belt.
    I see snow and sleet in Tuesday's forecast, hard to believe, maybe a bad joke from the Weather Services, will find out soon.
    In the meantime enjoy our past get together of Friends.Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    Next, the Big Screen? TX

    It has been a big weight off my chest to announce today in our Journal about a Movie in the making which all started May 5th 2008. As everything else on everyone's path such a disclosure is a double edge sword. I look forward to the day, if it happens, when I can see credits reading ‘«£Dedicated to Lance Gureghian‘«ō, and at the same time I like to stay in the background of this Life we have chosen. We have good support, we have very talented people in this circle that is now spinning and such a disclosure was a must considering we are close to a final script before going on the Market. I keep looking at Spirit and wondering if he knows... He is after all ‘«£The Star‘«ō and I am so happy that he is a Pit Bull to show the character of his breed. I am happy that I ride a hack, maybe it will increase it's popularity, I am happy we mainly tour this beautiful County of ours and will show the sights we have been and with more to come. But above it all, to me it is sharing the simplicity and the awareness of this Life we have chosen, the fact that one can survive a personal tragedy and yet take in the gifts long the way. We are an excellent crew on this project, we are keeping it real as the Journal has been, we have much faith that it will become reality soon. We hope that Spirit will still be young enough to play his own part... mine? Well, we are all seeking for Robin Williams as the perfect candidate... More details are in the Journal, we will now put all this ‘«£announcement‘«ō behind us and go on as we always have been.
    Be well... always, Life is full of surprises.
    Ara & Spirit

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    Wishin' you all the success possible!

    I'll probably watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cathdeac View Post
    Wishin' you all the success possible!

    I'll probably watch it.
    It's the Dog...

    A Crystal web... TX

    Maybe this weather is getting to me, or was, as now writing this we are in full summer mode. Feels like it anyhow while going through the Park yesterday down to one T shirt and all the vents open through the riding jacket, much more water consumed also. Water is the biggest necessity I always keep an eye on. We can carry at the most six gallons which in the heat of the summer is barely enough for three days for the both of us. Plenty of fuel, eleven gallons I can leave with, but through our rides if ever near a small town the faucets of potable water are my friends. Of course I also have a water purifier that comes along, never had to use it much. In a couple days I will be going through my gear again, feels like a pass time often but I think this time I will make a list of it all, I just have too many compartments to remember where everything is at. Lucky Spirit, he does not have to remember anything but eat, drink and run! It's alright though, he does his share and more, 24/7.
    Couple days ago 3 to 5 inches of snow while going to the Dentist. All that gray, all the ‘«£being extremely cautious‘«ō and another afternoon of poking and dremmel grinding just did not suit me well. I need to learn to stay within my element even in some of my urban dealings, a hard task sometimes for me. My thoughts are always in the Journal...Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    A Day in Life and Big Bend Park. TX

    Like a giant coin thrown up in the air the weather keeps landing with a surprising fashion. I lifted my head yesterday as all day allowed us to be outside, going through some camping gear, details to patch up on ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō, as suddenly I see this gray wall incoming and the smell of dust in the air with already bursts of winds preceding it all. Scrambling and throwing everything in ‘«£Big Green‘«ō, shut the doors, just in time for what felt like 50+ mph winds which were clocked as such in Panther Junction. A bit north of Ft Davis ‘«£92 Mph winds recorded at the Observatory this afternoon‘«ō.
    A day earlier was a totally different story. Mild temperatures, great ride into the Park to meet some riders from the Forum and a ride back under the lit skies from an almost full Moon. It was one of those more than perfect day, the kind we never want it to end including great conversations and an unexpected dinner. Spirit had a blast with two new buddies who also ride, they each have their own sidecar. The ride back under an almost full Moon was one of those rare experiences, a bit as being in Space, a Spaceman and a Space-dog with helmets on cutting through the night, a pleasure hard to describe. This should be the last day of the heavy winds, they wear me out. This too shall pas as they say. More in the Journal...Be well... always.
    Ara & Spirit

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