Next, the Big Screen? TX

It has been a big weight off my chest to announce today in our Journal about a Movie in the making which all started May 5th 2008. As everything else on everyone's path such a disclosure is a double edge sword. I look forward to the day, if it happens, when I can see credits reading ‘«£Dedicated to Lance Gureghian‘«ō, and at the same time I like to stay in the background of this Life we have chosen. We have good support, we have very talented people in this circle that is now spinning and such a disclosure was a must considering we are close to a final script before going on the Market. I keep looking at Spirit and wondering if he knows... He is after all ‘«£The Star‘«ō and I am so happy that he is a Pit Bull to show the character of his breed. I am happy that I ride a hack, maybe it will increase it's popularity, I am happy we mainly tour this beautiful County of ours and will show the sights we have been and with more to come. But above it all, to me it is sharing the simplicity and the awareness of this Life we have chosen, the fact that one can survive a personal tragedy and yet take in the gifts long the way. We are an excellent crew on this project, we are keeping it real as the Journal has been, we have much faith that it will become reality soon. We hope that Spirit will still be young enough to play his own part... mine? Well, we are all seeking for Robin Williams as the perfect candidate... More details are in the Journal, we will now put all this ‘«£announcement‘«ō behind us and go on as we always have been.
Be well... always, Life is full of surprises.
Ara & Spirit