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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    ‘«£Ooommmmmmmmmm‘«ō. Tx

    Yes, we ‘«£Ooomm‘«ō a lot in the Desert, total freedom to do so and feel uplifted from what might have been stored in the mind. Maybe I need to ‘«£Ooomm‘«ō tonight also as sitting in Midland waiting for the first round of gum surgery to happen. Second round in January. So much to look forward to. With age creeps up the ailments, with the ailments creeps up the bills as I have been in shock of the estimated price, specially being a Christmas present from my Dear Mother. Even Spirit is not happy as he has lost his space to run for now, I can‘«÷t wait to get him back to ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō tomorrow I hope. Life on the road with never ending surprises.
    The past days have been for some relaxing ones even with the threat of strong winds for the area. Much cooking on fire, cooking for a few days as to not waste the precious wood that made it‘«÷s way from far away Houston. And again the road calls, maybe a visit to the Chinati Hot Springs might be a good idea to relax a bit.
    The greatest gift these past days have been the sunrises. There are a couple photos on the Journal that have left their fingerprints.
    Be well,
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    A walk in the Park, Big Bend. Tx

    Falling behind the times, ‘«£time‘«ō that has been escaping me these past days after gum surgery, part I, more to come in January. It is as everything must stop for the body to recuperate as the mind also changes gear and stuck in neutral has not had much energy to even come here. I did manage to put up a photo video documenting a bit the past first days when the sidecar arrived, delivered by truck, Spirit‘«÷s first ride with his goggles on sitting crooked‘«™ Some fond memories which reminded me that such a video can only handle a few photos, as an over 100,000 photos Library has been build over these past years. As I go through the folders I constantly surprise myself seeing the memories of so many places we have been, so many others we have met and yet, there are still so many we have not physically encountered as we only write back and forth, again as time permits.
    The road is filled with so many we constantly meet such as a young man while doing laundry that impressed me for having such Spirituality at such early age, moved through Life with the word ‘«£HOPE‘«ō in big shiny and lit neon sign. They are the human interest moments of this Journey, such as also a walk through Indian Trail where amazingly Spirit saved me from a Federal Offense and much complication that could have ensued.
    Much news on a couple new posted Blogs‘«™Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Just in time for the Holiday! Tx

    Today the skies are covered with gray and the sun is barely making it‘«÷s way to show us the light. But ‘«£sunny‘«ō is my Heart and with open arms welcoming the moments present. The past couple days have been unlike today, dark and somber, a past Friend managing to unleash their own dark personality on me‘«™ a long story I had to put in words to move it on away from my Soul as it is the purpose of this personal Journal of mine that I keep writing on. Just another ‘«£kind‘«ō of a ride report, they are not always on three wheels, the mental aspect often has a way to penetrate the deeper milestones that move on with their various speeds, forms and shapes. ‘«£It‘«÷s all good‘«ō and we too will joy for the Holidays coming with visits from many Friends suddenly in touch before their own presence.
    Our last ride, the physical one ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ō took us on, was to ‘«£The Closed Canyon‘«ō. A beautiful ride on River Rd passed Lajitas, westward toward Presidio. No one was in sight, we had the hike to ourselves till we reached a drop not present the last time. Afraid to not be able to come back up we turned around and had a great afternoon. Canyons are always a challenge to me to photograph because of the intensity of the many various lights. You be the judge‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit‘«™ and just in case ‘«£HAPPY HOLIDAYS‘«ō

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    ‘«£The Point of my Balance‘«ō. Tx

    Everyone must be getting ready for the Magical upcoming evening and day. We are too in our own fashion as it all started this morning with more blue skies after a windy stormy evening of yesterday. It was more viewing of this incessant show in 3D within this incredible stage. It is reflection time for many I know, with a new number on a New Year‘«÷s ‘«£date‘«ō coming up, it has been reflections within also myself to find a better balance throughout this Journey as I now know it can be done, must be done and acquired.
    Dinner with the neighbors and Friends, rides to Terlingua for their annual Christmas lunch~dinner, there is lots going on here if one chooses to participate. We call it ‘«£Desert‘«ō here, but it is not inhabited, the community is strong and as we have been coming back every winter, more and more I feel the welcome has increased making me strongly feel part of it all. A nice feeling throughout these Holiday times.
    Wishing a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my Heart to everyone here as Spirit is wagging his tail in total agreement.
    Enjoy the photos of this past evening where the skies would just not stop changing their costumes at the blink of an eye‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Christmas Day, Texas style‘«™

    There is much to be said when invited to the ‘«£Cowhead Ranch‘«ō for Christmas Day lunch~dinner, meaning ‘«£lots of good food‘«ō and great company with characters that could fill the credits of a Western movie. Spirit himself, at times the leader of the pack of a multiple dog gang, sometimes however chased, had the time of his Life. Only till I finally put him up on a long leash to avoid trying to figure out where he was at all time.
    It was a good time for all, neighbors getting together to celebrate the day gratified by great weather.
    A few days left for this one exceptional year, one that has truly brought up to the surface much schooling of this Life we have chosen a while back. I feel as these past days of been the culmination of much learning, of many new Friends, a truer chosen path to live the moment and yet think a bit about where will lay the next avenues to ride on.
    Lets keep on riding, two wheels, three wheels, even four! I am not prejudiced as long as the wind is in my face and an unequaled sense of freedom is upon me while putting on the miles awaiting us.
    Enjoy the ‘«£Cowhead Ranch‘«ō‘«™ they are open for visitors, their fire is burning, the horses are ready to take you for a ride you will never forget‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Santa Elena Canyon. Tx

    It was again a visit to Big Bend National Park the other day, showing off our backyard to a Friend visiting for a couple days. I loose count how many times we ourselves been to Santa Elena Canyon. I also loose it seems the fact of it‘«÷s beauty and constant changes in it‘«÷s array of what lays always in front of us. It is so close, so accessible, I think I make the mistake to overlook it‘«÷s offerings. A reminder to go more often. It reminds me when living and working in Florida by the most beautiful beaches to never go and get sand all over us.
    It was a day one could not have asked for better weather and better light to play a bit with the camera, even splashing some rocks in the water to work out that shutter. Just like kids we did.
    I just looked at the Calendar and realized tomorrow is the last Day of this present year, these days past which have been good to us, wishing more of it for everyone else reading these words. More and more ‘«£time‘«ō seems to have shrunk from my Life, many new Friends have made their way into our path and yet many more roads await us. So we do the best we can with the moments we have, one at the time hoping the shoulders of those roads ahead will present themselves as they often do with a wave of such Friends.
    You be well‘«™ always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    Amen Brother. Goes double for Spirit.

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Quote Originally Posted by barryg View Post
    Amen Brother. Goes double for Spirit.
    Spirit always gets double!!!

    Into the New Year, more of Big Bend. Tx

    Finally the maintenance on Old Faithful is totally finished, including reinforcing the rear rack supporting my camera case. Seems as the oil changes are endless, one after another they are due. When one does not have a car, that is however generally the case. We are into the New Year obviously, the temps are cold and colder in the mornings, afternoons see me in a short sleeve T shirt. I was thinking about how long it takes us to get ready on an early morning and wrote about it step by step. I find it pretty hilarious, thinking most that have never ridden or are fair weather riders will also share that humor as I can only see it as such.
    Big Bend Park has renewed my energy to start exploring it‘«÷s spaces again, the ones we have access to it, paved roads, unpaved roads, no trails‘«™ Same old story of ‘«£no dogs‘«ō on trails in National Parks. But, it is only a few miles from here, I am on a quest of new discoveries for this year.
    We are here and we are there, this space and a bit ahead at times, wrongly so maybe, but the road never cease to call us as much as we love it here. It is the eternal quest I feel, the eternal balance trying to maintain.
    I picked my favorite photo of the Year‘«™ enjoy it.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    I do not know the story behind "Photo of the Year" but it has meaning to you and that is always what makes a personal photo valuable, regardless of the quality of the photo itself.

    Great photos as usual!

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    I do not know the story behind "Photo of the Year" but it has meaning to you and that is always what makes a personal photo valuable, regardless of the quality of the photo itself.

    Great photos as usual!
    It is "Grace" on Xmas Day, but truly could be any day... There are more details in my Journal... Thanks.

    A ride to Boquillas Canyon. Tx

    Sometimes within this big land of ours, no destination is a great one and becomes an even better Journey. Why bother knowing the miles, the time, getting there‘«™ Even considering the fact that we cannot hike the trails together, Spirit and I, the Park still remains one of my favorite destination, so vast, with still many roads forking to the left and right and many photos to take. Boquillas Canyon is where we end up the other day. I like to go to the look out, unpleasant as it is to see this little Village named Boquillas, isolated because of some bureaucracy needing to be followed. The Border is closed. There is always someone to talk to and their jovial personality considering their situation is always so refreshing. I actually feel more comfortable in such Spaces and conversations than being into a City as I was not too long ago.
    We are getting ready for a real cold spell, that is what they say anyhow. To the point right now when a ride is so enjoyed as maybe we will have to stay put for a couple of days‘«™ an Artic front! ‘«£The high temperatures will be 25 to 30 degrees below normal‘«™‘«ō It is really promising this time. I have no clue where else we could go to stay warmer during the winter months and yet have the beautiful space as here. So‘«™ we will endure it a bit!
    Enjoy the ride‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Riding the Wave‘«™ Tx
    Woke up to 4 degrees this morning, yes, ‘«£four‘«ō. I cannot even remember when I have been surrounded by such temperatures. I realize sticking my nose out there that it did not make much difference from 30 or similar numbers. Within one hour it jumped up to 28! January is just going to be one of those month as the nights truly are making me appreciate the bit warmer times of the day, almost hot compared. I can‘«÷t wait for ‘«£Global Warming‘«ō to become a reality!
    Once again Terlingua proved to be a town unlike others only a day before this glacial front as we went in for propane and provisions. Deserted Ghost Town it was, waiting for the store to open in the afternoon I did not even find anyone to chat with! Whatever preparations went on, the locals must have been hard at it, no cars, not a soul. ‘«£Terlingua Trading Company‘«ō was however open, I had never as seriously adventured myself throughout the aisles, specially with a camera in hand, after of course asking for permission. Have to ask, always, people get upset‘«™ I know.
    So really not much else is new, besides AT&T totally cutting me off from voice and data roaming. Does not matter if you sign up for ‘«£free roaming‘«ō, read the very fine prints as I did not. I have been asked to look for another carrier. None of course will work with the I Phone. Anyone for a slightly always covered and protected I Phone? Which reminds me to ask to stop sending me attachments please. Links only are fine as this is the second go around with a second carrier. At this point I might loose soon all connections, no one truly realizes the complexity and costs to stay connected as we do.
    Enjoy‘«™ and be well. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Winter rambling‘«™ Tx

    I feel fortunate in these times of not going backwards. The logistics of the present weather has us pinned down into short days as I am ready to bolt out through those inexistent and only imaginary doors into what use to be. I know too well it will be here soon, the longer days, the warmer times, seeking for shade when now instead chasing the sun.
    As a Friend wrote me today‘«™
    ‘«£Don‘«÷t you know that living in Nature in the open air as you do, you are entitled to tuck away and hibernate along with the other critters hibernating right now, and not ‘«£feel guilty‘«ō hanging out with Friends and good hearty food‘«ō
    It is amazing how so often as much as my gears keep unraveling, a few words from a Friend can make a difference. I know this is what all of us are all about. Words and thoughts of kindness toward each other, supporting each other within all present times. So important to all of us.
    We had a couple visitors, an old Friend ‘«£Donna‘«ō and a new Friend, her Husband ‘«£Stu‘«ō, Spirit‘«÷s new buddy! I had to be careful he would not take off with him‘«™ I think he likes his truck now much better than his own sidecar. I cannot blame him at times‘«™ One needs to think how long he has been putting on the miles throughout these years in all kinds of weather. He loves it!!!
    Well, enjoy the rest of my rambling‘«™ winter words!
    Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    Urgent need help and prompt reply from anybody anywhere. I m visiting Chile with the only purpose of watching the dakar race, All the info I had about the schedule is useles.Plublished in the official dakar page. I only managed to get a few pix in the enclosed compound in Antofagasta but nobody knows the routes,times they follow in between the cities. I m in valparaiso now and I m willing to go anywhere in order to see part of the race. PS next year we are riding from vancouver canada to chile if anybody interested to share a container to ship bikes back let me know mario

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Sorry cannot help you Mario... hope someone else will...

    Paint Gap Rd, Big Bend. Tx

    A clearing in the weather? We are out there in a heartbeat‘«™ we are out taking advantage of it. Not today‘«™ The pattern has changed here, what were days in and days out of good weather is just no more. This is actually the second day raining while I write this and as I had planned to ride to the Mariscal mines in the Park, even with some sunny skies projected for tomorrow, we might have to wait for the unpaved roads to dry.
    But we did have a chance to hang out on Paint Gap Rd for a day, just a couple miles off the main road, far enough to enjoy the serenity and silence surrounding us. The road calls for high clearance but overall a decent one, only for a short time we had to crawl the hack a bit hitting the skid plates here and there. It is a road and so Spirit was able to ‘«£legally‘«ō hike with me, those are the roads we will look from now on. A few photos were fun here and there, specially when turning around with the Chisos in sight. We did not meet anyone that day, I know all this will change soon.
    I am depending more and more on my SPOT and SAT phone in deeper more isolated areas with rougher roads. Having the Ranger‘«÷s phone number and also giving them my web share page as with the short days and cool night we are out of there by the time they close. As most should know, this is rugged country not to be taken lightly.
    Enjoy the photos‘«™
    Be well, always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    The Roads less traveled. TX

    The going to Midland was definitely more exciting than the return yesterday. Never thought I would want to get off the road so often bugged down by pain and medication, as the side effects of anti swelling and anitbiotics are just as bad as anything else including the traces of some anesthesia that will probably linger for a while. All is behind now as I am thinking a bit more of those nostalgic roads we took, adorned quite often with what was once in the past a richer one, today dwindling with old cars and trucks and caved in dwellings left behind. I keep wondering if ‘«£all that‘«ō will also change some day or will the next traveler 100 years down the road will still witness the same memories.
    I think these coming days we will just recupperate and try to gain some strenght back. Spirit on the other hand needs to spend some of that strenght, he has been so patient awaiting and waiting some more, supporting me with his kind temperement, if only those eyes could talk louder.
    The weather, besides some very strong winds, is cooperating, a bit of warmth is always good and sunshine has also a way to recharge those batteries depleted these past days. Could have been time on my hands or just feeling the few photos on the Journal would fit the days in black and white better, that is the format they are in.
    Enjoy and be well. Ara & Spirit

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