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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    In and around Sego, Utah

    I must be moving on with my own Calendar. For some reason I thought today was Father‘«÷s Day‘«™ can the Journey‘«÷s path be so mixed up or is it a good sign that we are hovering a bit above reality? Wish Spirit would also get it straight‘«™ He could have told me.
    It was a tip from a local, Sego was, and what a surprise when not only discovering a Ghost Town, Petroglyphs from three different eras but also a well maintained non paved road climbing nearly to 9000 feet with green grass and the vegetation unlike in the Valley of Moab.
    Obviously not a popular path as we did not encounter a single vehicle all day, cooler temperatures and much photography mixed with some great riding.
    Such surprises are always the welcomed ones, off the beaten path, the ones so many overlook when traveling under a schedule. We will probably return to Sego as the road ridden is Sego Canyon and two more are awaiting for us.
    Another week in Moab, it will then be decision time for our next destination, probably Wyoming. I think we are both ready for some unseen sceneries.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul..

    Sego‘«÷s Ghost Town

    The Ghost Town was a couple days ago, more photos are up, unlike me today not up too much after a root canal. Hopefully this will be the last round for a while, it is part of Life on the road.
    The big surprise passed Sego was the path taken. Well maintained and endless as we even stopped a couple times, besides for photos, just to figure out if there was an end to it. It did at around 9000 feet with an incredible and spectacular view of the La Salle Mountains and surroundings. Definitely worth the ride more than once as also another Canyon is awaiting us ‘«£Thompson Canyon‘«ō.
    Feeling a bit at a stand still right now with all these health care issues as I will know in a day or two if everything is going to calm down.
    Of course there is no sense moving on till after the Holidays as the roads will be packed and finding campsites will only be almost impossible.
    I am thinking as Wyoming might be too early, to make a loop through western Colorado first awaiting warmer weather.
    The same weather also has changed here near by Moab, cooler but with a thunderstorm predicted every day for a while‘«™ Better get the rain gear out!

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul..

    Fisher Towers, near Moab.Utah

    The Journey is adventures, riding and everything else that fills in the gap while on the road. So often others enter the scene and suddenly the mind cannot help thinking, what a shame it would be to cross those miles on ‘«£automatic pilot‘«ō! There is communication, meaning thoughts. There are gazillion ride reports already out there, travel logs, I always wonder about the traveler him/herself as to what truly goes through their own thoughts within those moments passed. I have always written about my own, everything complements each other including Spirit‘«÷s own Life and as much as I can tell‘«™ his own thinking.
    We picked a hot day, not on purpose for sure, to go on to the Fisher Towers. I had planned another ride but since my root canal the day before, the energy and desire only dwindled away and this closer by destination suddenly seemed so much more appealing.
    It was the first warm hike we had done in a while and how quickly I forgot how much heat canyons retain. Today and for the days to come it is suddenly the other side of the coin with thunderstorms and showers‘«™ Never a dull moment it seems like. Enjoy the Fisher Towers‘«™ they are a sight to see and the ride along the Colorado River also is so unique.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Moab‘«÷s Art Festival, Utah

    We are now this morning on our way to Grand Junction, Colorado. The scenery will not be peaks and valleys but St Mary‘«÷s Hospital parking lot for as long as needed. ‘«£Trigeminal Neuralgia‘«ō is a couple new words I learned a few days ago when finally having to visit the local emergency room.
    Some facial nerve is finally being squeezed so hard that just about anything, including talking and eating will bring on this pain, this real pain as I have already been in touch with some others with the same condition.
    We are going in for a second opinion.
    In the meantime, in between some relief, we managed to spend some hours at the Moab Art Festival and I do have to say it was a few hours of fun admiring so many talented Artist‘«÷s Artifacts. From Photography to glass beads, paintings and all sorts of odd end results. Great Music, Taiko Drum Teams for the local Schools, good company‘«™ and then on to the ER.
    Just another hurtle to deal with right now. The medication taken is a strong one, really does not start affecting the pain for a few more days they say‘«™ this is all part of Life on the road, Life period!
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    A Music Festival and Blue Mesa Lake. Co.

    I am feeling almost Human again‘«™
    Couple Blogs have been posted‘«™ I think time escaped me, or maybe the lack of it. Yet it has been some busy days attending the Desert Rock Festival, south of Moab, for a few hours in between some Advil intake for this ear that has finally calm down. Then a couple days at St Mary‘«÷s Hospital in Grand Junction and now on the shores of the Blue Mesa Lake near Gunnison, also Colorado. I keep thinking‘«™ did all this really happen these past few days? The photos are there, they must have.
    The landscape here is Paradise as being the best time of the year. Greens and more greens, streams and creeks everywhere and the crowds are missing.
    The weather with it‘«÷s daily shower is perfect, hovering in the mid forties mid mornings, great riding and hiking weather.
    We are right on the shore of the Lake, a few feet away, Spirit is now so content having room to play and jump and clown around. His mood was somber for a while, feeling I am sure also my own pain as now suddenly I see a smile on his face.
    Enjoy the photos‘«™ they are also linked to a Gallery on Smugmug.
    Be well‘«™ always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    A loop through Crested Butte and a Recipe

    No words to describe the landscape, we can try. Raw, amazing, breath taking and so much more. And yet, cold, very cold and the weather is just not cooperating at the moment with the dark clouds and rain on a daily basis.
    Probably too early in the year to be here as the good camping is near by Crested Butte within elevations close to 10,000 feet.
    Wide open meadows, streams for much needed water, however out of the question right now. The loop which I posted a map is an incredible one comprised with a variety of roads from twisties to well maintained dirt on 12 just about alright for even a regular car or street bike.
    Crested Butte itself is a totally welcoming little town and my question to many was ‘«£how do you handle winter here!‘«ō. It is as a totally different world, even the structures of the dwellings showing signs of harsh winters. But the prize is there‘«™ isolated within the clouds and outdoor activities like nowhere else. It is a dog town as everyone has one‘«™
    Today actually we are going back to Grand Junction for personal matters, matters I will explain in the next Blog.
    Enjoy‘«™ and be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Defeated by the weather. Co

    I need to look at my own Journal to find out where we were last year at this time! We are just not able to escape the bad weather. In parallel problems with Internet connection‘«™ Mother‘«÷s banking‘«™ Life on the road at times is harsh and difficult as communication is often the key to ‘«£fix‘«ō things.
    But we have a good taste of Colorado, having the knowledge for a future comeback is worth it all as new areas are to me the most difficult times to know where to go. It is only after a few days, talking to locals mainly, making new Friends, that I start feeling comfortable and planning more rides on those paved and unpaved roads sometimes seemingly to nowhere.
    Crested Butte left such a great impression on me. Almost being a town I could probably spend some more time as a base camp. I wish so often that we could brave the snow and ice at 10,000 feet in the winter and experience what the locals of Crested Butte do. The landscape must be just magnificent.
    Will have to settle for some summer pictures for now‘«™ but, I did find a bit of snow and the creek banks‘«™
    On to Flaming Gorge now, I hear it is also an incredible space, maybe with kinder weather!
    It is all on the Blog‘«™ Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Flaming Gorge. Ut

    We just don‘«÷t seem to be able to leave Utah! Flaming Gorge is everything I had heard of and more. Only still wishing the weather would cooperate a bit, thunderstorms, 40‘«÷s, strong winds, the windows of opportunity have become rare these days.
    Yet we had a chance to ride to Manilla with a detour taking the Geological Tour road which is one not to miss, we have stopped at the sights of the Red Canyon and today, if we can, we are going to ride the northern part which is in Wyoming.
    Fishing is the huge industry here, I might be the only one that does not fish, something I would like to do but always too pricey when seeking for a license being from ‘«£out of state‘«ō.
    The geology is incredible, so much work has been done for us to finally experience the displays ahead of us.
    I am definitely regrouping these days, it is that time of the year, maybe that time happens more than once a year! I am looking at map‘«™ weather forecast‘«™ we want to go where it is ‘«£hot‘«ō!!! Enough of this‘«™
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    Ara & Spirit!

    Flaming Gorge is indeed beautiful! I'm glad you got to see the flowers. Wowzers!

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Quote Originally Posted by ian408 View Post
    Ara & Spirit!

    Flaming Gorge is indeed beautiful! I'm glad you got to see the flowers. Wowzers!

    That was the last sight of blue skies!!!

    More of Flaming Gorge. UT

    We actually made it to Lander, Wyoming, at my good Friends KC and Mia‘«÷s house who we met last year in Bluff, Utah. What is there to say besides their great company and my mail meeting me here except for a much needed tire. Rain?‘«™ and more rain mixed in with fog‘«™ I did see a few square inches of blue skies this morning, not enough to illuminate the beautiful, I am being told, sceneries enveloped for the occasion by said fog. I guess I will be working on Old Faithful with full rain gear unless a miracle happens. I am still looking at the weather map to figure out how we can escape all this bad temper from Mother Nature in the coming days. Northern Nevada? West? North? How long has this been going on? Weeks it seems like with only short windows of clarity! Please let me know anywhere you have good weather, within range of course.
    We did take a short ride yesterday to Browns Park, short because of rain starting as the ground, that slippery fender building clay, did not need our company. Browns Park is where the outlaws stayed in hiding not too long ago, one can even visit Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid‘«÷s hide out. That tour will be for the next time‘«™
    With mostly dark clouds the Blog says it all‘«™
    Be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Lander. Wy.

    Beautiful country here. The rolling hills mixed with passes with cool temperatures, green everywhere, the roads just as perfectly laid out ribbons enticing for a pull over every few miles, new spaces so inviting. Today surprisingly the skies this morning are blue with barely a few puffs of clouds, could the weather really be changing? There was an opening yesterday morning that enabled us to head up to ‘«£Sinks State Park‘«ō, it did not last too long ending up through the day with some furious thunderstorms and I would think some flash floods in many areas. We are lingering in Lander, catching up on the Internet as preparing to leave Tuesday as also know my connections will not be presented as often. Writing the Blog is an easy task being done off line, keeping up with this thread will be a bit harder, RSS feed has always been for me the main solution for myself to read other‘«÷s words. It does work for ‘«£The Oasis of my Soul‘«ō also.
    New tires, repacking, looking at maps while visiting my good Friends KC and Mia in this quaint little town, that is what has kept us busy‘«™ Much to discover in this part of the country, it is laid out on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™ till next time,
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Riding West‘«™

    Finally all packed in Lander, short good byes as we will be back after a bit of Nevada. Weather unlike today was perfect, the winds mild and the spirits finally up there nearing a 10. A bit of detours on dirt roads was not possible, the mud still being too soft from such much past rain. Spirit is in his full element at the helm as he never ceases to amaze me going with the flow. Never seen a dog that adapts himself so well to the environment, day in and day out. As long as I am around we are fine. Walking away and leaving him behind for a few minutes? Forget it‘«™ unless in his car where he feels nice and secure as he knows I will be back.
    Highway 89 joining Bear Lake to Logan, Utah, will remain in my mind and memories as the one to ride again. Seemingly the Mecca for riders as even being a weekday I caught many glimpses of two wheelers definitely not holding back in the handling department.
    A couple more stop between here and Valley of Fire and eventually returning to Wyoming as I am told the best months are ahead.
    Be well‘«™ always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Valley of Fire, NV

    Intermittent Internet connection, much Desert, a bit of heat and the greatest sights around. Photos sometimes do not make justice as this is the case. It is the feel they cannot transmit, vast fields of red and yellows and all in between, maybe from another planet?
    Camping is good, Spirit is good, besides a few dilemmas while having to go to Las Vegas for the day. Not such a smart idea after all.
    So much actually has happened since we left Logan, Utah, including meeting up with my greatest Friend, Bill from Florida. We go way back through thick and thin as they say. We rode together to Valley of Fire and as the long distance rider he is, unlike us, he is now already home. Much of it are in a couple Blogs posted, more photos will go on the Gallery as again here every step makes the camera shutter‘«™
    We will be headed back to Lander, Wyoming, on Wednesday, the cold and rain should have dissipated by now and hopefully we will meet our Friends tomorrow.
    Most have never heard of Valley of Fire and I always wonder why. Come and visit, the roads are great, in the meantime enjoy the photos.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars...

    Back in Lander, WY.

    Do not attempt Valley of Fire this time of the year. We were actually the last ones to leave as they closed the campground for lack of visitors. Heat and more heat accentuated even more by the red walls of the surrounding landscape. Even shade was starting to take it‘«÷s toll as today I feel as recuperating from extreme exhaustion. I feel a bit old for the first time as I know years ago this tiredness would not be quite as prevailing. But ‘«£oh! well‘«™‘«ō as they say. It was a bit too much in too much of a short time riding the 2100 miles round trip. The original plan was to be south for much longer‘«™ sometimes I don‘«÷t think! July‘«™ hello!
    We are getting ready to find this little free camping spot on the Snake River between the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. We will probably leave Sunday, so ready to find that passageway back into our space which seemingly turned into a fast and furious pace, for us that is.
    Today the rain is back here, I was told not to bring it with us, I think it is Spirit‘«÷s doing! No complain‘«™ after those few days in the smoldering heat, rain, cold and even snow are more than welcome.
    Some more photos of Valley of Fire are on the Blog‘«™Be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul... Life Under the Stars

    Red Canyon, Wyoming.

    I wonder how many ride or drive by Red Canyon only to take a glance and go on at gazillion miles per hour. It is a fine road for any vehicle except when it rains, only 9 miles south of Lander or 21, depending which entrance of the loop one decides to enter from. The land is a protected Natural Habitat, it‘«÷s green carpets yesterday were lined with flowers from all colors and shapes. Much to ponder while there finally within a space I am so familiar with. A space quiet, serene and peaceful that has shut the doors to the every day Life seemingly what I feel I have experienced the previous days on the path of a fast pace‘«™ too fast for us.
    Tomorrow we are pushing a bit more North, camping right in between Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. I have been warned about mosquitoes, I am only hoping that they are not too bad as the location is perfect to explore the many areas present.
    We both "Thank You" for the "Happy Birthday Wishes".
    Enjoy Red Canyon and take the loop next time if and when in the area, well worth it.
    Be well‘«™
    Ara & Spirit

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