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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    You should maybe try to rescue another one?... We always think we are not ready... Spirit is my third dog being 60 now... Just a thought. Hang in there...

    ‘«£One door closes, another one opens up‘«™‘«ō

    If you believe in above, well, it will happen as it happens to us quite often, one reason to stay calm when some doors shut hard, the draft of Life will ajar another one fairly quickly!
    The bottom line? Cost of living has tremendously gone up these past two years, in fuel, food, tire and oil changes alone the budget has been screaming! We are here to explore this incredibly large area, at the same time stumbled on a two days a week work situation that you need to read about! Just too good to pass it up‘«™ it is a Dog loving circle where‘«™ you ‘«£have‘«ō to bring your Dog to work with you! For now it is all good and will just see what happens later as the cold weathers will come back and will need to move on as we always have done‘«™ I cannot even think that far ahead‘«™ So no excuse to not stop by and see us, either in Escalante or Boulder where we will be two days a week‘«™ working hard, meaning I will‘«™ with Spirit‘«÷s supervision! As usual‘«™
    ‘«£The Burr Trail Grill and Outpost‘«ō is the name by the way‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Is it more than just a road? More on Hell‘«÷s Backbone‘«™ Utah

    Since joining American Road Forum, the more scenic and difficult the road traveled gets, the more I want to read about it, find out its history, and cannot help thinking about its past, sometimes visualizing the hundreds of people that have built it at a time where the machinery used was definitely not what we have today! Hell‘«÷s Backbone has been one of those, specially when around a curve one can suddenly see about a mile of it as a ribbon following the curves of its mountains.
    I am also finding myself having to be detached from the kitchen where I spend my first day working solo. Finding out that all these years have followed me, are still part of me. It is a great job as I have to tell myself to go in, do the work and leave without any thoughts of‘«™ improving this or that! When I see Spirit behind that screen door I am content that Karma has presented this path for us, we could not have asked for more.
    I think the Blog says it all‘«™ Be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Vagabonding to Capitol Reef, Utah
    In the beginning ‘«£nice‘«ō was having an Internet connection‘«™ today nice is taking off knowing that there will be none. ‘«£Destinations‘«ō were planned, today it is just wandering with only a eye out for the weather going the opposite direction of the clouds. There will always be a surprise in Utah that will materialize as it did these past days. It was Gooseneck Point and Capitol Reef and a nice cool shaded campground. Shade is good these days as we are entering the hottest days of the year. It makes it for interesting viewing when finally coupled with the laptop looking back at all the pictures taken.
    I felt bad for some riders the other day on their way up to an Annual BMW Rally. They still had 10 days to get there but their leader never taking his helmet off while gassing up kept honking the horn while others and I where chatting and taking pictures. Memories of blurred miles markers versus seeing so much beauty they will miss‘«™ hope that some day they will slow down‘«™ Been there, done that‘«™ ‘«£this‘«ō is much nicer‘«™
    Check out the Blog‘«™ and be well, Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    A bit more of Capitol Reef, the ‘«£Grand Wash‘«ō, Utah
    Great commercial shot above!‘«™ it is a great helmet with the visor really protecting from the sun quite often. One can do the ‘«£Grand Wash‘«ō in an hour or spend all day as we almost did. Walking part of it is also a great experience between the walls of this Canyon with a constant change in the rock formations and endless colors of red hues. Stay away if ever storming, you will see the signs anyhow, the flash floods must be tremendous and happens so fast.
    The ‘«£space‘«ō at the campground is real peaceful and as much as I don‘«÷t care too much for them we had a great time, a social time exchanging stories with the tourists passing by. Spirit of course is always the highlight, myself‘«™ more and more I feel as a Travel or Tour Guide agent! It has been nice to share the little bit of knowledge I have acquired from Utah‘«™
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™ and till next time you all be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Into the Gorge of Capitol Reef, Utah
    The incredible sceneries do not stop in Utah. Water sure has created so much, so many Canyons that we can actually ride through, Canyons where in the past recent years ‘«£humans‘«ō have worked hard at it for our vehicles to witness what has taken so many years to accomplish. The ‘«£Gorge‘«ō at Capitol Reef is definitely one of those places where one can spend much time as we did when we arrived into it before sunrise, one of the best times of the day.
    The ride out of Capitol Reef through Dixie National Forest is always also so spectacular, more and more I feel as being in another part of the world as traffic is almost inexistent and slowly one can feel detached from it all, ‘«£all‘«ō being the outside World.
    Spirit is doing great, we are not hitting hot spots anymore, keeping the hiking mainly in the early mornings or late afternoon and looking for some shade during the day.
    Pictures? Too many really‘«™ for sure some great memories we will have.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Bad weather is here‘«™ Utah.
    Suddenly outdoor activities are a bit curtailed. We have been so fortunate throughout all this time to not really having bad weather which would hold us back from the road. But here it is‘«™ Still, not getting to adventurous, we managed to ride a bit of Hole in the Rock Road where we did not even make it to Devil‘«÷s Garden‘«™ The washboard situation almost becomes a nightmare‘«™ fast or slow the fear comes up that something is definitely going to break! Slow turns out to be a better solution and then we have a bit of engine overheat.
    Will be going back to Moab in a couple days to meet a Friend which we have never met‘«™ Hope that makes sense‘«™ the wonders of the Internet! All should be cleared up by then and I think even Spirit will be ready‘«™ he is always ready!
    Some dark clouds‘«™ followed by a downpour all night‘«™ That is what we got!
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    Ara & Spirit

    A visit in Moab with my Friend Paul, Utah

    The heat, the humidity and jungle like bugs made our stay in Moab a difficult experience for the both of us. We talked much, cooked much and saw a few sights including getting ourselves up to some cooler elevations doing the loop through La Salle mountains. I would however, difficult or not, do it again as I took away with me some valuable perspective about my own insight regarding how to deal with Life within these times where the heart will never be complete but the mind and spirit needs to go on. It is as a new chapter has made its way into my days, a challenge that needs to be won‘«™
    A couple Blogs actually have been posted since I have written here as time did not allow it.
    You be well‘«™ till next time, enjoy.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    A familiar face and a bit of Bryce Canyon, Utah

    Always nice to see a familiar face specially when one cannot remember when was the last time‘«™ It seems that it was Naples, Florida, while cooking a special dinner for some Friends we have in common. On his own Journey from Canada, Louis and a couple of his riding Friends stopped by overnight‘«™ for an evening of true comedy, laughter and a local dinner.
    Awaiting for another Friend from Louisiana this time we could not go too far. Bryce Canyon was the perfect place to spend a day riding and taking pictures before the daily monsoon arrived. Of course we barely got wet as usual, just a nice needed cooling off.
    It truly felt more being in Europe while in the Park, it is an amazing feeling not to hear English being spoken anymore!
    Enjoy the pictures and a bit of Geology‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Another Friend, a new Slot Canyon and an abused Spirit! Utah‘«™
    Yes, I am enjoying entertaining and playing the guide, the cook and bottle washer‘«™ all at the same time. As myself when in a new area I like to discover my surrounding through my own senses, I don‘«÷t say much, only make a route and let Mother Nature do the rest. As we are slower than two wheels, specially in the curves, I told Brian to go ahead till he reached a meeting point. But he stayed behind for most of the time finding out that ‘«£it is nice to slow down and actually see the surroundings‘«™‘«ō. A mental and physical break for sure only leaving some good memories.
    The ride, the day and the meals including another form of stew and breakfast with great coffee was memorable for the both of us. Always a stew?‘«™ a one pan meal? There is not much around here at the local Grocery store‘«™ really not much.
    Not to be mean‘«™ I love Spirit‘«™ but we were in laughter when 6 other dogs started abusing him‘«™ His reaction? A firm ‘«£enough is enough!‘«ō as the little guys flew away‘«™ literally!
    That picture is on the Blog‘«™Be well‘«™ always. Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    More Friends visiting, Utah‘«™
    Even for those that have seen Utah, this area astonishes them with its incredibly vast spaces and raw beauty. I am even myself starting to feel isolated from the rest of the country when trying to ride roads we have yet to be on. There are just so many and when Friends visit, it is always such a big choice. Burr Trail has become a Classic in my book and every time we leave I am already thinking about coming back. I am glad that they left yesterday as suddenly the weather has changed and I learned from other travelers that the roads I took them on already had knee high water from flash floods.
    Thinking about slowly heading south. The food situation here is pathetic‘«™ One store, which has truly nothing! Not even a decent potato! I wonder what the locals do? I was going to ask the owner, but then again what for!
    Spirit even is into his down time. I don‘«÷t like it as he needs the exercise, as I myself do. Maybe a couple more days and all will clear up. Glad to have taken this ride, now a memory on the Blog.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Calf Creek hike, Utah
    We have been camped out at the same spot for a while now. Considering there are so many destinations within a few hundred miles with the ability to travel lightly, the past few weeks have been great. But southern heat or not, untraveled roads, it is time to move on and bite into deeply the adventures and new horizons waiting for us. The feeling for so many taking roots I know is always a comfort, it only works the other way for us. How strange, moving on is comfortable. Always curious what is over the next Mountain, the end of that road facing us, the other side of the curve we cannot quite see from here.
    The weather pattern has always been fine in the mornings and severely dark by afternoon. We both finally got soaked yesterday from the rain and the hail riding back from the 6 mile hike to the Lower Falls of Calf Creek. Too lazy to put on the rain pants!
    Live and learn. Enjoy the hike‘«™Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Will this makes us Texans and Big Benders???
    In a month or so from now we will be camping on ‘«£The Oasis of my Soul‘«ō‘«™ You will have to read the Blog to find out how all this has come about. It will be our winter own slice of Heaven, 25 miles north of Big Bend on some away from the road 10 acres of pristine land made of hard limestone with an all weather accessible road. It will be yours also to be shared for anyone wanting to camp or a comfy bed, good food and conversations around a campfire. It will be another facet of the Journey with much emphasize on developing some Photographic skills to try to make something out of it‘«™ amongst thousands of other great Photographers!‘«™ Hand in hand with the Blog with much more riding throughout the country the rest of the year, these thoughts and dreams becoming reality have me going with renewed energy. Hope to see you there sometime experiencing as we have done in the past and will in the near future the astonishing vast open spaces of the Big Bend area.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    The intimate Devil‘«÷s Garden‘«™ Escalante/Utah
    If you like to play amongst the Hoodos and the Goblins this is your playground! A nice washboard road to get there, early morning will make you the star witness of the change of colors on those free standing weathered by time rock structures. Hiking the easy loop over and over is like every time hiking it for the first time as the sun rising is constantly changing the scenes on this stage empty of visitors. We were lucky with the weather that day, a weather a bit crazy mixed with unpredictable rains and sunshine constantly switching with no warnings.
    We are headed south tomorrow morning, its time and as every space we get attached to, it is with regrets and excitement all at the same time. This is one area we will return to fill in the blanks, I hope, in the meantime the thrill of seeing Zion is ahead of us and the golden key awaits for us in Big Bend.
    The Hoodos and the Goblins! Some pretty cool characters‘«™
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    It is 108 degrees in Zion, Utah.
    As if the coin has flipped, all changed when arriving here in Zion. From a couple cars a day to mega shuttles trailering other shuttles and a lack of parking spaces within miles, from just a few hikers and intimate conversations to an exodus of tourists stomping the grounds with a thousand feet, from the crisp cool air of Escalante to an over bearing and weight heavy immobile hot air‘«™ All this has thrown me off only making me think how can I escape it all. I can‘«÷t. Just a phase we have to go through needing to eventually go to St George next week or so, visits that need to be done before diving back into the Texas deserts soon again. Eye exam, dentist, clothing and who knows what else!
    I had a few photos left from Devil‘«÷s Garden that are now up on the Blog, a couple comments from readers that I wanted to post and overall just trying to keep it together and not be overwhelmed by these sudden changes!
    As they say, all things must pass‘«™ this will too‘«™ They are a couple out of the way areas we will spend some time at.
    Be well‘«™ Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul...

    Some World Wide Traveler Friends‘«™ Zion, Utah.
    Finally after months of e mails with Alain and his wife Chris, we met in Zion! That is just how it goes. Planning on the road does not work very well and is an accepted fact among us. We actually meet more Travelers we had not planned to than if we did. They are from the south of France, near by where I was born and I can still remember having his accent! I cannot describe it‘«™ it is too unique. 4 months of the road now in the USA, on their way to Mexico, South America and finally Asia. They only have two years, as we do they would like to spend more time in one place, but two years is such a short time for their route.
    We parted this morning, we have a standing invitation in the South of France‘«™ I hope some day I can manage to take Spirit to Europe maybe.
    We ourselves are now north of St George and will start some rides with my Friend Michael and also that ‘«£good stuff‘«ō such as eye exam and Dr‘«÷s in the big City.
    Enjoy the Blog‘«™ and be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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