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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    A great loop... OR

    A great loop‘«™ OR

    If you have any kind of vehicle that would slightly do some mild off road riding, driving‘«™ this loop is a great one, not to be missed. It will take you from some of the least visited part of the Snake River to more deserted roads going up Lookout Mountain and finally back to the start. A little bit of gravel, sand, rocks, ruts‘«™ you name it! A few thousands of feet elevation change‘«™ all this in one day‘«™ who would have known this! In Oregon.
    I narrated the pictures today the best I could‘«™ enjoy the website‘«™

    Be well

    Ara & Spirit

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    Everything is a compromise... OR

    Everything is a compromise‘«™ OR

    Evolution?‘«™ Getting older? Straying from true form? From tent and riding every single mile of a Journey to trailering and living in an RV‘«™
    I have had issues with those facts truly, I think I have come to terms with it, I have to if we want to continue living on the road for many more years, that is the big difference versus traveling.
    I thought I would show you a bit how we now live‘«™ I am not complaining‘«™ hot water, shower, cooking with more ease‘«™ even a freezer! A few pictures here‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    so many more roads... OR

    Yes, two different path if living on the road... I still like the fact that everything is on the bike... stop wherever, whenever... my wanting access to the Internet... wherever, whenever (which I have in the form of my own Dish!) has made that path impossible... as I said, compromise! It's all good...

    So many more roads‘«™ OR

    There is no lack of roads, doable roads, here in Eastern Oregon, this also includes Western Idaho. With no end to it‘«™ The weather had held up beautifully, nice, specially for the coming County Fair and Rodeo coming up this weekend‘«™ never been to one and I am looking forward to this new page of experiences. I wonder if Spirit is also?‘«™ could he make maybe new friends?
    More pictures on the website‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara and Spirit

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    What really matters... OR

    What really matters‘«™ OR

    I admit, a lot of time for introspect while living on the road‘«™ specially when discarding what does not matter. One become‘«÷s sensitive to its surroundings and own desires on how to live. It is a raw life more than ever, the tasks do not vanish, but a certain concept of freedom increases.
    We also had a visit from a friend I had not seen in 3 years or more, a little ride up a Lookout point which had been closed due to the fires‘«™ I am learning how to create web pages to incorporate a magazine within my Blog which I will name ‘«£my first hundred years‘«÷‘«™ it is all here‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    My first Rodeo... Halfway, OR

    My first rodeo‘«™ Halfway, OR

    From the Deserts and Canyons to this small town of Halfway, experiencing my first Rodeo and Fair was a great experience. Population 350, grown to maybe a thousand for the weekend, it was all about family, kids and friendships. A total ‘«£feel good‘«ō three days. No Nintendo here, no electronics‘«™ but horses and livestock with fathers, mothers and their kids portraying this lifestyle unfound in the big city.
    So many picture opportunities here‘«™ I had a blast with the camera, people and the animals‘«™ great people!

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    More Rodeo... OR

    This is one Blog I really enjoyed posting, at the same time as much as I felt welcomed, I also felt a bit as I was watching from the other side of the window. The ‘«£family‘«ō presence was so strong and in retrospect I have looked deeply at my own life these past couple of days‘«™ I cannot help feeling a sense of envy‘«™ feeling a missing link‘«™ as Spirit and I are such a small family ourselves‘«™ too small! But‘«™ such is life you know.
    So I could not fit 3 days of Rodeo and Fair in one Blog! More of it today, including some of the Parade, the little guys riding‘«™ wild lambs, more Livestock being sold at auction meaning sometimes a substantial income for those kids. On the whole, a total family affair. I‘«÷ll spare you a third day!
    We have not done any riding these past few days! How strange‘«™ just walking back and forth to watch it all.
    6 more days and we will start the long way down to Big Bend, Texas. As much as I will miss Halfway, I am looking forward to it. We were there for 3 weeks a while back and barely scratched the surface, hopefully the photography also will be exciting.
    Enjoy the pictures‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Under the weather... OR

    Under the weather‘«™ OR

    Trying to keep my composure today‘«™ yesterday‘«™ how quickly one can succumb to a bit of illness! At least take a walk through town I thought‘«™ a good thing with good weather. My mail arrived, bumped into some riders exploring the area on some very cool bikes and some good Karma which I wrote about on the website.
    Change of plans, and then again more changes and changes‘«™ We are leaving for Texas tomorrow am via Sacramento to visit with my friend Brian and his family‘«™ and learn some computer stuff! Not my favorite hobbie, but, I have to learn to be self sufficient when I start adding an Index on my website so one can navigate and find recipes and routes I have taken‘«™ It will be a slow road, don‘«÷t expect it overnight, but it will get done‘«™
    Poor Spirit is stuck with me not going anywhere‘«™ good thing I have not heard a complain‘«™ yet.

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Placerville... CA

    Placerville… CA

    Back into the thick of life… compared with Halfway! So this is where everyone has been hiding this past month. Terlingua, Texas… he we come. But first, some tutorial from my friend Brian, I am going to be Internet literate very soon, I just feel bad that he has to put up with me these coming days…
    Used the “tent space” again, from Adv Rider’s Forum… camped here on 40 acres, gracious hosts Kurt and Evie. He even had to get his chain saw and start clearing some room for us! Many nice people left in this world, trust me on that.
    More pictures and our route is on the website...

    Enjoy and be well…

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Gold town of Coloma... CA

    The Gold Town of Coloma‘«™ CA

    First day on the road back to Texas, Terlingua! We are both so exhausted that we stopped early, I hope for a good night sleep. I think stumbling from the High Desert of eastern Oregon to the fire smoke and smog filled air of Placerville was too great of a shock for us. Add to the day hours of computer tutorial, a totally obscure path for me, a short circuit was imminent!
    We did find time to visit the little town of Coloma, check out the remains of this old Gold Town, and that was it! I am excited about that moment, in a few days, when, as we exit the last curve approaching Terlingua, my sight will focus on
    Big Bend!
    The links that I am working on are public, they are work in progress! There will not be much added till we stop moving for a bit‘«™ and I am wide open for suggestions! Check it out‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Through Mojave Desert... CA

    Not much rest, almost in Kingman today to visit‘«™ one more time‘«™ Mark and Angie‘«÷s family‘«™ maybe they will adopt us! It is only the third time we visit them‘«™
    It was hard not to stray while going through Mojave Desert‘«™ all those trails in sight, this incredible vast area, spectacular!
    And I will write this here also‘«™ I would like to invite anyone ‘«£that does not‘«ō have a Blog, to send me an article, with pictures, to be published in the magazine section of the website ‘«£My first hundred years‘«ō. It could be about your pet (s), a recipes, travels, motorcycle, truck, life itself‘«™ thoughts! I only ask for it to be ‘«£G‘«ō rated‘«™ I have many young readers and there is enough garbage out there, to put it bluntly! This will give an opportunity for anyone not having the ability, yet, to see their writing on the web‘«™
    You never know, you might decide after that to have your own Blog! I think the interaction will be nice and interesting for all. No strings attached‘«™ e mail me for more information if you like.
    Will be waiting‘«™

    In the meantime, you all be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    A weekend in Kingman... AZ

    A weekend in Kingman‘«™ AZ

    Not a detour, but coming through Phoenix I thought we would take care of a recall that could set the cruise control unit on fire‘«™ even when parked! First appointment?‘«™ December!!! Or leave the RV there for 3 to 4 days‘«™ How about moving in a Ford dealer for a while‘«™ I guess will keep this one on the list to do. Seven years later has not caught on fire‘«™ hope it wait‘«÷s a bit longer‘«™
    Great weekend in Kingman with Mark and Angie, a great ride to the West entrance of the Grand Canyon, the family, the animals‘«™ you name it as you can read about it on the website‘«™

    You all be well‘«™ we are in transit! Oh‘«™ managed to add a recipe‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Nice trip

    Looks like Rover likes his view. Thanks for posting photos and commentary.


    Randy Kasal

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    Arriving in Big Bend, Texas...

    Rover is ready for some hiking!!! Thanks...

    Arriving in Big Bend, Texas‘«™

    Familiar roads leading to Terlingua, a couple miles from the entrance of Big Bend Park, at the same time all new feelings discovering a terrain I feel never truly experienced as we will this time.
    The beat is off as the Dish is not working‘«™ first time now for 24 hrs. Worse things have happened, there is a Restaurant/Coffee Shop that has WI FI walking distance‘«™ as the last time we were here. What an irony!
    The weather? Just missed a nasty storm‘«™ good timing I guess as everything rocked and rolled overnight‘«™
    So, some pictures of the Journey down here on the website, and also a new articles submitted by a 9 year old rider from Louisiana, Brandon! What a great kid‘«™ and father team.

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit our website‘«™

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    The Mojave Desert picture is unbelieveable. Nice job!
    2009 BMW R12000RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerchef View Post

    Arriving in Big Bend, Texas‘«™

    Familiar roads leading to Terlingua, a couple miles from the entrance of Big Bend Park, at the same time all new feelings discovering a terrain I feel never truly experienced as we will this time.
    . . .
    Sweet! We just got back today too, to the Big Bend, to be greeted with all this greenery. In the desert!

    Feels like home.

    Thanks for sharing it so beautifully. Looking forward to more of your exploring and telling us all about it ; )

    See you soon.

    sMiling and at peace at our adobe
    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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