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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    Tioga Pass... CA

    Tioga Pass‘«™ CA

    A much anticipated ride since our last visit to Yosemite, the big loop through Tioga Pass, to 395 north and back through Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. Another ride not to miss, be ready for some photography as every curve is a new scenery. Many other riders going their own way, a popular destination. It was a long day since we came back that evening,
    a bit tired‘«™ but rewarded mentally from the ride.
    The story and pictures on the Blog.

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Route 84, the Delta... CA

    Route 84, the Delta‘«™ CA

    We sure spend a lot of time on such a short stretch of road‘«™ a few hours to cover the 18 mile round trip. There is just something about those 9 miles‘«™ different crops, the trees lining the road, the water pumps in old trucks running 24/7, the best for my sight?‘«™ the sprinklers themselves‘«™ you can hear them too as the traffic is minimal‘«™
    We did participate‘«™ ‘«£we‘«ō‘«™ at the ‘«£Good Morning Sacramento‘«ō TV show‘«™ channel 31, CBS‘«™ fast and faster one needs to be!!! But we had a great time‘«™ they ate‘«™ we did not!
    I have the video link on the Blog‘«™
    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    To the California Lost Coast...

    To the California Lost Coast‘«™
    Hard to post anything when in transit, specially when having to backtrack, actually push forward to load up on fuel and food and return‘«™ The Lost Coast of California is a surprise‘«™ How can such a vast area of this State be so desolate‘«™ rugged at the same time‘«™ I would call it ‘«£raw‘«ō.
    The next leg is to Seattle‘«™ but a few days here first! Looking forward to meeting Andy and his family‘«™ including the many dogs‘«™ I think Spirit will be in Heaven!
    The route and some pictures are on the Blog by now‘«™

    Enjoy and be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    More of the California Lost Coast...

    More of the California Lost Coast‘«™

    We like it here‘«™ a lot! Scenery, just a few campers, the beach everyday‘«™ awesome roads and, yes again, a Sunset every night!
    Hope you are not tired of them yet‘«™ however‘«™ I will give you a break on them and take one myself too!
    I also decided to offer my services!‘«™ Beemerchef is for hire! That is as a Personal Chef‘«™ dinners‘«™ parties‘«™ even classes, yes, to you... If and when in your area‘«™ or we can plan to be in your area. I am excited about this‘«™ I have been missing that part of my life.
    The Giant trees‘«™ the Beach‘«™ Spirit posing‘«™ all in the Blog with a new look‘«™ You like it?‘«™ My idea‘«™ You don‘«÷t like it?‘«™ Brian‘«÷s idea, Mr Computer‘«™

    You be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    it looks like you've got some great weather up on the North Coast.

    I do hope you'll get to see Avenue of the Giants.

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    The last Sunset, a true Gift... CA

    We did... we have... we will come back...!!!

    The last Sunset, a true Gift‘«™ CA

    We had to jump the gun as they say‘«™ and leave this am for Seattle. Exciting times ahead which will make this Journey a better one‘«™ a safer one.
    The last sunsets from last night‘«™ more big trees‘«™ you are all lucky that we actually left as I might not have spared you!
    From somewhere in Oregon right now‘«™ posted on the Blog.

    Be well‘«™

    and remember‘«™ Beemerchef for hire when in your area

    Ara and Spirit

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    Cage Rattler wezul's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Glen Ellyn, IL
    Spirit is well?
    I have to say I envy your journey, truly inspirational.
    Work your way east, we'd love to see you here in the Midwest.

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    Rig maintenance in Seattle... WA

    Thanks Wezul... eventualy we will get there!

    Rig maintenance in Seattle‘«™ WA

    They say it rains a lot here, in Seattle, and it must. It has been overcast, but we have been too busy taking the rig apart to notice much of it.
    The great news is that ‘«£Old Faithful‘«ˇs‘«ō transmission is fine‘«™ it is a big load off my mind.

    The dogs are having a blast playing, sometimes hard but always friendly.
    It is nice to see Spirit having a friend‘«™ I often thought about getting him a companion‘«™ but‘«™ where would he fit in the sidecar! I had a chance of it the other day when I was offered a Pit puppy!‘«™ white with black lips and an L marking on her neck.. Named ‘«£Lips‘«ō!

    No riding for a while‘«™ trying to stay busy to distract me from the thought of missing my daily ritual!‘«™ won‘«÷t be long.

    Will post the progress on the Blog with everything else that is and will be going on.

    Be well‘«™

    Don‘«÷t forget Beemerchef is for hire when in your area‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Theresa, WI

    Welcome in Wisconsin

    Hello Ara,

    I hope you and Spirit are well. When you make it this way you are welcome here. If this is in your future PM me for details. Tried the chicken and pasta recipe you showed the other day. The lime is the key.

    Ride Safe!!!
    2001 K1200LT "Zoot" RIP 10/14/2007
    2009 K1200LT "Angus"

    Cartoon Bears never wear pants!!

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    Heading back to Seattle...

    You are correct! The lime IS the key... prize behind door #1?... 2 or 3???
    Just went through Wisconsin today... wish I had more time... but as you might read... trying to hurry back... Spam Museum?... I will need to come back for that.

    Heading back to Seattle‘«™

    Mind games that Spirit is here‘«™ I hear and feel him, at the same time I get this ‘«£drop the stomach‘«ō notion at times‘«™ I will have to endure this two more days till our eyes meet again. Patience‘«™ I think more than that will be needed.
    1100 miles or so to go which will see me back in Seattle Saturday, not Friday as I had planned on. Driving is not my favorite past time!
    Had to be done‘«™ much more ahead.
    Enjoy the pictures in the Blog‘«™ as I finally stopped to actively find an Internet connection and take some time to write.

    Be well‘«™

    Beemerchef for hire if and when in your area!

    Ara & Spirit

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    53 sMiles south of Alpine, TX USA
    I'm so very glad to hear you and Spirit will soon be back together. What a trial this has all been.

    But for a purpose.

    See you in Wisconsin. Looking forward to your seminar there.

    sMiling in Park City, Utah
    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
    BMW MOA Ambassador / FOM / Roving Forum Moderator/
    Selected Friends of Wile E Coyote/ A Million BMW sMiles

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    Back to Seattle... reunited!

    Thanks Voni... Paul should enjoy this next picture!!! Hope... hope to see you soon!

    Back in Seattle‘«™ reunited!

    Feels good to be with my buddy again‘«™ even if he was a bit angry! How dare you leave me behind! Feels good to see‘«™ the rig again. Did I just say that or did Andy threatened me if I did not write this? The garage door was closed when I pulled in‘«™ good thing!
    It is all good‘«™ all of it! Tired‘«™ too much driving‘«™
    The rest is on the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Beemerchef is for hire if and when in your area‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Idling near Seattle... WA

    Idling near Seattle‘«™ WA

    One day at the time brings us closer to the new roads ahead of us‘«™ We are here thought, so laid back‘«™ further than most houses from the main road it feels like we are indeed camping out‘«™ the dogs are having a blast and much work ahead for both Andy and I‘«™ as I have been allowed to help!!! Yes‘«™
    A nice walk right here and some thoughts in the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    A Birthday in Seattle... WA

    A Birthday in Seattle‘«™ WA

    We are at a stand still tonight‘«™ Friday night‘«™ parts have not showed up as just about everything else has been done, reinforced‘«™ need the shocks back to get the rest going‘«™ all three of them! Managed to cook a nice dinner last night having come across a Cooper River Sockeye Salmon‘«™ fresh‘«™ caught Sunday. Some errands‘«™ more tomorrow again and will check out the town‘«™ ‘«£Enumclaw‘«ō‘«™
    It has been REALLY nice to get best wishes from so many! A real treat I assure you‘«™
    When are we getting back on the road? Most likely Wednesday‘«™ not a good day for it considering the Holiday weekend, but‘«™
    More on the Blog‘«™

    Be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

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    Enumclaw... WA

    Enumclaw‘«™ WA

    I don‘«÷t know about Spirit‘«™ but I can taste and see the finish line suddenly! If it was not for the rebuilt shocks shipped from Georgia ground instead of air‘«™ we would have been rolling by Monday for sure‘«™ Now? Maybe Tuesday evening‘«™ pull a late one!
    Anyhow I cannot leave this town till I have a piece of a pie from the ‘«£Pie Goddess‘«ō‘«™ You can see her on the Blog‘«™

    Till later‘«™ you be well‘«™

    Ara & Spirit

    ‘«™ and don‘«÷t forget, if and when in your area‘«™ would love to cook for you!

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