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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    My little Island of Paradise in Utah...

    My little Island of Paradise

    This inhabited stretch has become my little Island of Paradise these past few days and will be for a few more days to come... all is here and at the same time... nothing!
    Lots of vermillion was used in this past sunset... wish you would have all been here to experience it...
    The trout is a thing of the past... long gone now... you guessed it!... It was great... could taste its freshness with every bite.
    BMW of Las Vegas gave me some hundred dollar chips... their true value?... great service.
    The Blog will have it‘«÷s story!

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    A little ride in the neighborhood... Utah.

    A little ride in the neighborhood, Utah.

    I have the feeling that everyone wished to have a neighborhood like this one!... Right or left or north or south... great roads and scenery, hardly any traffic and there is a part of Utah that is not all red!
    A great dinner (at least they thought so...) for my friends Michael and Sandra, some playing time for Spirit and his buddies... it is all good... all in the Blog.
    In our conversations last night, we were wondering why get togethers are always where the crowd is!!! How about one right here...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    And all ends up well...

    And all end up well...

    School is never out just when we ‘«£might‘«ō think we are done... everyday new lessons are being provided, sometimes the teaching is kind, sometimes not.
    What started as, finally thinking of having one, a bad day, end up being a great one... solving obstacles... followed by a great ride... and a great night sleep as Spirit seems to be getting back on track....
    It is just part of everyday life on the road... we are not exempt from anything that you yourselves go through. The logistics are sometimes harder, but I would not trade this lifestyle with any other one... I know that some will agree after reading the Blog...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    A ride to Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyons, Utah.

    A ride to Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyons, Utah.

    So yes, I am a bit concerned about Spirit‘«÷s condition, it tears me up that he is still sick. Wish it was me instead... so hard to see and feel my helpless buddy! Time for a Doctor...
    We did do a ride yesterday, he was doing better then. As usual Utah provides some exciting sceneries and roads. Only wish the winds and the rains would stop soon... maybe tomorrow!
    More details on today‘«÷s Blog...

    You be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    Hi again Ara!

    Hope Spirit is doing well.

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    Yes Ara, still reading, watching and following along. Keep your spirits up and give Spirit a big hug for us.

    I wish I could be you... Hope he feels better tomorrow...
    "If you took the time to really get to know'd be wasting your time, because I'm exactly who you think I am"

    (Life comes at you pretty fast "Pay it Forward" - Have no regrets when the end happens)

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    Thumbs up tribute to spirit!!

    Ara, found this poem by Bernard Shaw, thought you might like it;

    Puppy Dog.

    "I gazed into those deep brown eyes,

    And was immediately mesmerised.

    A two-month-old puppy just for me alone,

    I knew that I must groom him and give him a home

    As he grew I taught him some tricks,

    I was the one that got the most kicks.

    I would get him to lie down and die for the Queen,

    That is a trick that most people have not seen.

    Every day we went for long walks,

    He listened carefully to all of my long-winded talks.

    Sleeping by the side of my bed,

    On his two front paws his wonderful head.

    A wagging tail told me that he was at ease,

    Just a wonderful dog that did me please.

    Food was no problem he ate what I gave,

    At the edge of my plate titbits I did save

    When my meal was finished I placed them in his nap,

    He gobbled them down as if to say there's a good chap.

    We were together for many a long year.

    To me he was someone very dear.

    If you get the chance to look into a Puppy's eyes,

    I just know that you are in for a surprise.

    It might be that you too will have found a true friend,

    Some one to help you your time to spend."
    Bernard Shaw

    following your adventure daily....
    Bob& Gwen

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    A healthier Spirit and a safer rig... +...

    Very very nice!!!... Thanks...

    A healthier Spirit and a safer rig, Utah... +...

    Unfortunately my Website had been down at times these past two days due to power outages in Vermont... I apologize for that. Was a bit surprised they do not have a generator...
    But it all just a matter of time... such as Spirit‘«÷s health. He received some good care yesterday and as usual acted like a gentleman only stunned by a crying baby lamb!!!
    The rig is much safer as you can see the work done on it... of the outmost quality!
    A great visit to the Dinosaur Discovery Center... hard to go back in time a couple millions of years!
    We are packing to head for California for a few days... with the hope that Spirit gets better by the day... if not, will track back.
    The outpour of concerns for Spirit has moved me more than anything else on this Journey, and realizing that so many great people are out there makes me want to get out and... mingle!!!
    Hope you enjoy today‘«÷s Blog...

    Be well...

    Ara and a healthier Spirit!

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    A road to Kernville, CA.

    One road to Kernville, CA.

    We are in Kernville, California, amongst many riders... friends from the past and making new ones.
    Cold... very cold, not handling it very well when it drops to the low 20's...
    Spirit is doing better everyday and probably wondering why ‘«£all those people‘«ō want to pet him!!! He did find a few pairs of legs to rub his back against and I am always thankful to anyone that is nice to him...Geode, Glenn... well, cannot blame him for bailing out, weather, distance... schedule... needless to say... ‘«£WHIMP‘«ō!!!
    There will be more in a day or two... have to get back to camp now, my friend Jkam just showed up!... surprise...
    You be well... enjoy...

    *** The picture above does not reflect my sentiments toward Spirit... just a sick sense of humor...

    Ara & Spirit

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    The road back to Utah...

    The road back to Utah...

    It was truly awesome to meet in person all the faces only labeled by a name for these past years...
    And at the same time, to be honest about it, my tolerance for sleeping in the freezing temps seems... well has!... diminished...
    As a couple of my new friends said... ‘«£it is age Ara!‘«÷. I will not deny it...
    The riders, sceneries, the roads, even the locals in Kernville made us feel so welcomed... we are on the way back to Utah to gather up the rest of my ‘«£stuff‘«ō, just to turn around and head back to another circle... the California Circle which comprises Death Valley Natl Park, Giant Sequoia Natl Monument, Sequoia Natl Park and Kings Canyon Natl Park... Give us a couple days and we will get there!... eventually...
    Till next time... you stay well.

    Ara & Spirit

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    The Extraterrestrial Highway... NV.

    The Extraterrestrial Highway, NV.

    We are back from Kernville and we are leaving for Kernville... Long story!!!
    It was a great, cold, and sometimes miserable ride back... but those bad moments are water under the bridge and all that remains are some great memories of the Extraterrestrial Highway...
    Did it flip my thoughts because of its name?... or the serenity of its vast quietness?
    Still thinking about it...
    And some pictures of it on the Blog...

    Enjoy and be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    Camping by the Kern River... and a great ride. CA.

    Camping by the Kern River and a great ride... CA.

    I guess last weekend‘«÷s get together took its toll... as we are back... a bit more north by the river, National Forest primitive camping... peaceful... and quiet, for now! The weather?... Riding to Glennville was an open vent jacket deal... incredibly pleasant.
    Sequoia is in the plans... will have to detour as the road from here is still closed... we are just settling in, as they say.
    Much more on the Blog in colors...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    After six months on the road... CA.

    After six months on the road... CA.

    Just realized yesterday... the 27th... six months since we left Georgia! Such changes, and feeling as more to come as the Journey takes its own character and personality.
    Nothing to celebrate about!... Just thoughts after thoughts crossing my mind...
    I am not one that could just ride and eat and sleep... seems like, as I have all my life, to be dedicated somehow to a purpose accomplishing something positive...
    Erasing the past path to create a new one and sharing it through my Blog has been a rewarding one... and with some hope will remain that way.
    Thank you all for your support... hope I get to write someday...
    ‘«£After 10 years on the road...‘«ō State and Country unknown for now!

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    A "must" do loop... CA.

    A ‘«£must‘«ōdo loop... CA.

    One of the most pleasant ride taken yesterday... could have been a frame of mind but I know that the terrain had a lot to do with it also. Constant change of scenery, friendly drivers waiving, great weather and nice breeze... Watched some kayakers having a blast and back to camp a bit early decided to do my own take on this ‘«£tri-tip‘«ō revolution so popular here!!! You be the judge on the Blog...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerchef View Post
    Watched some kayakers having a blast
    Ara & Spirit

    Before I read this I was looking very closely to see where Spirit was.

    2004 R1150GS 1978 R75G/S Frankenbike
    Gilbert, Arizona

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