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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    I found battery operated Chrismas lights to put on my bike, they are white, and kind of hard to pick up from the front. I found them in a craft store (AC More). They are cheap, like $3, need 2 C batteries. You turn them off/on by pulling out the battery!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer
    I found battery operated Chrismas lights to put on my bike, they are white, and kind of hard to pick up from the front. I found them in a craft store (AC More). They are cheap, like $3, need 2 C batteries. You turn them off/on by pulling out the battery!
    Barbara Hall must be very wise... love that saying!...
    Thanks for the tip... yes, batteries would be good... I will have to go to the nearest store... 80 miles... and see what I can find!... as I will be away from my camp around the holidays to up to the Basin meet some other campers...
    I also have in the trunk of the sidecar always a 600amp (!!!) power pack with 3 AC outlets in case I cannot find DC... exciting... it will make of some great pictures!

    Be well... Ara & Spirit

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    Lunch with Voni and Paul Glaves...

    It almost seems unfair to be here today... Friday... I remember the traffic jams... everyone getting ready for the weekend getaway... myself mentally abusing my mind to feed the hungry patrons of the late night restaurant scene... or trying to be the object of abuse by the capricious moods of the rich and not so famous billionaire clients, when catering in Naples, Florida, as a Personal Chef...
    The brain waves screaming ǣWOW... and ǣOH... or was it ǣHO... just dont cease... whichever direction I am headed the scenery is just on a constant overdrive, so much that I just wonder how can I describe my being here...
    But there was more today than just riding... seeing some familiar faces and a great time with Voni and Paul Glaves... and some... which I tried to put in words on my Blog...
    Tomorrow is another great ride, the river drive to Presidio... I hear stunning... keep tuning in!

    Be well... have a great weekend...

    Ara & Spirit

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    This is turning into an epic novel, please keep going, in fact never stop...
    "If you took the time to really get to know'd be wasting your time, because I'm exactly who you think I am"

    (Life comes at you pretty fast "Pay it Forward" - Have no regrets when the end happens)

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    Your photos are excellent. Great composition. You have a good eye.
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    Wow Great pics

    Love the places and pictures of the places you visited
    Exelent side car I camped out on the Cabot Trail so many stars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerchef
    It is a ǣcommute day for us... not a long one as I need to regroup and decide where I will make home for a while... Your comments, you should know, are always appreciated. And also... while in an area maybe interesting to you, if needing any information, just let me know. I will be happy to look it up... let me be your... traveling agent! I would say us... but Spirit is turning out to be a lazy bum on this Journey...
    Someone has to do it!... and write about it... this is your own backyard, accessible... right under your nose, no Oceans to cross, we all speak the same language, the food is good, the water drinkable... and how can you not love your... ATM!
    Lets see what you think after reading about it...

    Ara & Spirit
    I have done trips through this area many times. It is one of my favorite areas in the US. Did you get to do "The Slide" during your float trip?

    I worked at the Boquios Research Center in Big Bend long ago and your picture brings back good memorys of this area.

    Thanks for sharing this picture.


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    And it is Xmas Day on the road...

    There has been only one ǣno good weather day... and that was yesterday, I cannot even call it bad...
    Last night the wind must have been blowing at around 50mph... Mike and John, that was John by the way... not James!... took refuge in their truck... the tough girls, Anna and Becca endured somehow the night in their tent. Real troopers... From Chicago and Texas... would you expect any less?
    And the day cleared up and the ride was awesome... as usual... full report in the Blog...

    Hope you are all having a great day, Many Thanks to all the great wishes I received... it sure is nice to know that friends think of me...

    From Ara and Spirit... have a great one... and stay well...

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    Going to be hard leaving here...

    Some thoughts went through my mind this morning as I was reading VIVID1's ride report...
    I have been out of their shoes these days... but I remember how they fitted not so long ago. I live on the road, like Martha and Bob which I met today... we all ride... but there is more for us... we live on the road... there is no timetable... riding is primordial but it is not all, and, even from my past trips this is what I enjoy I have to say... riding has become the vehicle to able me living this life now with an array and multitude of other interests daily
    There is just something about Big Bend... I still remember reading a couple E mails send to me even before my decision to come here... they said ǣyou will fit right in... and I thought... what do they mean by that? Do I need to look at myself in the mirror? One cannot help wondering what is awaiting at the other end when such a comment is delivered.
    And I am starting to understand... my friends do know me well... like a puzzle I do feel like I was a missing piece. It feels like home... even some locals that I have met thought that I lived here!
    And it is almost like... I should! The riding?... well, it is endless my friends... ǣCroton Springs... ǣPaint Gap... those were two news roads yesterday!... and there is more... much more.
    There is a change today... There will be no link to SmugMug... In my search to improve this Blogging situation I found a better way to import pictures... and at the same time... I am still working on a website...
    Hope you like the Blog

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    Chef, I some how have missed your adventure. You go!
    I did the country for 11 months in 1982 on a 77 R100RS. I was ony 22 and it helped make me the man I am. Many years later I'm still on a BMW, and still have the wanderer in my soul.
    Thank you for allowing us to share your adventure.
    Please PM me if you come thru Phoenix AZ.


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    Chef, Great posts! Please keep them coming! A question for you; Why? Is this some sort of quest or are you on this trip to just be on this trip? It seems I missed a few pages somewhere. I guess you really don't need a reason to travel. If you are close to WI send us a messege so we can swap recipes.
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    The wheels keep coming...

    Why?... Why?... Not being smart but... "because I can?"... I can and at the same time it does not answer the question... I wil write why soon... in depth.
    Promise... it is complexe and simple at the same time... Thanks for caring.

    I found my original Big Bend National Park entrance map last night... it is dated the 12th of December... Have I been here that long?... I am taking roots... and still discovering the town, so unique... still discovering new riding... river beds are my new ǣthing as 98% of Texas land is privately owned... found myself sitting in Kathys office... some chairs around the fire ring in front of her Kosmic Xafe... for a couple hours... by the road... the local source of gossips... waiving at most cars passing by and meeting more strangers... everyone has a story... a couple professional photographers wanting to take some shots of the rig and Spirit... no, not of me!... and more riding... not a problem...
    More riding... and more riders are showing up... they want to see the ǣgirl that planted this destination in their mind... I am and have not be alone for a while now... and the company is awesome... including sharing some Pizzas for dinner... as it is written in the Blog...
    Busy... busy... busy... I keep saying... ǣI need a vacation...!
    Today will be my first ride through the State Park, back through the river road to get there... versus the National Park which I still have to finish exploring and probably will not, leaving some for the next visit.
    Till later... you be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    Not biting... but eating the dust!

    This is one of those days when you have to think by its end... any riding is better than none...
    When you have to think, well we made it, we build up character, fought the wind, the sand blowing... never reached our destination... but we rode! This was not all however... we met some riders that knew me... and I knew them too... from the Forums... go figure that one in the middle of nowhere.
    I might be wrong... geographically it is far down south... but I have stopped to think as Big Bend being in the middle of nowhere for many minds... there are been a sudden growth in the population!... and more to come... as you can read in the Blog...
    The rain has finally, for the first time since being here, arrived... I can now lay back and write!
    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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    Your writing style is compelling! I'm so glad you're sharing your adventure with us all.

    Hard to believe they had snow in Alpine today. Just 80 sMiles from you.

    Paul and I are back from our Christmas wander. See you soon.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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