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Thread: "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

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    "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey...

    It does not get much better than this... I still have not made it to Texas... changes... why not... no schedule... I am now allowed to do so, or not to do so! I am in New Iberia, Louisiana. Seems like I am never going to leave this State... at least I know that I will never go hungry... It is morning as I am posting this... a great ride and experience from yesterday... but my mind is already on lunch!... The weather has been cooperative, the rig is running good, I feel healthy and.. overweight. I have decided to spend 5 more days here, visiting friends and everything that surrounds me... including cooking a couple dinners for them. Can't loose my touch in the kitchen... My Blogging format is still not finalized... my own website is still under construction... and somehow I feel Christmas right around the corner... with no plans what so ever... Oh! well... might be a quiet one in some woods celebrating with Mother Nature this year...
    My stories are always on my Blog... hope you enjoy...
    Be well... Ara and Spirit

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    Sucking Heads?

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Will be checkin out the blog to see whats Cookin' continue having fun!
    Vespa ET4

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    Another great ride today...

    Today was a great day... it always is when nothing breaks down, the ride is good and the food even better... no rain always helps!
    A nice loop, the Tabasco factory, a great late lunch... what more can a homeless person and his dog asks for?
    It is all posted in today‘«÷s Blog with a lot of pictures... love that SmuMug!

    Hope you enjoy... Ara and Spirit

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    Ho for louisiana!!

    Went to the tabasco factory 3 weeks ago,nice that you can take away about as many 1/2 oz bottles of the red sauce as you want,free!!
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgr451
    Went to the tabasco factory 3 weeks ago,nice that you can take away about as many 1/2 oz bottles of the red sauce as you want,free!!
    Maybe they have changed the rules... they were 50 cents!...
    Did you do the gardens?...

    Be well... Ara and Spirit

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    Urgent need help and prompt reply from anybody anywhere. I m visiting Chile with the only purpose of watching the dakar race, All the info I had about the schedule is useles.Plublished in the official dakar page. I only managed to get a few pix in the enclosed compound in Antofagasta but nobody knows the routes,times they follow in between the cities. I m in valparaiso now and I m willing to go anywhere in order to see part of the race. PS next year we are riding from vancouver canada to chile if anybody interested to share a container to ship bikes back let me know mario

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    Sorry cannot help you Mario... hope someone else will...

    Paint Gap Rd, Big Bend. Tx

    A clearing in the weather? We are out there in a heartbeat‘«™ we are out taking advantage of it. Not today‘«™ The pattern has changed here, what were days in and days out of good weather is just no more. This is actually the second day raining while I write this and as I had planned to ride to the Mariscal mines in the Park, even with some sunny skies projected for tomorrow, we might have to wait for the unpaved roads to dry.
    But we did have a chance to hang out on Paint Gap Rd for a day, just a couple miles off the main road, far enough to enjoy the serenity and silence surrounding us. The road calls for high clearance but overall a decent one, only for a short time we had to crawl the hack a bit hitting the skid plates here and there. It is a road and so Spirit was able to ‘«£legally‘«ō hike with me, those are the roads we will look from now on. A few photos were fun here and there, specially when turning around with the Chisos in sight. We did not meet anyone that day, I know all this will change soon.
    I am depending more and more on my SPOT and SAT phone in deeper more isolated areas with rougher roads. Having the Ranger‘«÷s phone number and also giving them my web share page as with the short days and cool night we are out of there by the time they close. As most should know, this is rugged country not to be taken lightly.
    Enjoy the photos‘«™
    Be well, always.
    Ara & Spirit

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    The Oasis of my Soul

    The Roads less traveled. TX

    The going to Midland was definitely more exciting than the return yesterday. Never thought I would want to get off the road so often bugged down by pain and medication, as the side effects of anti swelling and anitbiotics are just as bad as anything else including the traces of some anesthesia that will probably linger for a while. All is behind now as I am thinking a bit more of those nostalgic roads we took, adorned quite often with what was once in the past a richer one, today dwindling with old cars and trucks and caved in dwellings left behind. I keep wondering if ‘«£all that‘«ō will also change some day or will the next traveler 100 years down the road will still witness the same memories.
    I think these coming days we will just recupperate and try to gain some strenght back. Spirit on the other hand needs to spend some of that strenght, he has been so patient awaiting and waiting some more, supporting me with his kind temperement, if only those eyes could talk louder.
    The weather, besides some very strong winds, is cooperating, a bit of warmth is always good and sunshine has also a way to recharge those batteries depleted these past days. Could have been time on my hands or just feeling the few photos on the Journal would fit the days in black and white better, that is the format they are in.
    Enjoy and be well. Ara & Spirit

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    Wonderful photos as usual! Always like "checking in" to see what is new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    Wonderful photos as usual! Always like "checking in" to see what is new.
    Thanks JD... never a dull moment you know...

    Six Years ago, today. TX

    The ride through our days can so much differ from time to time, from day to day. Quiet it has been lately, trying to get over the surgery which has hit me a bit harder than thought, quiet also has been reliving the day when Lance departed six years ago. He went on his own ride and yet he has never left me. He is daily part of my driving force on this Journey of ours, it is never only the motorcycle, the sidecar with Spirit's presence, a camera, Mother Nature, Friends and new experiences, it is ‘«£him‘«ō always by my side with a promise made I will not break. ‘«£I will go on‘«ō, that is the one. I use to be very angry just a few years ago, always felt as being targeted as the one having lost their only child, but today, on this Day, my Heart also goes for the many others that have lost their Loved ones and are also on the ride of their Lives. I spoke with a Friend near by yesterday, a very fanous photographer that has lost his own Son only a year ago, we so much understood each other as we called ourselves members of the ‘«£Tough Club‘«ō, not the ‘«£Elite Club‘«ō as I use to think. As yes, it is tough and as much support as I receive from others I try on this Day to also give back to the ones needing such support themselves.
    I should have run out of words throughout these times, but I do not as the steps climbed always present an expression of feelings unknown before.
    Be well...
    Ara & Spirit

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    A Canvas of so many Spaces. TX

    I often wonder throughout these present times if my words to myself makes any sense. Lets face it, the weather has yet to be conductive for farther destinations as ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō always provide us with the needed shelter, as even today, planning a few days toward ‘«£Chinati Hot Springs‘«ō, will be curtailed by a rainy forecast and heavy winds. So there is more thoughts that linger versus more miles taken. There are more local rides and more seeing familiar faces in the surrounding also familiar neighborhoods. As this past Saturday when stumbling on a free BBQ at the Ghost Town Park in Terlingua. Of course ‘«£free food‘«ō is always welcome, even better when it is good as this might have been the best brisket I have ever had, and the icing on the cake being the familiar faces which I already know we will not see as soon we will be moving on, the northern spaces awaits us. A bit of Music as there is always a Musician or two, or three that day for that matter, ready to entertain us and play their chords together, interesting conversations and some pondering while looking around at the many faces present. Listening to a happy traveler, also hearing another unhappy one, it was all part of the day while Spirit with his nose up into the wind could only wish some of that brisket would find it's way toward him! The years I notice are going by as I looked at the cast present. Some are a bit slower then past times, some are a bit more thoughtful then past years, it is always the present reality that makes up this Space we are in ourselves and makes it so interesting.
    More black and whites... I found them being more suited for the occasion.
    Be well... always, Ara & Spirit

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    Much to be ‘«£Thankful‘«ō for. TX

    ‘«£They say‘«ō it has been the coldest winter, it has been the wettest January in these past 25 years and I can attest to it. Which means next winter will be real nice? The rain came down in buckets and suddenly like magic the skies opened up, we ran outside, photos, splashin in the mud, even Spirit who does not care much for water (as he was abused with a fire hydrant) was just like a kid running and jumping. We could have paddled for sure that day... Maybe next time a surfboard for him pulled by Old Faithful. We did manage to get out the next day and run up to ‘«£Sotol Look Out‘«ō in the Park, it is my point of meditation, it is my getaway from our getaway, the ultimate breathing station.
    I am starting to again feel human for the first time this morning. Maybe those chemicals from the 3 hour of anesthesia are finally dissipating. All I can say is that it feels good. Bright sunny day, will probably be in the low seventies, the winds are predicted all the way up to 20mph, probably more. I will take that over much of the past weather we have had.
    I took the opportunity this time around to ‘«£thank much‘«ō everyone that has helped us through thick and thin in more ways than one including all our sponsors as I started writing about them having not realized they were quite a few landing a hand in products and otherwise that keeps us going.
    Till next time... Be well.
    Ara & Spirit

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    looks like good stuff. be safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by criminaldesign View Post
    looks like good stuff. be safe.
    We try.... Thanks...

    A ride through the Ghost Town of Shafter. TX

    It all started with a such different thought. Camping at the Hot Springs in Chinati, but we end up riding the paved loop through Marfa, down to Presidio and back to Terlingua on River Road, one of my favorite. A tire needing changing wanting to keep off too many miles of rocky terrains, much on my mind filled with thoughts, thoughts written into my Journal yesterday, we yet have to make it to those Hot Springs. Shafter, the Old Ghost Town was the highlight, besides a couple slices of the great ‘«£white pizza‘«ō from the ‘«£Pizza Connection‘«ō in Marfa.
    Not many changes in Shafter, of course not, the changes happened years ago. Much information is on the Internet, one site even has some good old Texas Music. There is always however something new to see and experience, some new photos, old is always as new everytime if and when we return to a past space.
    It is going to be one more round trip to Midland this week, the last one. Finally. Then on to another Dentist in Valentine. It is that time to get reorganized. It is as always that trigger happy time on the horizon that will see us leave for new destinations, and as usual missing ‘«£The Oasis‘«ō as soon as we leave. I yet have to figure that one out.
    Not much else is new, a couple nice days and now bracing ourselves again for more cold temperatures, they are even talking about some snow. It has been the coldest and rainiest winter here in 25 years the local Ranchers are saying. Sure builds up some character and yet, we have nothing to complain about when I look at the Northern weather maps!
    Be well... always.
    Ara & Spirit

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