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Thread: BMW R27 carb problems

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    BMW R27 carb problems

    I have a 1961 R27 I just bought receintly.

    It starts very hard when cold, usually I have to push it but after it warms up a little, as little as around one block, it starts good.

    But when I am riding it and stop it increases in speed when it is idling. It runs down the road great.

    I have had the Bing Carb apart two times. Everything looks good the slide spring seems good and the slide works good. I checked the throttle at the grip and it seems to be working good also. The last time I had it apart it put gas in the float bowl to see of the float would float and it seemed to do that also. I don't know these real good but I am learning. Thanks for any help.

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    Air Leak

    It seems possible to me that you have an air leak between the carb and the head. it is not uncommon for folks to overtighten the 2 nuts holding the carb on and bend the "ears" of the carb. This leak causes very hard starting. To fix it you can either _
    1 take the carb off and use a glassplate and grinding compound to make the mating surface flat again.
    2 take the carb off and put some soft gasket cement on the gasket/heat blocker on the studs - then put the carb back on.
    Hopefully this helps.

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    more info in profil.
    MT helmet

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