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Thread: BMW Streetguard 2

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    BMW Streetguard 2

    C'mon...someone please tell me you either have this jacket or have tried it on.

    Thinking about purchasing the jacket and pants.

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    Have it, love it.

    I bought mine earlier this year and it is excellent. I have both pants and jacket. I do miss the number of pockets that I had with my Kilimanjaro jacket, but I have found spots for everything I need to carry just the same. I had to go to the tall sized pants to get a long enough leg, but went with the regular jacket. The odd thing is, the long connecting zippers are not the same length, the short ones are though, not a big deal as I don't use either anyway, but something to consider if you mix and match the sizing. The pants do fit snug at the hips, the waist is fine. I could have gone up one size likely, but the snuggness is not a problem now that the suit is broken in and not as stiff. The pants have a padded area in the seat, much like bicycle shorts. This made a huge improvement in comfort over longer ides. I never developed the dreaded monkey butt even on long days in hot conditions. The suit is very well made and looks great. I like the fact that it has some style intead of looking like a bulky sack like so many suits.

    The armour is good, it's not too bulky or uncomfortable. It is all molded for better fit, and it seems to be well positioned for protection. The knee pads can be adjusted for position to make sure they are correct. The material and stitching seems quite robust, and should stand up to a tumble. There is a generous reflective strip front and back of the jacket for night time visibility. As a bonus, it is also decorative in the daytime as it is not just a big ugly stripe of sewn on tape. It is actually a styled band of reflective fabric.

    I find the suit to nice and warm which is a prioity for me up here in Canada. In early spring and late fall, I used the liners in the suit as well as my Gerbings jacket liner and found it to be quite comfortable even at around the freezing mark. The liners are bit fussy to get fastened in, mainly at the cuffs, so switching them in and out regularly would not be ideal. The jacket has a zip off storm collar that adds a bit more neck protection in colder temperatures, it's simple to add and remove. It does a good job, but reduces your range of motion for turning your head a bit.

    During the warmer months, I left the liners out, using just the gerbings as a jacket liner for the cool mornings. I found the pants to be fine without any extra layers in the summer. The jacket vents fairly well, but it wouldn't be great in real hot climates. The pants are fairly warm as they have no venting at all. I wear a pair of light microfiber shorts underneath so I can strip the pants off in public when taking a rest break. Not too bad when you're riding (unless you're stuck in traffic). The heat reflective technology of the fabric does seem to have some effect. I didn't notice as much heating from the sun on hot days as I used to with my First Gear suit.

    I never had any water penetration, but I also didn't have any real torential rains to ride through this year. I did ride in some light rains, and the water beads up and runs off the material with very little absorbtion. Once you stop and shake off the droplets, the suit is quite dry. I have washed the suit a couple of times, the second time I treated it with Nikwax to help retain the water resistance. I never noticed any water leaking in around the edges either, but there again never experienced heavy rain.

    Overall, this is a great three season suit. For me, that means spring, summer, fall with winter being out of the question for riding. In a hotter climate it would mean fall, winter, spring, with a better vented suit for the really hot summer riding.

    So on a scale of one to ten:

    Fit and finish ------- 9
    Protection --------- 8
    Warmth ------------ 9
    Venting ------------ 5
    Water resistance ----9 (at least in moderate conditions)

    Overall Rating ------ 8
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
    2008 K1200GT, 2009 F800GS
    I can't wait to retire and have a fixed income. The one I have now is always broke.

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    Thank You Ed.

    Man...that is the the most extensive and thorough review regarding riding gear I have read on here, or any forum for that matter . Very nice.

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