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Thread: ON looking for tech articles

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandypants View Post
    Know a lot about Oilhead tech?
    Plan on wrenching this winter?
    Enjoy writing?

    The Owners News is looking for technically proficient people who know how to wrench to share their knowledge. If you are interested in writing one or more technical articles and explaining anything from simple maintenance to complex repairs, please e-mail Please be prepared to submit photos of your project, and captions explaining what is in the pictures.
    Maybe speak to this Gentleman.
    Much of this stuff translates to other oilheads.


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    97 r1100r oil head air in brakes or bad master cylinder???

    I bought my roadster new in 98 and have 51k on it changed brakes twice have abs and speed bleeders never had a problem till now. changed brake fluid and bled fronts no air but after now have to pump handle to stop and now no resisitance brake lever goes all the way to the stop?? Does this sound like air or bad master cylinder??? how to get air out???? Thanks in advance from Texas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhood1960 View Post
    Any ideas on after market seat to fit my r1150rt? I slide into the tank and its uncomfortable.also any feedback on driver backrest?
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    Here is another link to a pictorial on lubing the splines for an 02 1150 RT. It also includes several other threads and pictorials on the procedure.

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    I am a good wrench but have a difficult time articulating on paper, pics i have. tons.
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