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I'll make a comment here:

As a regular contributor for over ten years - the hardest part of writing my column is figuring out what to write about - what the topic should be.

So - if you have information you would like to see covered in Benchwrenching email me at paul.glaves@mindspring.com with your request. I might not get to it immediately but I will try. Some of your suggestions might not work because there are some topics I don't know enought about to do a reliable column. But ......
How about getting some of the many aftermarket doo dad people to write a few articles on how to install their product on the bike. I read somewhere the average rider spends an additional $2,000 on accessories within the first year. I for one have bought hard cases, a trunk, several wind screens, additional lights, and the list goes on. I usually have to scour the few good websites devoted to our cause for creditable advise. It would be nice to have an article or too on the stuff we can get for our bikes.
Just a thought -
PS - any info on BLUETOOTH helmets from NOLAN?????? That looked really cool..... no more wires......


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