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Thread: 2003 K1200GT - Rear brake pads change - pin without retainer clip style

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    2003 K1200GT - Rear brake pads change - pin without retainer clip style

    I changed the rear brake pads for the first time. Good experience and all said, but I should have just left them alone. The other pads were good enough just as the dealer told me.

    Well, being a skeptic and given a rainy day, something has to be taken apart.

    It started youtube videos. A couple found LT and and RS version, not exactly my brake but the concept was ok. Printed out the torque numbers 24Nm, I has referenced. I got a wire ready for hanging the caliper from the frame. Soapy water ready to clean the brake dust. I pulled the side panel off, moved the coolant tank to get into the brake reservoir. Pulled some out some brake fluid to avoid overflow compressing the pistons.

    Picture 1 shows first problem. I couldn't get the caliper out because it hit the wheel. Not enough room. I wasn't about to remove the wheel. Quitting was preferred. More rain and thunder outside. An idea hit....get them from the top.

    Picture 2, second problem was removing the plastic cover and for the life of me could not find a retaining clip on those pins. Not front, not back. Nowhere. Quitting again was preferred.

    When all else fails use a hammer. Surprisingly, one of the pins moved out hitting from the back. I saw the U shaped retaining clip and assumed I broke it off inside. Well once I create a problem, more hammering is the solution. The other pin might as well match. That second pin came out. I figured I sheared off both clips.

    A couple other parts went flying, but I had a picture before hand and not too complicated to know where they went.

    Soapy water to wash out the dust. Pistons pushed in with hand pressure. Brake grease probably not needed, but available and used. New pads back in, and pins put back after cleaning. As for the U shaped retaining clips, I guess that is the new style I hadn't seen on videos. The plastic cap seems to also retain the pins from sliding out.

    Final pictures, show that I should have left them alone. Pads had plenty of life.

    This post is just incase you run into the non-clip pins. The plastic cover must keep them in place.

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    2003 K1200GT

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    All Kbikes from 1983 to 2004 use that style rear caliper. The front calipers have changed several times in that time.

    The plastic cover does NOT hold the pins in. The cover comes off by slightly spreading it with a screwdriver.

    If you look at your second photo, you can see the pin retaining ring on the left pin just outside of the caliper. When the pin is driven in, so that ring expands on the otherside of the hole in the caliper, it is retained.

    I do not believe that grease is recommended any where on brakes.


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    It's been a while since I pulled pads, but as I recall those ring clips on the pins serve a purpose in locating and securing the pins. And you're right, the plastic cover serves to help keep the pins in place since there should be no serious side forces exerted on them.
    The bigger issue is what were you thinking? Those old pads look good as new!

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    Yep, brakes were fine as is. I should have left them alone. Rainy day gave me a chance to use a wrench in the garage. I now have a new skill.
    2003 K1200GT

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