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Thread: Can I tow my K75RT?

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    Can I tow my K75RT?

    I have a 1992 K75RT and a motorcycle receiver hitch tow caddy. I've towed a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650SR (chain drive) over 2000 miles with no problem but am wondering if I can tow the BMW (shaft drive of course) without damage. Thoughts?

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    There have been a few threads on this. I take it you are thinking front wheel up and rear on the pavement?
    If I can recall correctly, the consensus was no. There were some technical reasons why but for me it just looked like the whole drive train ws being "loaded" in the wrong direction.
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    What he said. Time to get a full on trailer.
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    Being towed, the output shaft will be spinning even with the transmission in neutral. The nose-up positioning of the bike will leave the front bearing of the output shaft vulnerable to insufficient lubrication. I would not advise doing it.
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