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Thread: R100R - Single to dual front disk/brake conversion

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    R100R - Single to dual front disk/brake conversion

    Hello friends!

    I am IDNO (in desperate need of) a BMW R100R. So far very few of these bikes have come up for sale and when they do they are (for some strange reason) mostly 1992 models with the single front disk/brake and according to most literature i've read online, the most likely model year to suffer from the "missing circlip" transmission issue.

    This last issue is obviously something one can not do much about unless you start having problems and hearing weird sounds from the transmission. I have not heard of many who proactively overhauled their bikes to see if the circlip was indeed missing, fix it and restore peace in their minds. Usually, it is like pray it won't affect your bike, but if you do you bite the bullet and cough up a minimum of $1,500 or more depending who is the

    But ... the single front disk/brake is an obvious issue and for most riders that I've asked, it is definitely recommended if not necessary for the R100R.

    So my question is: Has anyone added a second disk/brake up front to a R100R? If yes, is it an easy/inexpensive (compare to the added benefit) upgrade OR again it is a complicated and expensive retrofit job?

    I know desperation is a bad counsel but since the bike I want never comes up for sale, I decided if I find a 1992 R100R in really good shape I will buy it, upgrade the brake and worry about the circlip ...later.

    What do you guys and gals think?

    Thank you for the feedback!

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    I was doing a site search with google and ran across this Marketplace ad...not sure if it's still available:

    And the transmission thing is really no big deal. Just routinely check your transmission fluid and what might collect on the drain plug. When you start to see more than fuzz, then it's time to consider taking the transmission out and having it looked at.

    Ran across this discussion about the R100R Mystic:
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