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Thread: Suggestion on heated grips for '78 R100

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    Suggestion on heated grips for '78 R100

    Looking for opinions on grips and installation, draw on electrical system, any other concerns.

    Thanks in advance -

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    Get the factory retrofit kit if you still can.
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    Aftermarket heated grips

    [QUOTE=chasemotorman;852643]Looking for opinions on grips and installation, draw on electrical system, any other

    I installed heaed grips on my 1982 R100RT for less than $50. You can buy heater elements that install under your existing grips. I used a relay that i found a spot for in the headlight bucket. Wired it to a circuit that is only live when the bike is running so you don't drain the battery if you forget to shut them off. I did install a piece of shrink sleeving over the handlebar on the left side so i didn't lose all the heat to the bar itself. If i had to do it again the only thing i would do different would be to purchase the kit for a quad instead of a motorcycle. The motorcycle kit has a reduced power element on the throttle side because most motorcycle throttle tubes are plastic but the bmw ones are metal. The lower power is noticeable when its really cold. It's been 2 years now and it still works great.

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    Aerostich has some is a wrap that might give you a chance to experiment without making any huge changes.
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