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Hello to all, don't know if this is the right place for this comment but here goes, been 6-8 months since i was able to get to the forum on my apple laptop, thru Safari, called and talked to the MOA office, can't remember what they told me, or might not have been computer savvy enough to know what they were telling me. Wasn't having problems with any other forums, at the time, but recently like yesterday, couldn't navigate on other websites, namely cycletrader, landwatch, etc,,. Took my computer to the computer doctor, lol changed my browser from Safari to Firefox, so far she's running like a Swiss watch. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, changing browser has been the fix for mine. Just passing some info along, hope this helps anyone, and to the staff of the MOA thanks for keeping our website running smoothly.
When I started using a Mac a few years ago I didn't like Safari at all and after doing some reading I switched to Firefox and have been largely happy with it. I have discovered, though, that occasionally some web sites won't work correctly, things won't display in the right size or not at all. One example is my city's fill-in and print income tax form. I've learned that often if I turn off Firefox and then try to open it in Safari things work just fine. YMMV