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Thread: Side trip to AK

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    Side trip to AK

    My girl and I are looking for fellow members who might be interested in a post-rally trip to Alaska (my home, where I haven't been in a while).

    A couple of ideas: 3-day ferry to Seward and ride out, or ride up and take the ferry out. Some of that depends on the ferry schedule, of course.

    The other obvious option is to ride up AND back, though I suspect time constraints (job, etc) may get in the way.

    Feel free to respond here if interested.

    Scott Yeager
    '00 R1150GS

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    Hi Scott
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    When are you thinking of going?


    P.S. Hi Dave

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    You are going to Seward from ?
    From Juneau they don't run very often.
    I would take the ferry up and ride back. If you ride up and get delayed getting to Seward you may have a long wait for another ferry.
    I did the Ferry from Bellingham, WA to Juneau, AK then Juneau to Seward and a ride back in 2001.

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    Hiya, Mr. Swider... you in for a SoCal run this coming weekend?

    The ferry runs from Prince Rupert, BC to Seward over three days, turning around the same day with returns every two weeks. Thus, having not checked the specific schedules, it's conceivable that we COULD catch the boat and get the bikes tied down the Monday after the rally (which gives us time to pack up and get our buns up to PR).

    I'm from Kenai, so I figger a couple of days up there touching base with a few folks... it also just happens to be the perfect time for you sport-fishing types to hook into some of the best silver salmon around on the Kenai River.

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    Here is where you'll find the AMH schedule.

    I assume you're talking about after the rally?


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    Correct - post-rally. However, the ferry schedule is typically dependable only three or four months prior to your travel schedule, so what's on the AMH web site now is not likely to be in effect at rally time.

    The post-Jan 1 schedule should be fairly solid, though.


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    I'm certainly interested. I am also interested in spending some time in AK as well.


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