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Thread: 1968 photo of 1968 BMW motorcycle

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    1968 photo of 1968 BMW motorcycle

    I was sorting through some old slides recently and came across some photos I took in August 1968 of a brand new, unsold Granada red R60US at Harder's Sales and Service, Janesville, Wisconsin. I scanned them with my Nikon Coolscan V into very large digital files. I scaled a couple down to 800 pixels wide and here they are:

    There has been some discussion recently among friends about what parts came through on slash-2s in the special color when a special color was ordered. This should resolve some of that. The frame and sheet metal parts are red, as are the side stand, center stand, and the tire pump. Foot pegs, rear brake pedal, and the battery holder are black. This conforms to how my original, fully documented Dover white 1967 R60/2 is painted.

    Note, too, that this bike has the offset red indicator light, but does not yet have the U.S.-mandated side reflectors.

    Click here to see more photos.
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    Thank you for the pictures. I also appreciated your article in the October issue. Very well done. Please give us more.

    The world of restorations is truly a special one. I for one admire from the sidelines as I do not have the ability to attempt such work.
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    Great photos Jeff! Does your Dover white bike have a black or Dover white air pump?

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    WOW! Those bikes are so cool as they were simple and pretty reliable for their day. Thanks for posting.

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    Incredible to see these beauties captured in time. The additional photos are just as outstanding. Thanks for posting.
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    Great pictures. Love the contrast with the pale green background.

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    What's interesting to me is how bright the engine casing and valve covers are on that unsold red US model. I often see restored /2s today and think the owner has gone too far in that regard --too much bead blasting, or whatever-- but I can see now I was wrong. I bought an R69S in 1967 and, like you, probably have some old slides of it when it was new or nearly new. I recall one taken against the painter's palette in Death Valley, another on the Angeles Crest Highway, another in the snow in eastern Washington, and some more taken during the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think you've set me off on a hunt. Mine had Wixom bags and the full-enchilada top and bottom Wixom fairing. If I can find those pictures, I'll also learn what I looked like back then (not sure I'm ready for that).

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