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Thread: Cross Canada trip - 27000 km

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    Cross Canada trip - 27000 km

    Hi all,
    Recently completed a cross Canada road trip this summer with my wife.
    3 months on the road riding 2-up on my '04 R1150R.

    I posted a few pics from each province at

    Nothing this big planned for this summer, but we have the travel bug now and have started thinking about a 6-month trip, possibly to South America, in 2009.

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    Great trip and site.

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    Great Post

    Wow, that's a great first post. Welcome. I loved your pictures. Reminds me why I am so happy my sons now live in Vancouver, BC and Boulder, CO. And they thought they would get away from Mom.


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    What a fantastic trip that must have been! Great job with the pictures and your web site. Thanks for sharing!

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    What a great website and pics...thank you, loved the AK pics. That bear looked as though he may be considering you for

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    Sweet. Welcome to the forum! Pay no attention to the bickering posts, and entertain us with your fine ride reports!

    Two up, with gear, cross country, that is impressive!
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    x country trip


    A labour of love for your first post and thank you for all your work; it was very enjoyable.

    No criticism intended, and I am not certain, but your main street picture of Jasper, I think, is Banff, with Cascade Mountain in the background (named after the famed Banff bar).

    You'll be able to remember this trip for your entire lives.

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    You're not the only one who won't forget that trip. That's one for the record books. That's great that you had all that time and a wife who loves to ride on the back. I read your whole post and I'm looking forward to heading to British Columbia next summer to find some of those roads and places you showed.


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    What a fantastic time you two experienced! I was in and out of the house today and each time that I was in, I read your diary and then your photographs. I had planned on doing a west coast trip through the US and then back through Canada to Ontario next summer. Your trip has me thinking of maybe concentrating more on the Canadian side of the border.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Paul F. Ruffell
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    One of my dreams is to ride across Canada, from NB to BC.

    I see you were in Labrador. How are the roads up there? Is there a way to go from Labrador into Quebec without taking a ferry? Assuming that you can do it on a 'normal' bike, not a GS going down roughdirt roads for extended miles.

    My idea is to go up through NB (my wife is from the Miramichi), cross to PEI, do NS, then take a ferry to The Rock and a ferry to Labrador, then ride on through to Quebec and Points West... Is that feasable?
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    You are great riders and deserve THE LONG WAY ROUND AWARD..

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    I understand skipping Nunavut 'cause there's no roads there, but what do you have against the Northwest Territories? Something wrong with The Great Slave Lake??

    So, to get technical, you rode all the Canadian provinces with roads, and Alaska!

    Darned good -- and this summer you can take a side trip to Yellowknife on the way to the rally in Wisconsin.

    Great trip, super photos! (Insert smiley for "Really Jealous" here)
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    Thumbs up Outstanding!

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to share that ride with all of us!
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    Well Done!

    Hey fellow riders you don't have to have a back-up van or an entourage to make spectacular journeys. Check out their webpage especially the detail of what they brought with them. Very functional but very helpful - right down to the type of batteries for their cameras.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Wow! What a fantastic adventure! Thanks so much for sharing your great website with us and welcome to the forum.

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