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Thread: Tour Master Flex Jacket

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    Tour Master Flex Jacket

    Anyone have any experience with or know anything about the Tour Master Flex Jacket. I was told it is a replacement for the discontinued Tour Master Advanced Sport Jacket.

    Looks good on paper.

    Kerrville, Texas

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    I've got one

    I love mine. Bought it this June when I got back into riding.

    It's pretty comfortable, and I've used it in weather from 100 degrees to 40 degrees and up to highway speed in both temps. It performed well across that range. With an electric liner I could see using it year round. The outer shell took some getting used to at first (a lot of zippers to detach/attach) but it's nice to be able to remove it in hot weather and have basically just mesh and armor. Airflow is pretty good in that mode.

    I haven't worn it in any real rain yet, just some sprinkles, so I can't speak to it's water repellent ability.
    Jim Titus
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