Pardon me a moment while I rant a bit. Just got back from the annual ABATE toy run to Children's Hospital in Philly. We go each year because my husband works there and is heavily involved in the planning. Besides, it gives me a good healty dose of aggravation to carry me past all the daily little things.

It's billed as the largest toy run in the nation with an estimate of 100,000 bikes. Besides our two BMW's, I saw a whopping two others. This year, we were supposed to ride in the parade in the VIP section. Now it's not that I want to feel special riding with the VIPS. I just don't care to ride with the chuckleheads - of which there were about 80,000. The sad part is that each year, there is a certain group, i.e. gang, that insists they ride in the front. For the past three years, they've actually waited for the parade to start, then blocked traffic so that they could all pull out in front. They forget that this is about the kids, not about trying to improve their image on local tv. During the line up, I was suprised to see so many vendors -- including the one selling beer on the street at 10:00 am. Hey, I'm no prude but I don't feel that's the right thing to do. The laughable one was the vendor selling beanie helmets. As if most people there would wear them!

Because of my husband's position, we end up staying for the entire event. I have to say it is somewhat amazing to see so many people/bikes all giving generously. But there are still the ones that forget about all kids watching from the windows upstairs. To see the joy on some of thier faces is worth the aggravation but I'd still like to see some of these idiots think of something other than themselves.

Ok, I feel better now!