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Thread: Happy 2007!

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    Smile Happy 2007!

    Started all my bikes today, moved the battery chargers around-
    got me to thinking about rally time!
    There are so many of you(us?) that I see every year- and nowhere else, til next time-
    The national has become such a habit, it comes to mind with the changing seasons, like spring flowers or anything that comes with the warming sun.
    I don't connect with most of you in the 'off season'- too busy with the details of winter here in the Vt woods.

    Still, the thought of you brings a smile every time! You are all special friends-

    Ride safe & warm- and best wishes for a safe & happy '07!

    PS- Gordon Lightfoot would absolutely rock! Could we get the Bop-A-Dips to open? (Ha! If you don't know, you weren't there! But they were good-)
    Now, how to get there....haven't been around the north side since the ' was all dirt; wonder if it's all paved now?
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    Howdy, Phil! Good to see you've survived the winter so far.

    BTW, my grandson really got a kick out of the albums!
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    Howdy Phil-

    I raise a Martini to you.

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    First ride of 2007 today on the 1150. Been many, many years since I've been able to get out of my driveway in January, Feb or even March.
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