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Thread: helmet advice????

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    I have had several diferent typles and makes of helmets. I even "tested" one. My mistake but the bike was totalled anyway. The helmet was a an Arai Quantum. I didn't even realize I had hit my head until I looked at the ding on the surface of the helmet. Knocked out a chunk of the surface covering - whatever it is. Anyway, the impact was in the temple area. I have read - maybe you have too - that flip up helmets are bad in this type of impact.

    From my limited research, I believe that the SNELL rating is much better than the DOT rating. Any helmet that is SNELL rated will be as good as you can get from a safety standpoint. Of course, a full face will protect better than a "skid lid".

    As for noise, I have found that a helmet that is too big is noisier than a helmet that "fits".

    How do you find a fit? The only way I know of is to go to a store with a big selection and try on several.

    Don't be afraid to get one that is quite snug. It has to be somewhat tightish to work properly in a crash. Plus the material inside will give some slack overtime. A good helmet shop will have a knowledgeable person on site to help with this. I recommend walking around inside the store with the helmet on for as long as 30 minutes if you have the time.

    Arai makes a number of helmets for differing head shapes. For example, if I try on a Signet, I need a 3xl. An Arai Astral-X in 1XL fits me damned near perfectly. According to my hat size - which is 8 - this helmet should not go on my head (it is a 7 3/4).

    I have also read that helmets need to be replaced after 5 years. This is due to the fact that the materials from which they are made will degrade over time. I don't know if this is true or not but suspect that it is a good plan to swap out your helmet from time to time. They can get "tired" and sometimes smelly.

    A comfortable and safe helmet is something that is a very high priority for me.
    If you buy a helmet that has "hot spots" etc. (caused by a poor match of head shape to helmet) you will likley end up being distracted by these and not enjoying/ paying attention to your safety or just the enjoyment of the ride.

    Finally, in my experience, you usually get what you pay for. The old saw - "buy the best and cry once" has proven to be sound advice for me many times in the past.

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    Do your self a favor and look for the article:' blowing the lid off." It will explain in detail what makes a helmet good and about the misconceptions with the Snell rating. The outcome of the article based on the helmets that were tested was the Z1-R helmets priced at about $80 tested the best. Far better than any of the Snell rated helmets that were tested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaque
    This article appeared in Motorcyclist Magazine and really shook up the helmet industry... pissed alot of people off.

    Short of the long:

    DOT: Better for 90% of accidents (Slow to medium speed, high speed "slides")
    SNELL: Better for the most severe/traumatic (10%) of accidents. (High Speed and/or when you strike your head on something, etc)

    So, you have to figure out what type of accident you are going to have.
    Harry Hurt's report says a lot about what type you're most likely to have... I think the median speed was in the 20's maybe?

    The article was great, but I would still choose my helmet based on fit rather than whether it was DOT or SNELL- it seemed to be splitting things pretty fine.

    Arai has always been best fit for me. I was about to buy my third one in a row this winter without even trying anything else... but they seem to have pulled their ads from Motorcyclist over the test conclusions. Not sure I'm cool with that... maybe time for a new brand?
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    helmet advice

    I have a Nolan N 100 e and it's very good. It's noisy but that's probably mostly due to my RS's aerodynamics and I wear ear plugs anyway. You can't get them in my home city so I picked one up at the Aprillia dealer on Elizabeth Street (motorcycle owners heaven) in Melbourne, Australia, then walked across the street and mailed it home. If I was getting one now, I'd get the new model with the sun vizor.

    The main idea is to get a helmet that gives you a good fit, and price does not necessarily equate to quality.

    The helmet article in Motorcyclist was, in my opinion, one of the most important pieces that have been published in the last ten years.


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